The Evil Within | 2017 Full Horror Movie | Sean Patrick Flanery | Dina Meyer

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Life is a story.
People think dreams
are stories.
They seem like stories,
but they’re not.
no shape, no form.
No reason.Like rummaging
through unmarked boxes
in a long-forgotten
storage shed.
You’ll think it was a story,but try telling a friend
of yours what happened
in your dream the next day.Only then will you finally
realize, “wait a minute,
that wasn’t a story at all.”Not all my dreams
were like this.
Some of them
really were stories.
Some of them were like this.( wind blowing )Mom takes me
to an amusement park.
It’s deserted…dusty…lifeless.Even the barkers pitching
unwinnable games
for kewpie doll prizes do so
with all the joie de vivre
of a cancer patient.
But I’m ecstatic.No crowds means no lines.( soft music, wind blowing )And there it is,
the snowcapped summit
in the topography
of juvenile taste:
The wonderful
haunted house ride.
Its façade promised more
than papier mâché monsters
wrapped in derelict-resistant
chicken wire.
Mom, we gotta go. We gotta go on
the haunted house ride. Are you sure? It says right
on the marquee, it’s the scariest one
in the world. Of course, I’m sure. We have to, have to, have to. ( soft music, wind blowing ) Are you sure you wanna go? The sign ain’t lyin’. I’m ready. Are you sure you’re ready?And the car lurched forward
and crashed
through the doors,
which snapped back.And into the darkness.Into the darkness.Whisking along through
the darkness,
and, crash,
out the other side.
No pneumatic hiss pop ups,no shrill startle bells,
not even the faintest attempt.A con game.What a rip-off.
We should get our money back. Mom, we got ripped off
by the idiots who live here. You’re not gonna
do anything about this?Mom?We should get
our money back.She turned to me
very slowly and said,
“What makes you think
the ride’s over? What makes you think
it’s ever gonna end?”That was the first
of these experiences I had.
I’m still reluctant
to call them dreams.
I had that one
when I was four.
Let me show you the one
I had last night.
I can’t sleep.It’s this house.I hate this house.
It won’t let me sleep.
Oh, my god,
I am asleep,
and dreaming about being
right here in my bedroom,
trying to fall asleep.I had to open my eyes,
but I couldn’t.
I could only open the little
dream eyes inside my head,
because I felt the fear.I felt the dread, pending,
closing, all around me.
Only one kind of dream
tries to hide itself.
The door is open.He’s already here.You can’t run
in a nightmare,
not with atrophied muscles
over tungsten bones,
not through the gelatinous
not from him.( zipping )I watched my hand draw a row
of faces on my whiteboard,
and despite
the childish artwork,
I could instantly
recognize each,
Family, friends…I left the room,
then blackness.
The next time my senses
returned to me,
I was not before
my whiteboard,
I was in a basement,
standing before a mirror,
surrounded by the mise-en-scène
of nightmares.
I was in his world now,
not my own.
And I can’t wake up.I can’t wake up.Oh, my god, I am awake.Awake in the very location
where my nightmare ended.
This was real.How much nightmare would
prove to be real?
Did I sleepwalk here?How could I have pulled
so sadistic a trick on myself?
Especially as I didn’t know
where “here” was.
I know this place.This is my home.I was just in a room
that doesn’t exist
in my own house.
First, relief,then a sobering realization.As I had fallen asleep
where my dream began
and woke up where it ended,
I could never know for sure
what was a dream
and what wasn’t.
Here I am now,
in a much warmer place,
in a much brighter place,enjoying a picnic with
my brother and his girlfriend.
You’re gonna have to get used
to the way I speak out loud,
my inner voice is considerably
more sophisticated.
John, this chicken was good, but we didn’t bring
any ice cream. I’m sorry I didn’t bring any
ice cream on a picnic, Dennis, but, uh, well,
we have cupcakes. No, I don’t want cupcakes.
All I want is ice cream. We have ice cream at home. Well, I like the kind
at the store. We have that kind at home. Well, it’s better
at the store. It’s exactly the same. You just wanna see that girl.
What is her name? Susan, I think.Yeah, she’s cute.I think someone
has a crush. No way, all I want
is ice cream. I don’t know any girl.
What girl? – Hey, guys.
– Hi. It’s nice to see you. Of course, it’s nice
to see me. I’m outlandishly hot. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? You know my flavor. Of course I do,
you’re my favorite customer. I got ya. – You ready for this?
– Uh-huh. You ready, Dennis? Surprise, Dennis. M-m-mirror. I think it’d look good
on the wall there,
between the windows. – Yeah.
– W-where am I supposed to put
my Habitrails? Where did you put
all of my stuff? Where’s all of it going? It’s mostly still
in here, Dennis. No, no, that smelly old box
is where my robots used to be, and that scary statue
is where I kept my comics. Well, I had to put
one or two things down
in the storage room, Dennis. You wanna move my Habitrail
into the storage room? – Well, Dennis…
– Anyway, I d-don’t
like this mirror. and I don’t want it
in this room. Dennis, look at the shape
of this frame, compared to the shape
of the window. It’s the same kind
of wood stained with
the same kind of stain. It matches the character
of the house perfectly. It even matches the motif
of the furniture that you and I
chose ourselves. Use all the big words you want, you kn-know I won’t be able
to argue with all
of your big words. – I’ve seen this mirror before.
