The Disappointments Room Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Kate Beckinsale Movie

The Disappointments Room Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Kate Beckinsale Movie

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Ready for your new house? This is a new beginning. New beginning. Hello? Based On True Events From The Director Of “Disturbia” Locked? Ah, of course. On September 9 You OK? Yeah. Just this room’s not
on the floorplans. Unlock The Secret Dana. You got that look that concerns me. Don’t get sick again, Mommy. There’s no one else here. I’m scared. Dana! Oh, my god. The Disappointments Room By: (@ArabicScreen)


  1. Yet another US horror movie. They can't do horror movies. I was so wanting to watch this, but as soon as I heard the accenrts – nope. They're alwasy so tacky, unoriginal and not at all scary. What a shame. Can't we have some kind of boycott against US movies. They're just some other country. I want to see movies from places like Switzerland or Russia. I'm sick of this sewage being forced on us. There's just too much of it.

  2. μοιαζει η ταινεια να γυριστηκε σε μια μερα!και το χτενισμα της kate παρεμεινε αναλλοιωτο αλωβητο οπως ακριβως βγηκε το πρωι απ το κομμωτηριο ,πριν το γυρισμα! μπραβο στην κομμωτρια! κατα τ αλλα η ταινεια ηταν απογοητευτικη! με τον καταλληλο τιτλο!

  3. Save yourself the time and money by not watching this. So much was cut from the film you're left with no plot and a very confusing jumpy movie that has almost no other characters than the main family. Heck you can almost count on your hands how many times you actually see ghost.

  4. Please, I live in a 100 year old house, not only is their tons of shit not on the "floor plan" its also chock full of disappointments daily.

  5. just watched this on netflix and OMG soooo cliché!!. family moves in old creepy house, wife experience creepy ghost stuff and wants to leave, husband tells her it's just her mind and she's crazy….husband leaves on work, wife see's ghosts,…bla bla bla….hollywood horror movies need more creative ideas.

  6. I liked it. Just cause a movie tries to be serious and it's screenplay and shots don't match the level intensity doesn't mean it's automatic bad.

    Kate is worth watching alone and I'm not talking Renee/Mathew I'm Texas Chainsaw "oh they were in that". She is the lead and she should exclusively do horror.

  7. Should've called this. The Could've Happened, her visions showed us nothing but events that could've happened. Great movie once they got to the point and she found out about the origin of the room.

  8. I think everything is said and done in the field of horror. They can hardly come up with an original plot.

  9. What's disappointing about this movie is Kate Beckinsales face! What the hell has she done? Her forehead has enough Botox to fill Hollywood. And the rest of her face looks like a plastic pillow. She looks weird, and freakish.

  10. When I saw the name of this movie I thought maybe they simply put a hidden camera inside my bedroom.

  11. Hey look a movie about a family moving into a somewhat old house with a dark past slowly finding things out about it….. Have never seen it before

  12. The trailer is promising. The movie, unfortunately, isn't worth anyone's time. Maybe one day the only existing copy can be locked away in a room with no doors, no windows… and covered by a sandstorm in a desert somewhere. Only to be blown to pieces by a rogue projectile and eaten by a camel. One can only hope.

  13. The disappointment in this movie is the ENTIRE movie! Don't waste your time on this long, boring, actionless movie.

  14. Cool underprice house. Tragic event before start of movie. Husband thinks wife is going crazy. Creepy children noises in house. Wow I've never heard this story line before…

  15. I love my white people but you guys need to get some black in you! Don't move too far into the woods, and if all else fails remember Eddie Murphy Delirious.. "This house is beautiful, it's lovely, (GET OUT!!), To bad we can't stay baby! ???

  16. Just a minute ago I watched this movie the scariest thing for me is when she found out that girl die on 5th sacrest july lol and guys today is 5th july
    5th july she die an d 5 th july I watch this movie
    And movie was sad broken heart

  17. Bah it was a decent movie until the ending…SPOILER

    What happened to Ben? I.though Kate's character killed him but at the end they seem To forget and left the place

  18. Have not seen this move but …. who came here as lele pons she make a movie room 823 😉 is dis the movie ? Also this movie should be called “ base on the true events” ??

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