The First Purge Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

The First Purge Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

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Tonight allows people a release from all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them. This won’t bring him back. It won’t make you feel any better. Thank you. It is a night that is defining our country. Citizens, this will be a tradition we celebrate every year. Join the first Purge. Isaiah, come say bye. Go do your thing, sis. Always. I’ll see you tonight. People are now calling this controversial experiment of legalized crime “The Purge”. Do not Purge. Do not Purge. You and Isaiah, just stay with me during The Purge. Oh, we’re gonna be fine on our own. We are here with Dr. May Updale. She came up with this experiment. Is The Purge a political device? It is a psychological one. If we want to save our country, we must release all our anger in one night. Tonight, we’ll see the good and evil in everyone. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the first Purge. Our neighborhood is under siege from a government who doesn’t give a shit about any of us. At the siren, all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 hours. There’s a lot of good people out there who we gonna have to protect. All emergency services will be suspended. We gotta be prepared for anything. Your government thanks you for your participation. Parties. You predicted a much higher level of participation. Human nature does not obey the laws of politics. What the hell is going on? They all ex-military. Something funky going down, D. You’re sending soldiers into the island disguised as citizens. This country needs for this to work. No one’s coming to help us After tonight nothing will ever be the same again. They forgot about one thing. They forgot about us. What have I done? RUN! Stay strong, honey. I’m coming. Just remember all the good The Purge does.


  1. "If we want to save our country we must release all our anger in one night." Was the script and dialogue written by a child? lmao

  2. This was shockingly Rubbish one of the worst purge movies out i never complain or even comment on movies i normally enjoy most movies but this was a total bore all the way through. The story line was so original and boring nothing new or even interesting at all in fact it didn't even seem to have a storyline was just trash . I hope this is the last purge movie as they cant come up with a new interesting story. Same old outdated crap Waste of money and time. I liked the first, second ok then it just got played out and boring.

  3. if it was really happening, people wouldn't go out and be criminals because they would be too scared to get killed

  4. Just saw this movie and it sucked . The first one was good the 2nd one was okay , the 3nd one was good actually but this one was the worst of them all

  5. The first perge is kinda cheesy hoq the fuck they got drones on the first when it began seems but never but them in the 1 2

  6. I got an idea for the next purge movie. It will be about people in prison. Think about it….

    If all crime are legal for 12 hours, then everyone in prison are innocent. They should be set out and be free.

    We can have one prisoner seeking revenge.

    Another prisoner who just wants answers.

    Another prisoner who wants to kill another prisoner's family.

    And each prisoner will be installed a gadget or micro chip in their brain that controls them to return to prison after the 12 hours are up. If they try to remove the chip, they go boom. They explode.


  7. This show absolutely sucked. It's as if the producers went to a local laundromat and rounded up some folks to make a movie. Pure crap…

  8. The purge is already a thing in USA tho? I mean they got shooting upon shooting. They be like "dont blame The guns" . And it happends over and over. Purge is just a sick parody on whats already going on in The USA.

  9. Dear people (Goyim), wake DFU…..this ain't some joke…this is you and me a few years later. The ultra rich has time and again given those hints and you wanna shove your freakin head in the sand. THEY WANT LESS PEOPLE ON EARTH!!!! Search how many people they need…search Georgia Guidestone. They need only those many who will work for them and consume less resource (agenda 21).

  10. I've seen 2 of the purge movies, this and the 2013 one. Both were disappointing, especially this one. Budget seems pretty high on them, but the movies are really low quality and just dumb. Save yourselves some time and don't check them out – you won't miss out on anything.

  11. Am I the only one that thinks Nya in the first purge resembles Jada's character in menace to society and first purges Dimitri resembles Caine from menace to society ?‍♂️

  12. I just got this on redbox I haven’t watched it yet but…. This will be fun ?

    Not really..I only watch horror movies. Mostly… if you’re reading this…….Bye now

  13. People act like there would be murder and chaos on the street. But most people would probably just loot stores and houses.

  14. Finished watching this movie. This is one of the worst Purge movie- wait one of the worst horror/thriller movie ever. No gore, Less killing, no thrill, too boring. I had to escape too many scenes. Other purge movies are ok, especially first and second purge. but not this one. Would never recommend.

  15. me: * panics over a possible purge irl and come up with survival plans *
    also me: wait, I live in Canada tf?

  16. This movie could of been so much better. These characters were stereotypes and pandered shamelessly. Not a good film, even for its genre.

  17. The future of America is a sad story and is this all they can come up with that suggesting all Americans are potential murderers and poor deserve to die.
    Whoever created this should be banned making these nonsense for the movie in 2013 and now TV show. ALL AMERICANS SHOULD PROTEST THIS

  18. This movie is the most libtarded thing I’ve seen in a while.? Sadly my whole family(excluding me) thought this way a good representation of our country. Just sad.

  19. You know I'm sorry I have to stop watching this movie even though I love them Purge movies this one the first Purge it's like where is the Chase & how can I get there kind of thing so I'm already bored with it & I'm only 25 minutes into it & I'm bored already so I'm just not going to watch anymore, this stupid it's taking too long to start.

  20. people that don't want to kill and the purge is stupid why they just want move to a different city or state

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