– Well, I doubt that. – No, I have seen it.
– It’s unlikely, Dennis. It wasn’t just locked up
in a vault. If you surprised us all
and proved yourself
a safecracker, you still wouldn’t
have found it. – I know that.
– Well, there’s a vault
within a vault. Did you know that?
A prohibition vault. A place where back in the day
of Prohibition, when booze was illegal,
people used to hide their booze. I don’t think anyone has
been in that room, since the original owners,
because what I found in that room is worth enough
to pay this mortgage for a year. Well, I’ve been down
in there and I saw the stuff. I saw the mirror
and I hated it even then. Really? Really, Dennis,
Dennis when was this? – I hated it when I saw it.
– When was this? Last night. The mirror wasn’t even
in the house last night it was in town
getting restored for you. No, it’s not for me.
You just want to get
rid of my hamsters. Dennis, your hamsters
really smell bad. Now, the mirror
really looks good. Put the mirror in your room. It’s just one week,
that’s all I’m asking. Just– just see if
the mirror grows on you. N-no, it’s n-not
going to grow on me. because I don’t like anything
you put in here. This isn’t my room anymore,
it’s your room. But this is the worst thing, because the chair,
I just don’t like it. But the mirror I hate. and I’m gonna break
the mirror right now. – Hey, hey.
– John!Dennis, calm down.( whimpering ) I’m sorry, Dennis. I’m sorry. All right, Dennis, just look,
you know, a couple of days. Just a couple of days is not
too much to ask, all right? And you can keep
your hamsters. A couple of days, you’re going
to love the mirror. You’re going to love
that mirror. You can’t tell me what
I like or don’t like. With the r-right w-wood. W-with the right stain. W-with the right m-motif. Using all these big words,
thinking he knows everything. Knowing big words
doesn’t make him right. Knowing big words
doesn’t even make him smart. Just makes him
know big words. No matter how many long,
50-cent words he uses, he can’t tell me
to like you. Boy:
I like you.
I like you a lot. We both know where the stress
is coming from. Just put him
in a hospital. That’s why I want
to redecorate his bedroom, so we can sell the place so
I can put him in a hospital. We could sell this place
tomorrow, unfurnished. This is a summer town. People that buy here
want a summer retreat. They want it finished.
Furnished. Yes, and I would
agree with you if we
had unlimited time, but you’re
a time bomb, sweetie. – We could put Dennis in–
– I’m not putting Dennis
in a state hospital. This train hit my dog
right in the ass. R-rectum, said the teacher,
r-rectum. So, I said, “Rectum?
It fucking killed him.” Thank you, thank you. You’re too kind. I tell nice, simple jokes.
I use no big words. Aw, thank you. Hey, stop throwing
your panties on the stage. It’s really disruptive. Destruct–
d-disturbs my c-concentra– See?
( laughs ) N-no big words. Thank you. You tell jokes
everyone can understand. J-John’s jokes
only make sense to John. You don’t get his jokes,
but everyone else does. W-why? ‘Cause they’re about you. In his mind
everything that makes him sad or angry… is your fault. How did you get
past my gate? Oh, pleases excuse
my breach. My name is Mildy Torres. I work with Social Services. And… And we got
a tip on our hotline
that you’ve been losing your temper
around Dennis. But when
we saw Dennis yesterday,
he seemed fine. No marks, no bruises. Who said I was
losing my temper? Aren’t you
gonna invite me in? Yeah. Please. We just wanna make sure
that you’re the right person to take care of Dennis
because, frankly, it’s a responsibility
some people shouldn’t
be trusted with. – I can handle it.
– Are you sure? Because taking care of a
mentally challenged person can be a real
handful sometimes. Wouldn’t it be a load off if the state could
take care of Dennis? There’s an opening
in Green Valley. – ( door creaking )
– Lydia:That would
be fantastic. No, it wouldn’t be. Please excuse us, Lydia.
Thank you. I don’t want
Dennis in Green Valley. Don’t you want a break? I mean,
it all adds up. Taking care of
a mentally challenged person, it just wears on you
and wears on you. It changes your personality. Do you know where
it would show up first? – Where?
Well, why don’t you
take a guess? – I could give you some–
– I asked you where, Mildy. Your patience. You would become
very impatient. Do you know where it
would show up second? I don’t have time
for these games. Your temper. Your temper would go next. And a short-tempered man
is not fit to be custodianof a mentally-challenged one.Is this some sort
of experiment? You want a reaction. You keep asking me
if I have a temper,
you’re gonna find one.Well, you’re not dumb,
I’ll give you that.
Your lab is contaminating
your experiment.
You’re completely prejudiced. I am angry.
How can the state
split up my family? – I’m not a criminal
– You don’t have to be one. Social Services can remove
a child from a suspect parent on the strength
of one anonymous phone call. Look. Okay,
so let me get this straight. I can make a phone call
about anyone at random
without giving my name and a person like you
will show up at their door – and remove their children?
