The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Ethan Peck, India Eisley Movie HD

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Ethan Peck, India Eisley Movie HD

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There once was a Princess cursed to an eternal sleep. Only to be awoken by true love’s kiss. But a prince never came. She visits me in my dreams. Always asleep… waiting for my kiss. Until the day I would find her. [ Phone Rings ] Hello Clive Keiser died and left this property to me? I really know just about as much as you do. This firm is just the executor of the property. How did he die? Did you know my uncle? No. He was more of a shut-in. Thomas, when you reach Kesier Gardens there are rules you must obey. Your bloodline is able to access all of the parts of the property. This happened two nights in a row. It has never happened like those two other before. This can’t be a dream. It’s too real. So I’m still asleep. Awaiting your kiss. Why are you helping me now? You seem to be stuck with this place and I wanna find my brother. These spirits, some people call them demons or ghosts or jins but they are everywhere. There has to be a way to break the curse. Hey, is that blood? Bloodline. If we can find Briar Rose and wake her up it will break the curse. THOMAS!


  1. So they basically turned Sleeping Beauty into a horror film. What's next? Rapunzel with Snakes in her hair?

  2. I actually thought the actress that plays sleeping beauty in the film almost reminded me of Holland Roden from teen wolf .

  3. Awakening….. the most controversial beauty queen of alllll time….. The Female version of "Voldemort"

  4. im a fan of Thomas peck but this movie had​ such great visuals and interesting twists but at the same time so predictable and the story was flat and i went with expectations not all that high but decent and was still sorely disappointed India and Thomas peck scene were cool though not enough.

  5. I have watched it a long time ago and was waiting for second part , but I see no second part , I even forgot that this movie exists. İf you find any information about second part please enlight me

  6. OMFG this is based off the orginal tale of sleeping beauty NOT THE DISNEY VERSION, Disney just decided to steal the orginal story and make it innocent

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  8. This was a horror movie…….. Not a romantic one……… I think the director had mixed a horror movie with Sleeping Beauty 😜😜😝😝

  9. To all the idiots who say think that sleeping beauty somehow was created by disney…go do some research…the stoy of sleeping beauty has been twisted and retold for several centuries….get over it….you un-educated, entitled asses.

  10. If you are into bad b movies that are just as bad as their examples just with lower budget, damn this seems like one hell of a movie to watch

  11. Actually the movie is good, it's amazing how they twisted a children's movie, for those who like to see about demonic things it is advisable, because the film even explains a dark part of the bible, like that eva was not the first woman and that I really go with the first woman, and that in the end it is unleashed because of the actor called apocalypse. The only bad thing is that the movie is not of very good quality.

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