The Bye Bye Man Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2017) – Horror Movie HD

The Bye Bye Man Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2017) – Horror Movie HD

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je hoort de verhalen dagelijks geweldadige misdaden talloze slachtoffers ondenkbare daden je vraagt je af wat een persoon kan bezielen om zo verschikkelijk iets te doen het is niet de vraag wat hen ertoe gezet heeft zeg het niet denk het niet maar wie gebaseerd op een waar gebeurt verhaal er komt iets wat? de bye bye man van de producer van oculus en the strangers hij probeert in ons hoofd te komen hij zorgt dat wij dingen doen als je in hem gelooft hoe banger we zijn hoe sterker hij wordt hij neemt het over de bye bye man we moeten hen helpen nee nee het is een truc volg hem als je durft


  1. this is hilarious xD…I'm gonna see it anyway
    cus of the chick at 0:41. you know…she was dating prince Harry..she lift him for this movie XD

  2. I can tell you right now this is not based on true events "don't say it don't think it or he will find you." Then they must have been playing with a Ouija board and forgot to say goodbye because that's basically the only way that can happen or they could've been in a cult and with that I think that this is not based on true events

  3. wait if this is based on true events and it spreads like a virus if we say it or think it then what TF if this movie being made

  4. The name of the movie, Bye Bye Man…takes away from it being scary…kind of reminds me of Candy Man..i want to say it and laugh.

  5. What happened to this genre? Oh yeah, I remember… PG-13 ratings to start with. I used to love horror movies. Now, ever since The Ring and the subsequent landslide of supernatural bullshit themes in horror movies, they are mostly just sad and insufferable. I blame the public for spending money on crap like this. Stop supporting dross and get some taste, please.

  6. the design of the bye bye man is pretty cool other than that the Film is absolutely shit especially the acting from the blonde chick ??

  7. This looks like a kinda low budget mixture between the babadook, the boogie man and Sinister, made by a person with no experience whatsoever in scary movies

  8. "Based on true Events." Ah the old famous Hollywood trick to get more people to go watch the movie, it's based on tales passed on through generations, it's about a serial killer and blah blah blah, there is actually no factual evidence just tales passed on.

  9. I don't mind derivative, but there's good & bad derivative, I said it, I thought it, this is the later 😉

  10. bye bye ??
    Oh noooo its BYE BYE man, plzzz nooo !
    whispers : * bye bye*
    me : * creepy high pitched scream*
    him : okay, brb

  11. i love scary movies and they do not scary me but i tried watching this and i had to close out of it

  12. I'm not one to cuss, but this was the shittiest screenwriting and directing I have ever seen. The only thing good about this movie is the hilarity of the failure which is this movie: plot holes, horrible acting, and the randomness, if that's a word, of the details that are added. I saw this in the theatre and everyone was laughing either because they a waste of money and time or because of out of how stupid the whole movie was.

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