– That’s right. – And that’s legal?
– Well, a lot of people thought
it was a necessary law that was a long time
in coming. We call those people idiots,
Mildy. Temper, temper. You know, uh,
this has been amazing, Mildy. We must do this
again sometime. Oh, we will,
we will. ( cell phone beeps ) ( sighs ) Dr. Preston,
John Peterson. I need to come and see you. No, not next week. Now, man.
Right now. This bitch, Mildy Torres
from Social Services shows up at my front door,
finagles her way in and tells me
I’m under investigation,
that I might lose Dennis. Why are you
under investigation? She said someone
complained that I’ve been
losing my temper… violently. Now she doesn’t think
Dennis is safe with me. – You’re very tense, John.
– But that’s normal, right? The situation I’m in
justifies my tension. No, it legitimizes it. It does not justify it. The last time we spoke, all you could talk about
was moving away from Dennis, finding a care
facility for him. Yeah, and I still want that. Then why didn’t
you give Dennis the choice
of going to Social Services? Because she would’ve
sent him to Green Valley. Have you seen
the fucking place? – I volunteer there
twice a week.
– Okay, well, it’s fine. It’s just not right for Dennis. You want a private hospital. How badly? How soon? Oh, Christ, Doc. I don’t even have
a life anymore. All I do, I– I–
I care for Dennis 24/7. If he’s not in the car
I don’t even know what station to put it on. I just scan and I scan. I don’t even know
my own taste in music. You have got
to get out of there. Losing your identity… That’s a pretty,
pretty serious sign, John. He’s my responsibility. I can’t dump him
in someone else’s lap. I owe him.
No else can pay my debt. Debt? What do you owe him? And Susan
is handing me ice cream… and she’s dropped a little and is slipping in it. Looks like
she’s gonna crack her skull. Oh, but luckily
there’s a pillow on the floor. Or a pillow case
full of broken glass. But I rush in and I catch her and throw her on the glass. Stop. This is ruining the drawing. ( background chatter ) – John.
– No. I don’t even
like that tone. We’re not gonna fight,
are we? No, you’re not
gonna itemize the way
in which I disappoint you. – Not today.
– Yes, I am. W-what do I think
John and Lydia are doing? They’re discussing
big ideas. w-with big
50-cent words in them. You can see
how overwrought I am. I don’t have time today
to fucking breathe. And yet you do
nothing about your
overwhelming lifestyle. If it were
as difficult as you claim, then you would’ve done
something about it by now. But you haven’t,
so it seems to me that you like
the situation you’re in. Makes you seem selfless, gives you room to operate. – Operate?
– Well, no one would ever
question or even suspect
a tireless martyr. Suspect me of what? You’re never gonna
marry me, John, are you? You’ve got
the perfect excuse
to stay single and not look like a cad. You’ve got Dennis. They’re right on the edge of having
another huge argument as always. W-why do they
even stay together? They both
must like to argue, but neither one of them
will ever admit it. W-what’s tonight’s
argument about? Lydia’s trying
to convince John that you’re the reason
there’s so much tension. He’s resisting, but her will is stronger. It’s just a matter of time until she has him convinced that his life
would be a whole lot easier without a big dribbling
mongoloid in it. Look, we’re not
gonna do this again, are we? Do what? Break up, wait a month, realize there’s
nobody better out there and get back
together again? Uh, come on.
It was not even
that big of a fight. That was just
a discussion. I never could tell
the difference between
fights and discussions. I was always surprised
as to which was which. Well, you could ask me
which it is as we’re going. Huh? So, uh,
which is this? What we’re doing right now? Yeah. This is foreplay. Do you think
I’m retarded? Uh, just a second,
Dennis. ( nervous chuckle ) It’s okay.
I’ll see you later. Okay. Shit. Okay, now what’s going on? D-do you think
I’m a big dribbling
mongoloid? ( laughs ) Where– where do you
get these ideas, Dennis? I don’t think
you’re that big. Dribble you do,
and mongoloid you are, but big? Well, that’s just
wishful thinking, buddy. No, I’m not a mongoloid – I was just kidding.
– Well, you should stop. I’m not retarded. I’m just slow. I don’t even think
you’re that slow, buddy. No, I’m smarter
than people think I am. I’m getting
smarter and smarter
all the time. I know you are. I’m not afraid
to look at myself in the mirror anymore. ( thud ) ( whimpers ) ( gasping ) Oh wow.
Bad dreams, buddy? Yeah, yeah. I borrowed one of your ties. You don’t really
use ’em anyway. Okay. Y-you can have it. I gotta talk to you. I need to know. A dream is a story
I tell myself, right? What do you mean exactly? I tell myself a story. One part of my brain tells another part
of my brain a story. Yeah. Yeah, it’s a good way
of saying it, I guess. Well, if it’s a story
I tell me, how can I trick myself? Well, wait.
