THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

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Can I ask you a
question, Father? Do you know anything
about… La Llorona? The weeping
woman. It’s a folktale. To some. Stay in the car,
okay? And, please, don’t wake
up your sister. Oh, my God. No! No! It’s your fault! I tried to stop her. Who did you try
to stop? La Llorona. Sam! Sam, let
me in! What’s going on?


  1. after watching the teaser trailer i was hella excited to watch the official trailer but …yall needa remake this shit cause i dont remember la llorona killing ppl in alleys ahahah ..smh

  2. Why scary movie always shoot in jails and hospitals? Try walmart. Like clean up isle 13(and there is no isle 13) and dramatic sound.

    Get it?

  3. As a asian during my elementary to middle school years going to a hispanic school a majority of kids would tell this tale like in the bathroom or closed hall way towers. I would always get creeped out. Especially when we played lockup on the schools tower kids would try to go jp to the highest level but someone would scream the name and wed rush back down but kids would hold the door shut from behind and wed all get paranoid and scream lol.

  4. Ho visto un annuncio su YouTube con un film che parlava di questa famiglia che cambiava casa ed andava in una casa nuova, ad un certo punto dalla strada passa un camion a tutta velocità, e poi fanno vedere il bosco dietro la nuova casa con dei bambini che suonano i tamburelli o qualcosa del genere…
    Mi sembrava un bel film, ma non sono più in grado di trovare il titolo.. qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi?

  5. Does anyone else think this movie looks like it’s going to be terrible. Why? Why, do they allow them to make terrible horror movies? Wish someone else would’ve made it.

  6. We def. need a new form of horror movies because most these movies are the same just different cast , always someone getting possessed lol & looks corny Only jump scares..mostly laugh instead of being scared lol

    Whatever happen to horror movies with creatures, bizarre looking people (make up) movies that leave an impact in your head..getting chills in the back of your neck. Its only 2 specific movies that I'm scared of and will never watch again that movie is THE EXORCIST(idk how my gma like that shit lol) & you can say The CONJURING(left chills in the back of my neck)maybe I can watch that again but idk lol & idc those movies had me bugging especially The EXORCIST lmaoo. Them 2 Compared to the movies they're making now don't even stand a chance to them.

  7. La llororna is a real legend.Some claim that they have seen her near a lake.The legend says she drowned her children in the river because her husband paid more attention towards his kids.La llororna cried and cried after drowning her children,and drowned herself!!!

  8. Long ago there once lived a beautiful woman who had many suitors. One day, she finally chose her one and true love, a handsome man who loves to travel from far places who brought her gifts everytime he returned to the village where she lives. They had 2 wonderful children. Everytime the man would go travel, he would always give his wife and his children gifts and souvenirs. It went on for years until one day, the man didn't go home for a long time. The woman assumed that he doesn't love her anymore because her beauty disappeared now that she became old. One day, when the woman and her two children went for a walk at a nearby river, the woman saw her husband on his chariot with another beautiful woman. Her past husband waved to the children, but not to her which made her extremely angry and lose herself not knowing out of anger, she threw both of her children at the river. When she regained her temper, she realized what she had just done to her beloved children. Out of despair and sadness, she threw herself at the river because she thought she will be reunited with her children in the afterlife. Sadly, she didn't for she committed one of the greatest sins: murder and suicide which she was forced to go back to earth as La Llorona or the weeping woman. Everynight, her cries would be heard at the river desperately searching for her children. Beware, if you get caught by her at the river bank, she will first check if you are one of your children. If you aren't, she'll throw you at the river. Beware of the cries of La Llorona…

    Edit: Just corrected some things pardon me

  9. Oh lord…. la llorona is a spirit of a sad woman searching for her kids who drowned. She’s not a malevolent force, she’s just lost and sad and desperate for her children back. So much so that she’ll take any child who gets too close.

    As a side note, when visiting family in Guatemala as a child, some relatives have said that I was almost taken by her. They didn’t seem like they were kidding either. They didn’t tell me about it until I got older. I don’t even remember it at all. Still gives me the creeps.

  10. Sweet Dreams Unofficial Horror Trailer??
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  11. who else is watching the comments that he's not the only one to look away when that ghost turned around???????????????????????'

  12. Did anybody else laughed at her face?????that moment when you try a makeup tutorial from YouTube and it goes horribly wrong

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