The 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver Colorado Tour

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the 13th floor haunted house
these Denver Colorado today on Colorado marching Colorado martini does not believe in an
ordinary date night like a dinner and a movie we feel the key to a successful
relationship his excitement in the grill like the 13th floor haunted house in
Denver Colorado best things about the evening was getting a VIP tour of the
13th floor as they got ready for the evening we’re getting all of the actors ready
right now me I’m taking a little extra time on our not sure he will be
performing outside so I’m trying to add a little more
detail you can’t really just make it make a make up pop so that when you
interact with customers outside you know they could maybe
his destructive I like the detail on his neck and then you have some time to
maybe just like snap do a trick or do something cool with it so yeah
I use an airbrush for all the makeup yes we do I mean it’s just the quickest way
to get makeup on you know dozens of people at once so yeah we choose to do
it with an airbrush versus pan painting it and so it’s really challenging to
master and airbrush afterwards or you know it’s hard to master an airbrush it
to do line work just because of the detail but over time you know I usually
try to train my artist to to like work with Ryan work and seduce them hand
detailing you know free cans that way they can really be quick and basically
how’d you get involved in that um in a long time ago I think I was really young
I always liked art I’ve always been an artist so I was just always interested
in special effects makeup and I think the closest thing to like illustration
with makeup and probably you know haunted house makeup is not quite beauty
makeup it’s not quite fantasy it’s just very kind of it’s just very my style wonderful laughter dog yeah so he’ll be outside interacting
with all the customers you know being the huh being a little Terrorizer and
I’ll have you take your mask top how long have you been bones it’s my
first years bones for sure in doing it how’d you get involved in that me
actually got started for the wrong reasons I was far enough planting the
tree because I wanted to keep being friends with them and I kind of just fell in love in doing
it since she doesn’t like them well you guys are doing an amazing job
what’s your character’s name I like that so do they pay you and peanut to body
part you’ve been here for a while thank you
so much for you come see me Tom bees do before they scare people this is really really cool in here so all the zombies and monsters are
getting into place right now so it come up from the makeup room after getting a tour of all the pre
activities we are escorted to the front of the line to go to the haunted house oh my god this is like the biggest
haunted hell is this goes on forever and ever and it’s so freaking scary and for needy watch me oh my god you guys have to do this honey
house it is like be that the best haunted house I’ve ever been awesome oh
my god hands down that was the best haunted house in the world I would do
dirty floor they Rock plus they have a bar and that automatically scores the
Colorado martini let’s go there that so how long have you been here mr. death long time long time so I have to ask you
here to tell you in funny pork juice I like this game

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