What do you mean? You can’t
tell yourself a joke and not see
the punch line coming. What, you– you–
you think someone else is telling you
these stories? I think that… that it has to be. Someone like… Me? ( gasps ) ( thud, cries out ) ( laughs ) I scared you. I was not scared. You’re scared of some
of your own hamsters. We gotta do something about it. We gotta fix the scare. How can you make me
not scared anymore? We have to stop
the nightmares. How can we stop
the nightmares? We have to fix our brain. We have to get better
and become smart. There’s a way to do it, but nobody tells you how. W-why don’t
they just tell me how to get better? Because it’s a test. They make up rules
that are lies to see if you’ll be
dumb enough to believe them. So what do I do? Follow only the real rules. How do I do that? You gotta go kill
a kitty cat. Why? It’s what
you’re supposed to do. They say it’s bad
to kill kitty cats. But you like
eating meat, right? So farmers
can kill animals, right? See?
That’s the clue
they gave you. They serve you meat. They’re testing your… gullibility when they say
it’s bad to kill animals. If you kill a cat you can prove that you know
which rules are fake. And they’ll all know you’re becoming smarter. You really think so? We have to be brave. We have to kill
our neighbor’s cat. The tabby. But that kitty likes me. That’ll make it easier
to catch. – ( meows )
– ( clicking tongue ) ( meows ) Psst, psst, psst, psst… ( clicking tongue ) ( hissing, meows– ) I did very good work today. I did many kitties
and many doggies. This– this taxidermy cassette, it’s very important. Why? It’s gonna teach you what to do with
the kitties and doggies you bring back. Grab a doggy
from the cooler. You’re holding
a new paint brush, Dennis.( hammering )Hey, buddy, I didn’t even know
you knew how to do anything involving wood work. I’m getting
better and better at it. Can I see? – Oh, not yet.
– Why not? Well, you get
your private office. Why can’t this be
my private office? W-why can’t this be
where my work stays
just for me? Oh no, brother.
I gotta see this. I’ll show you all of it
in a few days. “Taxidermy.” “Forensic…”
Why do you have
these tapes? Why do you wanna know about
butchery and leather care and taxidermy,
especially forensics? What is that smell? No, Dennis,
I’m definitely
coming in there. No, no.
Those aren’t my cassettes. They got in my bag
by mistake. You know, Dennis,
I might believe that if there
was one cassette
on one topic– maybe two,
but not four. These didn’t
fall into someone’s bag. Someone went
shopping for these and placed them in a bag. Yes, but that someone wasn’t me. So you picked up
someone else’s bag? Yeah. I got their books on tape and they got mine. Well, thank God,
because this is, uh, – that’s, that–
– ( doorbell ringing ) Excuse me, buddy. ( footsteps descending ) – Hey babe, come on in.
– Nuh-uh, you come out. Come on,
let’s get something to eat. –( hammering )
– Uh, okay. Hang on a second. Hey, uh, Dennis. You gonna be okay
for a couple hours? I’m gonna
go out with Lydia. Dennis:
Yeah, I’ll be fine.
You know, just before
you picked me up I had a nasty scare. What happened? I heard a hammer
pounding down
in the basement. So I went down to investigate.
It couldn’t be Dennis. Dennis doesn’t know
anything about carpentry. But it is Dennis, suddenly looking a lot like
a professional carpenter. But the fact
that he’s doing something
skillfully is exciting, but it’s also
kinda scary. What’s he building? – I don’t know.
– You don’t know? It doesn’t really matter. Even if it’s an atrocity
it want be an eyesore because it’s down in
the basement. Well, aren’t you
the slightest bit curious? I mean,
when’s he gonna show you? He said he would show me
in a couple of days. You know… you should’ve seen him
with his tool belt and his protective goggles. What if he could
become a carpenter? Get a job. Look at you.
You’re so proud of him. You’d make a great dad. Well, I wanna be a dad. I wanna be your husband. And I wanna know
what you call those turbine engine-driven
ceramic and titanium vehicles you see
maybe once or twice
in a lifetime. I never remember
what they’re called. But what do you call that? ( scoffs ) I can’t believe
I fell for that. They’re very fast. ( gasps ) – What is this?
– I have no idea. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Those look
a lot like the earrings
that you saw in Aspen that you fell in love with
that I couldn’t afford. Now this is wrapping up
much too neatly to be a coincidence. No. Okay, what’s wrong? Are they not
the right earrings? Why did you
set me up like that? Set you up like what? We were talking about marriage, children. Earrings? Man on TV:
…But with spiders
the challenge
is of a different nature.
Spiders are not
social animals.
They have no families.If the spider’s gene is to last
into the next generation,
he must approach
the female by stealth,
careful not to be
seen by her.
Because spiders
are cannibals,
and females
are much larger
than males.
I would give you a ring today
if you would live with Dennis. When I said I wanted a baby, I meant the small kind,
the cute kind.Not the 30-year-old
masturbating kind.
Man on TV:
…the procreative act
the male spider
must now escape her web
before she catches
and eats him.
To her the male
is not a husband,
not a mate,
not even another spider.
To the female,the male is merely food.Australia is home to the
world’s most venomous spiders.
Notable amongst them
is the funnel-web.
Unique not only
for its deadly poison,
but for its inexplicably
aggressive behavior.
