THE FACE.  Exploring A Haunted House!

THE FACE. Exploring A Haunted House!

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go in Addie it’s the airplane room
this airplane crashed into the barn okay this guy’s just creepy Jillian there’s a
watch out under there you can stand under the witch hat just so people could see the science experiments and stuff Addie left, Addie bailed. she’s
suspended look she’s floating we’re here at Goodman Family Farms and
we’re gonna go into the Boo Barn the Boo Barn it’s a haunted house Addie’s more afraid of the bee so let’s get in there the Boo Barn Haunted house beware Jillian oh look there’s hands Jillian
are you guys coming come on Addie you stay with mommy okay well there will be
some adjustment here what is it where are you guys this dudes you know
in a electric chair all right you guys ready yeah yeah this way you can see a
little more I don’t want to ruin everyone’s experience you can see more
Oh Oh my area 51 what’s this Addie who’s playing the
harmonica alien oh look at dr. science frog experiments just like a throw
switch here I’m afraid to touch it I don’t think I will the glowing green skull whew that’s
bright in here ah creepy clown Yeti and you can hear all the footsteps above
us is we’re under the barn okay this guy’s just creepy Oh is she a circus
performer Addie’s being super brave today creepy clown oh yeah that’s that’s
really scary look at this the wolf of doom another creepy clown this is a cool room the bearded lady yes I think we got her I think we did skeleton oh my
oh I so handsome very dim I’ll follow you guys for a change he’s talking what is this a mummy it’s not a vampire face oh yeah you can
see his hair comes to a point try this way Addie’s like plugging her ear
still hmm look at this face ooh I think there’s motion sensors soon as I turned this light on these photos here floating candles well I didn’t see her before it’s a
guitar there’s a pirate he’s in a treasure chest
oh my mouths moving look out it’s a big big spider it’s a brain look
at this sneaky guy down here a Wendigo bats mommy teasing you
she’s trying to spook you oh that dude up there go in Addie what’s the airplane room this airplane
crashed into the barn yeah he’s got a he’s got a uh what do
you call parachute and well he must have crashed into a Christmas tree so I guess
Addie’s plugging her ears Is it doctor mad she suspended look she’s
floating what’s wrong with her face skeleton mad scientist well look at this
thing jelly that’s creepy harmonica harmonica kind of takes away some little is cheery harmonica it’s a creepy
bathroom Oh who’s this little dude there’s someone in a coffin it’s just less scary with the light on
the isn’t it he’s not moving this is like a funeral parlor there’s a
little skeleton in a throne bringing what I could have sworn we were here
before there’s news yes just like the repeat room to throw
you off now I could see a little better she’s riding a giant chicken where do
you even get a chicken is that costume yeah I saw that that was creepy
and this one’s riding I don’t know Joe’s like I just bumped into it maybe that’s
what you’re seeing well this thinks I’ve got a big plague
doctor mask a chicken head yeah okay Feeling witchy you could stand under the witches but this is the most evil witch of them
all spider room Jillian there’s witch hat
under there you can stand under the witch hat oh here’s another look at a bat you have the most dreadful cardboard
tubes no we could go deeper I think right I
thought they might have been that what’s this oh yeah yeah so that was the Boo
barn your eyes are red whoa this guy’s talking just some people could see the
science experiments and stuff Addie left Addie bailed aliens yeah seems little details you
might not even notice in the dark I think we’re ready okay so that was the
Boo barn what did you guys think were you scared Addie oh you did it this
year as opposed to last year yeah it was pretty cool and uh I’m sure we’ll be out
here again next year right you guys want to go get some pumpkins all right let’s
go careful on the hill here Jillian

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