The Farmhouse – Short Horror Film

The Farmhouse – Short Horror Film

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Hello? Hey Ricky How are you doing? Yeah, I’m actually at the property right now. Yeah. It’s in a lot worse shape than we thought. How about I meet you at the diner on Highway
49, we’ll have lunch and you can come check the place out for yourself? Sound good? OK buddy. Hey, I’m gonna warn you, this place is going
to give you the creeps. Ok man, I’ll see you soon. Aight, Bye Bye.


  1. Short, simple, yet effective.

    I would say that many of the dislikes most likely came from those who failed to find the ghost at the end in the top right window. Thus, there appeared to be no direct element of horror beyond the atmosphere. I think the strong point here is the subtly. There are no cheap scares here. Instead, there's a creepy atmosphere and enough story at the end to wrap it all up and make it significant. Then there's that final scare that you just really have to be looking for in order to find. The most amazing part about this is that the emphasis was still clearly placed on the house at the end, forcing us to constantly scan it for a little surprise. We felt the creepiness of the house, and so we couldn't help but search it for what made it creepy.

    Well done (especially on a whim)! Better than many other short films I've seen.

    Somehow, this reminds me of The Maiden, an incredible short film – one of the best I've ever seen at least.

  2. I didn't get it. Was this supposed to be Horror? The buildup showed a creepy farmstead but than what? Nothing happened. Glad there wasn't a cheap jump scare like in many…but this was the opposite extreme – anticlimactic.

  3. This cinematography was amazing! Overall, I really loved this short film. I also make short films on my own channel and I think you'd really enjoy it! Keep making awesome videos!

  4. Very creepy atmosphere. Love all the establishing shots. The wind and other sounds were great! I thought it was going to have a plot though. Not really a short film. As a showcase for how to set a creepy tone from a cinematography and sound design standpoint, it was excellent!

  5. what is scary here this isn't smart for me and I'm 12 gets old girl😕😣😣😕😣😕☺☺😊☺😊

  6. Needs more plot.  What it is with these short penny dreadfuls that the authors are getting so lazy?  Come on, give it three more minutes and develop a story with this rich venue!

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  8. Gorgeous cinematography and atmosphere. I love the extended scene of the house looming over him; very sinister. I don't understand the point, though, outside of "spooky house."

    Edit: Watched the last scene again. I like the face in the window and the implication of his not seeing it.

  9. Beautiful cinematography and great score/sound effects! The ending is perfect and didn't have a cheesy jumpstart. The slow, creepiness to the camera movement was perfect! Ten thumbs up!

  10. Very good work…I hope you make more like this…I really liked this…I'm still getting the chills….good job man

  11. 1:17 :crosses fingers this ends up being a trailer for Jeepers Creepers 3:

  12. Where the hell is the horror? For anyone who lives in a rural area, there is nothing to this. Just an old farmhouse with a face in a window. Truly, a waste of time for everyone involved.

  13. This was really well done, beautiful location, nice music and good jumpscare but I feel like you could have done more with the video

  14. Eh… Not really scary. It's definitely got some good cinematography that builds it up really well, with the old creaky metal doors, the run-down wooden houses, the crows cawing, the low music… but nothing really happens. The face in the window is there… Then it's not and… uh… That's it.

    It has potential, but you spent too much time on the build up, and there's little to no payoff. This thing I'm meant to be scared of needs to do something else other than make a face at us from the window like a little kid.

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  16. Couldn't have asked for a better location for a horror! Cinematography was amazing and the sound effects were fantastic! Great work!

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  18. This was very well made. Definitely a video that an aspiring filmmaker could study to dissect everything that's going on. Cinematography was certainly on the mark!

  19. So is there a pt2 coming? Maybe at a different location. You could incorporate the fact that the other place was torn down, but haven't felt right since you went, like as if the entity attached itself to you? Just a thought
    Great short


  21. Lovely one! Perfect setting, great camera work and the face in the end was subtle but unexpected and creepy. Well done!

  22. So good!!! No cheap jump scares, just a return to the classy, psychological power of a truly creepy place. Just wonderful, really 🙂 I would have LOOOOVED to see this fleshed out into a longer piece or even a movie. Terrible the house is no longer there. 🙁 What a fantastic missed opportunity.

  23. I love subtlety but this was too subtle. even with help from the comments (and the music) I missed it 3 times. what would've been cool is if all the windows were filled and maybe the front door opening by itself at the end… like it was welcoming him, and his buddy on the phone, back in. as a mood piece it was fine, the cinematography was excellent throughout, atmosphere was perfect, even the phone call acting was good. but it was just too subtle. thanks for the video.

  24. guys outstanding work..duration is less bt d location ,perfect sound effctns at right time.. D horror effct is clrly seen with d atmosphere too..

  25. I liked it. Some movies can't work with this '' bad guy appearing behind the character then vanishing'' thing very well. The strangers is one example. The whole movie we have ''the stranger'' doing that for no reason and in ways that don't make sense.
    But you did a great job with that. This ending was pretty scary.

  26. Wow wow wow wow wow no other words. you should make more short films like this.this is just a masterpiece

  27. WOW of all the farm,ghost,fright movies ive seen this is probably the most well shot one and it's on YOUTUBE
    Kudos man def gave me the chills

  28. The atmospherics were powerful! I know nothing about film making, but I do know that the chills I felt were palpable and the creepiness factor was ever present. Fantastic job!

  29. When I was younger, I used to love to explore old abandoned houses. The atmosphere and sounds are spot on. Great cinematography, too.

  30. Awesome! Great Job! I love movies, especially horror films. Last year, I finally started making short films. Keep up the great work!

  31. I saw the behind the scenes video of this first… and now watching THIS… I love what you've done and the atmosphere you've created.

  32. I desperately want part two of this and I want it to be about 90 minutes long 😆 Nothing creeps me out like those old American farmhouses. Nice work 👌🏻

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