It will,
charge anyone it sees.Which raises the question,why?If it doesn’t have a soul,it will bite you
without a second thought
because it doesn’t
have a first.
If it does have a soul,it will bite you
because it doesn’t like you…
you fucking retard.Demon:
It would need a soul
to appreciate your disgust
with its soullessness.Look at those eyes,those lifeless
black spheres.
Could they be
looking back?No.No, not these eyes. Those eyes. – ( screeching )
– ( gasps, screaming ) I’ll let you wake up
if you do a job for me. Say yes, and your dreams
will be pleasant
for a long time. Say no… and I’ll knock off
the training wheels. If you think this was bad, wait. You have to do this. You have to go get a boy,
get a little boy if you want to get better. I have to kill
a little boy? Or a little girl. It doesn’t matter. It has to be a child. Why? ‘Cause that’s what
we’ll need to do to prove
that we’re not stupid. It’s the next step
in the test. Once you realize
killing animals isn’t bad, it soon gets clear
that all killing isn’t bad. To learn
killing animals is okay, they gave you meat
as a clue. You don’t know how many times
your meat at dinner time was someone you knew. I ate kids at dinner? Many times. Everybody kills
little boys and girls, and they’re all
disappointed in you because you haven’t done it. It’s only a few hours
until dawn. Go out and kill a kid. ( crying ) Why’d I do that? Why? It’s not helping me. I– I don’t feel smarter. Nobody says
I’m acting smarter. You did good work, very good work. All we did was kill three kids. I’m just as dumb
as I ever was. We did very well. And I have to tell you
a secret now. This isn’t helping me. I gotta tell you a secret. Lean in close. This isn’t helping me. When you’re sleeping at night, I’m the one
who whispers
in your ear. Sorry about
the stories I tell, but it’s just
a little darker over here. Thank you. – Thank you for meeting me,
Dr. Preston.
– Of course. Have a seat. You need more
sessions with me, right? Desperately. And you can’t
afford them, right? Not really, no. What if I give you my lunchtime
every day for a month? We wouldn’t be in session. We’d be having lunch
together as friends so I wouldn’t
have to charge you. That would be great. I do expect a fee,
just not a cash fee. What do you want? You can’t skirt issues
by claiming they’re not what you want to talk about. If I want to talk about
the house and the car you can’t afford,
you must play along. Fair enough? So it’s half therapy,
half browbeating? More like
90 percent therapy
you think you need and ten percent therapy
I think you need. That’s fine. Well, we’ll start with what you think
your problems are. Who are you? I’m not just one. I’ve been called legion. I am many. Well, where are you? I’m right here. The dark place, where is the dark place? I’m not sure. I couldn’t
show you on a map. I do know this though, no one here
ever wanted to come, but you, oh Dennis, you would love it here. If you came here, you’d be happy
for the rest of your life. If I went there, I’d be happy
for the rest of mine. So what do we do? Just keep doing
what you’re doing. It’ll make you smarter. It’ll make me
able to go where you are. It’s a good deal all the way around. Just keep doing
what you’re doing. What do you look like? You wanna see me? Take this mirror
and point it at
the closet mirror. Take a step back. Look down the hallway
into infinity. Is– is that you? I didn’t choose
to look this way. Why should I help you anymore? You hurt me. Who’s really hurting you? Me? Or Susan? Susan likes me. She wouldn’t fuck you
with someone else’s pussy. W-why? She wouldn’t
fuck a retard. How revolting. But a serial killer… ah, how exciting.How intriguing.
How mysterious.
You know what makes you
so unattractive
in Susan’s eyes? No. She thinks
you couldn’t hurt a fly. She thinks
you’re insignificant. If you killed her, she’d die screaming, she’d die in agony, but she’d die wet between the legs. Am I really your enemy? Tsk, tsk, Dennis, I’m your only friend. I’m hungry, Dennis. Let’s go get some ice cream. ( screaming )( clanging )Hello?( creaking )– ( screeching )
– ( gasps ) ( gasps ) Oh my God, Dennis. Thank God it’s you. Hi. What’s up with
the hand in the coat? You hiding
a concealed weapon
or something? ( laughs ) – Uh, no.
– No? It’s a–
a new notebook
I got here. I’m gonna
write down notes in it
and keep them. Can you read? Well, uh, no, but what
I’ve kinda been doing is asking other people
to write down notes and then when I get home I ask John
to read them to me. That’s the coolest thing
that I’ve ever heard. I w-w-was hoping you’d
write me a note. I would love to,
Dennis. Take a letter,
Susan. Okay. To…whomever it may concern:I, Susan Hill,being ofsound mind and hot body… ( giggling ) …am prepared to make the following confessions. I think Dennis Peterson is super keen and I would like
to have his babies. I can’t think of a way to get him to ask me out or tell him that
my idea of a perfect date would include bumper cars and ice cream
here in my own store. This is a joke,
isn’t it? Why? I would just feel
more comfortable
if you were kidding. I mean, you’re not really
asking me out, are you? Would it be
so wrong if I did? Well, Dennis,
I’m spoken for. No, you broke up
with that guy two weeks ago. Yeah, I’m not– I’m not ready
to move on, Dennis. You can’t just turn
love off like a switch. You were only dating him
for a month! Dennis, it–
it wouldn’t work out
between us.( clanging )( grunts )– ( horn honking )
– ( brakes screeching )
Are you lying, John? No.Are you sure?When you continue
lying to someone whom you know
knows you’re lying, that’s when
it can be called compulsive. ( scoffs ) How do you know? Friendly word of advice, John. Steer clear of poker.
