The Death of Stalin Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

The Death of Stalin Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

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I propose we call a doctor All the best doctors are dead I can’t remember who is alive and who isn’t It’s Comrade Stalin, I will take it from here. We need to start bringing together a plan How could you run and plot at the same time? We should get started on those children What are you doing to my father, you jackals? How old are you? I’m.. old. You’re not old! You’re not even a person, you’re a testicle Everything’s gonna be fine What exactly fine? is it? My father’s lying there with his head open. Stalin would have wanted the committee as one. All those in favor? Terry U…animously Ruched not ruched?
Whatever. Not ruched. Ruched..
Would you stop with this? I want to make a speech at my father’s funeral. No… No problem. Technically yes, but practically… When I said no problem what I meant was… no. problem Ignore me I’m still ugly But I am very furious. You’re the good guy now? You locked up half the nation. Yes, I’m not releasing them. What are you doing? I’ve been picking out funeral cushions with slim Hitler over there Trust no one Darling we’ll be loving this Don’t worry. Nobody’s gonna get killed. I promise you. I’ve had nightmares that make no sense You will not take me down! I will not be silent!


  1. ни хера не понял переведите на русский язык но зато форма достоверная а то во всех западных фильмах о России русские солдаты в такой некрасивой форме что тошнит

  2. Пидаразы-кто снял этот фильм и те кто решились сняться в этом фильме. Идиоты

  3. Como es posible que le hagan un filme al mas grande homicida de toda la historia de la humanidad.
    El mundo mundo al revés (claro, el democrático).

  4. If a movie like this were made about Hitler, the media would be going ballistic about how it makes light of all the evil he did. But Stalin is okay, even though he killed 40-60 million (depending on who does the counting). To me, this is just in such poor taste that it really isn't funny. I guess the viewing public discovered the same.

  5. Боже какие изверги. Смерть Сталина была трагедией для всего советского союза , люди потеряли своего вождя . Да была борьба за власть , но это было уже не очень радостно .

  6. стив бушеми пидарас! и вся съемочная группа и актеры и режиссеры

  7. Stalins son died in a german jail cuss he didn’t want to trade him for a german general why is his son in the movie?

  8. It's actually a pretty great movie. It's funny and serious though to. Russia all flash we won haha

  9. Always mocking other . Typical of hollywod and other yanks and if anyone mock their " lifestyle " they will roar like lion

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