It wouldn’t be your game. Quite a tell, huh? – Oh. Sorry.
– Excuse me. I’m so sorry. – Lydia.
– Hi, John. Are you spying on me? No. No, I, uh,
I just needed a ride. Well, I’m going home. That’s okay. You want company? Yeah. – Yeah, sure.
– Okay. Thanks. What was our first date like? Feeling nostalgic?
Sentimental? You wanna do it again, see if we can
recapture something,
is that it? What’re we doing
down here? Dennis spends a lot
of his spare time
down here these days. Oh right,
carpentry. The carpentry. ( knocks on door )
Hey, Dennis. Come here, buddy.
I got a surprise for you. Dennis:
What surprise?
You know I love surprises.John:
Well, come on out. Come on out
and I’ll tell you
all about it. Tonight,
you’re in charge. Whatever you wanna do
we’ll do. All three of us. Let’s go to the car,
chop, chop. Dennis. ♪ The girls are over here,
the girls are over there ♪ ♪ Love is in the air ♪ ♪ Yeah, the girl’s are fair
walking in the field ♪ ♪ Flower in the air ♪ ♪ Looking for a fling
with a millionaire. ♪ How do they make
the things move? Like, the octopus,
how do they make all those
eight big tentacles of the octopus move like that? Well, it’s animatronics, Dennis.
Very simple ones. See the wires attached
to the tentacles? Well, they go up past the
curtain where we can’t see them. into a big plastic tube
with a bunch of disks on it. It’s not too unlike
a giant shish kabob skewer,
put through old vinyl records. But it doesn’t actually
go through the center,
it’s a little off center, so when it rotates,
the disc goes up and down and subsequently the arms
attached to that disc
go up and down as well, moving cables,
which move the tentacles. I didn’t understand
any of that. ( laughing ) Hi, what’ll it be? Large pepperoni pizza
and a pitcher of diet. And a strawberry milkshake. Okay, I’ll be back
in a flash. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. ♪ When I look in her eyes
I see the sunrise ♪ He is really well-behaved
this evening. You didn’t talk me into
that one. I just did it
and I don’t know why. I knew you’d come
around eventually. Wh-what happened? You’ve developed immunities,
so you’re upping your dosage. Why? You’re addicted.
Stop killing and sobriety’s
icy hand will have you. Hell, you can’t even
decrease your kills, but any increase
and you overdose. So, what do I do? You graduate
to stronger shit. You have to kill those
close to you now. Friends, family,
you have to kill more
people like Susan. I think you’re tricking me. I think you had this
planned all along. You say everyone else
is tricking me, but it’s you. I know that now,
so you can’t trick me anymore. You’re still gonna have
to do everything I say, because I control
your dreams. I can handle
the nightmares. You haven’t yet had
a nightmare. I won’t do it. You’re getting real close. I can smell your soul
getting ripe. I won’t do it. Oh, you’ll do it, retard,
or I’ll find another retard,
and he’ll do it to you. ( whimpering ) Oh, wow. Hi, Susan. You got me really good. Car? Hit me right here, first,
and then up here, You can’t even really see
a bruise, can you?( giggling )My skin held up
pretty well. Even after the bus sent me
through the windshield. You’d think I’d be cut,
but I’m not. My skin…
( giggling ) is good. There’s not a mark
anywhere on it. and most of my bones
aren’t broken either. You know that saying,
“a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”? Well, you can see that my skin
isn’t the weakest link. My bones aren’t either. What is? Absolutely everything else. You can see now, Dennis,
that my skin, is the only thing
that’s holding me together. ( whimpering ) Hey, you nod off there, buddy? Well, I guess you’ve had enough
fun for one night. Come on, we’ll take you home. You can’t hurt me
if I don’t fall asleep. You know what happens
if you stay awake too long? I don’t care. You reach a state
of semi-consciousness, unable to discern
asleep from awake. You know what happens
if you stay in the dark
place long enough? You get really ugly. You ain’t seen nothing yet. How can you stay awake
all night? You won’t last an hour. Nighty night. This just in: sleep.
Let yourself sleep. Sleep. ( gibberish )
Sleep. – You still up?
– Nope, I just woke up. Glad to hear
you got some sleep. Whew! You are ripe. You need a bath.
Let’s go run one. I’m not. I get to call
the shots today
and I say no bath. Yes, that was yesterday. Run a bath. Today.
Chop, chop. Wake up, honey.
We overslept. ( grunts ) What are you talking about? You went to go check on Dennis
five minutes ago. No, I didn’t. You didn’t? No. You didn’t tell him
to take a bath? No. That’s weird,
I must have dreamt it. – I got the “morning afters.”
– Yeah. Morning after crack
and gasoline. What the hell did
we drink last night? We didn’t. We didn’t drink
anything last night. Let’s get some coffee
at the ice cream place. Hey, Susan, do you still– That’s not Susan, honey. Sorry, ma’am,
I’m just so used
to seeing Susan here. You look so much like her. People have made that mistake
tons of times before. You’ll be seeing me here
from now on. Where is Susan? – I’m sorry, you haven’t heard?
– No. She had an accident. What kind of accident? A traffic accident, kind of.
She got hit by a car. – Oh, my god.
– Well, how is she doing? She’s dead. – Oh, honey, here she comes.
– Good. Ma’am. – Miss.
– Ma’am. Excuse me, ma’am. – Wow.
– Sir? Sir? Could you send… Thank you. What would you like? – Uh, I want a drink. You?
– Definitely. Vodka, soda, splash
of pineapple, please. And I will have
a Jack, neat. And what happened
to the usual waitress? What’s her name, Jenny? I’m filling in for her. She’s sick or something. Hostess, valet, waitress… It’s beginning to seem
like an epidemic.No kidding.Totally forgot my appointment
with Dr. Preston. At least I’ll see
one familiar face today. Excuse me, Dr. Preston? – I am, uh, I’m sorry.
– Thanks fucking Christ
for that. I’m in the mood to vent,
and you caught me at a hell
of a time. Go ahead,
ask me the question. Ask me what everyone
fucking asks me, every fucking minute
of every fucking day. “Why do you look like that?
What’s wrong with you?” You wanna know what’s
wrong with me? Nothing.
I’m just dandy. Until of course some asshole
like you comes along, and ruins my damn good time. Terribly sorry, sir. I need a break. – After we get Mildy.
– Who? You’ll remember when
we see her. But I don’t know. She’s a bitter social reject
who can never feel good
about herself, so to even the playing field
she makes everyone feel bad. No! What if I say,
“No, I won’t kill Mildy”? I won’t kill anyone again. She’s coming for you now.
She’s coming with the police. Good. Go too long without killing and the nightmares start,
Dennis. I can fix that. If I kill me,
I kill us. How do you like
the dark place, Dennis? Y-you said I’d be happy
for the rest of my life. You’re not alive
anymore, Dennis. I am. So we’re all clear, right? John Peterson?
Mildy Torres, Social Services, with a court order relieving
you of your custodial
responsibilities to Dennis Peterson. Looks like nobody’s home. Yeah, we don’t have
a search warrant, so… So stick to what’s
in plain sight. All right. You smell that? Retard stink. No, it smells good. Wait a minute,
we’re alone here, right? Yeah, turkeys, chicken,
roast beef, it all takes a day. All right,
so I’m going up here, you’re gonna
take the kitchen? Just save me a piece,
all right, Don? – Yeah, right.
– I’m serious. ( thud ) Did you hear that? You better fucking
save me a piece. ( static ) ( freezer starts ) ( gasps ) I don’t recognize a soul. It’s worse than that.
We haven’t recognized
anyone all day. Where is everyone? I don’t know.
Must be the flu or something. Well, why would it only
target our friends? Okay, so what’s your guess? Well, Dennis is holed up
in the basement with instructions for butchers
and taxidermists. It smells like Satan’s ass
down there. People are missing,
one’s dead for sure… Not everyone we know
is missing, okay? Ha! There’s Pete.
Pete from the bookstore. Hey, Pete! Pete! Uh, hi, John, Lydia,
what’s going on? You’re a little bit excited
and it’s creeping me out, man. It’s just really good
to see you. Yeah, super
to see you guys. No, no.
You don’t understand, man. You’re the first familiar face
we’ve seen all day. It’s just really
“Twilight Zone”-ish. Okay. Uh, oh, John, I’ve got Dennis’s
books on tape here.Yeah, this is definitely
I’ve got Chuck’s marked down
there with a different color. Have Chuck’s and Dennis’ books
been getting messed up? Yeah. Thank God. Yes, thank God.
Parting of the
Red Sea was okay, but I was not a believer
until I witnessed
the bookstore fuck up. – Have you seen any
of Chuck’s cassettes?
– Yeah? Because I was a bit worried
they may be Dennis’s. Okay, yeah I got that. He’s been spending a lot
of time in the basement. There’s weird smells
coming out of there. And stinking in the basement
is okay if you’re reading
the right books. Exactly. Well, there you have it. – What?
– Well, Dennis didn’t even buy
the books, Chuck did. Your point? Your theory about Dennis
no longer has a leg
to stand on. Well then, why do you lie
about him so much? What are you hiding? What? Why are you lying?I’m not lying.We both know you’re lying. You really wanna know? Dennis was a prodigy. His IQ is not traditionally
measurable. Taught himself arithmetic
through long division at age
five, library books. He was a hero in the papers and still a hero to Dr. Preston. He keeps a display case
of newspaper clippings, essays, novellas, theories,
all about or by Dennis. What happened?I don’t remember
all of it.
I was eight when he was six
and we got into a fight, and I punched him,
good punch, knockout punch
right to the jaw. And he went tumbling
down the stairs. He was only unconscious
for about an hour, but, uh, when he came to,
he couldn’t read. He couldn’t even tie
his own shoelaces. Christ, I don’t know. I don’t even know what
the fight was about. You did this to him. He was a genius?Christ, I’d love
to get away with you.
Start a family,
have a normal life, but I really do owe
every cent that I make, every moment of my life
to Dennis. We’re gonna have
to talk to Dennis. About what? He’ll need to know how things
are going to change. What’s going to change? For one, that house is going
to be a little more cramped
with me living in it. You could live with Dennis? Well, it’s not a dream come
true, but it is a family. And that’s more
than I ever had. Wait, wait, I’m sorry,
where are you going? I’m gonna go get Dennis. Get the birthday table
at Monsoon’s. He’s gonna have
a lot to digest. A lot of complicated
grown-up issues and pizza to digest. So, how about them Dodgers? I’m sorry, Pete. I’m sorry to everyone,
I seem to have made a bit
of a spectacle. No, no, dude.
None of us even noticed. Let me just put Dennis’ books
there on the edge of your table. – You look a bit glazy, man.
– Yeah, I feel a bit weird.You take anything, man?Just prescription stuff. Well, let’s not
jump to conclusions
and blame the drugs. Anybody would freak when
they found out what Dennis
has been reading about. Well, I haven’t yet
found out what Dennis
has been reading about. I know what Chuck’s
been reading. Oh yeah, now, that’s creepy. Why? What has Dennis
been reading? Well, books on forensics
and taxidermy. That’s– that’s Chuck. No, that’s Dennis.It’s an acquired taste.Don’t worry about
that smell in your basement,
it’s dead animals. Taxi! Pete, you gotta call
the cops. I don’t want to. Send them to my house. There’s a crime in progress. Dennis! ( baby crying ) – Denn–
– ( baby crying ) ( crying continues ) Here’s the knife,
alakazam, gone.
Boo. ( heavy breathing ) ( power tool whirring ) ( splashing, grinding ) ( splattering, grinding ) Gesundheit. ( creaking ) Dennis? Good evening. Lydia? Say hello to John.Hello, John.Lydia, you seem a little sad. Is something wrong?Yes, I feel all empty inside.
I’m a shell of my former self.
Why are you feeling that way?I’ve demanded so much
of my brother’s time
that he no longer has a life.I can’t care for myself,
so duty binds him to me.
And you feel guilty
because of that?I took all the time he could
have focused on his own needs
and demanded he focus
on my needs.
I took his life away.Oh, it can’t be that bad.What could be worse?You could remove any hope
of his having a normal life.How?Well, you could push him down
the stairs and damage his brain. Render him mentally incompetent.What kind of a monster would
do that to his own family?
A spider.What do spiders do?They kill all their
family members.That’s not as bad
as what I did.
And what you did isn’t as bad
as damaging someone’s brain.Oh? Why not?When you damage someone’s brain
you darken their whole world. Dennis.
Dennis, what are you doing? Nothing remains familiar. Family loses familiarity. Dennis, get me out
of the chair. Imagine that.Imagine what?How it must feel to wander
about a town once familiar only to meet fifth generation
copies of people you once knew.How could someone
in that position cope?
He’d have to think
like a spider. Dennis, Dennis, Dennis,
everything is gonna be fine.A spider’s so cold
and deceptive.
Oh, Christ.Dennis. Dennis. Dennis! Dennis!
Let me out of the chair!
Dennis, God damn it!Let me out of the chair!
Right now!
Everyone is.Dennis, listen to me!God damn it, Dennis,
let me out of the chair! Let me tell you a story about
a worse deception still. ( door creaking ) Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take. And I pray the Lord forgive me,
but he cannot stay. He takes attention I need
from my Mommy away. He reminds me all the time
that I’m not him. Forgive me, oh Lord,
but I’m about to sin. These injuries could not have
happened in the fall. Ah-ha!
The jealous older brother. He’s the victim
of an attack. I’ll revive him, he’ll talk. Talk to me, boy.
Beautiful, beautiful boy. God dammit, Dennis!
Get me out of this chair. Foiled! No, not foiled,
just a setback. We’ll bring you back. And your brother
will get his comeuppance.Everyone is
deceiving everyone.
We’re not social animals,
it’s a rogue world. A spider world.♪ The itsy bitsy spider
crawled up the water spout ♪
♪ Down came the rain,
and washed the spider out. ♪ ( roaring ) Dennis! Let me out
of the chair! Dennis!
Dennis! ( roaring ) ( gasping ) ( screaming ) ( screaming )The doctors tell me
if I received orders
to kill from the person
who made up my dreams
and the person I saw
in the mirror,
then I ordered myself
to kill.
I am simply insane.None of this is real,but that isn’t true.I’m not in this hospital.
This isn’t me.
I’m in this hospital,this is me.All I do now is hope,
hope that the cheap
electric car
will come crashing
through the doors.
I’ll be safely back
at the carnival.
and the scariest haunted
house in the world
will finally
come to an end.
♪ La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la,
la, la, la, la ♪
( music playing )

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