The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands (Full Length)

The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands (Full Length)

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  1. I think if humans worldwide still took part in hunting culture, the emotional response this sparks wouldn't be so aggressive. I've witnessed goats killed and I'm sure some ppl out there would be angry about that but as in this case its to feed the community. But the urbanization if the world has really shut that side of the human life out. Ppl eat meat and don't consider what went into that so when they see things like this they're not used to they get unnecessarily angry. Though i hope the Faroes ppl stop so they don't poison themselves


  3. Sea shepherd should worry more about genocides and issues like gaza and famine in Africa and leave the Faroese alone to continue their way of life. If anything at all, they should rather focus on ways to help the faroese hunt in a more sustainable way.

  4. Just playing Devil's Advocate, if I came to this island and decided I wanted to hunt human for food, would that be okay? I've been hunting people for many years but it is look down upon here in the United States. I'm just curious if I move to this island would I be welcome?

  5. Why do people just kill whales for food? This earth seriously needs help. I know we eat fish but seriously whales? The sea sheperds are doing a good thing.

  6. That girl with Black hair i Saw her trying to stop a grind Hunt and ran away from the police on some Stones and broke her leg and got arnested and me and my friends 😂so hard

  7. So I guess white folks eat weird shit too just not asians hahaha..damn peta must love this video…lol ..anyways if them fkin sea shepherds wanna protest they need to start bringing a cow for a whale trade..

  8. Some random mixed foreign woman comes out of nowhere to stop a small village from their food source. This is why I hate foreigners.

  9. This isn't five hundred years ago. The oceans are suffering due to pollution, overfishing and the ridiculous killing of sea mammals for food. Its difficult to believe these people would go hungry without slaughtering  hundreds of whales. People live on islands all over the world and don't resort to eating sea mammals. The starvation song and dance is total bullshit. The truth is they can't retire a custom that has long outlived it's usefulness. Anyone, including Sea Sheppard who helps these people realize the error of their ways, is contributing to the overall health of our planet. IF THE OCEANS DIE, WE ARE NEXT!

  10. If these idiots keep  eating whale meat at the rate their going  the problem will self correct. Two micrograms of methyl-mercury per gram of whale meat is enough to kill horse over time. It also causes mental retardation. Bon appétit.

  11. The methyl-mercury tainted whale blubber consumed by Faroe islanders over the centuries has obviously taken it's toll on their mental capacity.  These idiots are poisoning their own children!

  12. This sea shepherd should get out from that place. We all eat meat. We eat sea turtle 🐢 everything we eat is part of our culture. If you dont eat meat fuck off. Leave this people alone. Watta stupid group of cunt bother people culture.

  13. They can have beer from stores but for food they have to kill harmless innocent sea mammals. What a bullshit. And they call themselves the civilized people of first world countries.

  14. I hope that guy can fulfill his dream of “dying for a tuna” he’s a little late tho killed 67 of them out of coos bay Oregon last week and boy they taste good

  15. The Faroese hunting whales or dolphins is not the problem. As long as they make full use of their kill(s) and don't let the resource go to waste (which it seems they do). I agree with others who say it is not for us to judge. My only issue, is this: Is there a way to kill the animals faster so they don't suffer for minutes or hours? Such as shooting them or electrocuting them, or something other than [eventually] stabbing and slicing them (where they are already in terror for up to a half hour or more? …before they die). Environmentalism is a double edged sword.

    I believe groups like "Sea Shepherd" do good work. But they also probably do bad work (radical environmentalism). There has to be balance. And that "President" lady of the Sea Shepherds (France), had seemingly changed her thought process a little by this experience and talking with the people. But like most leftists (and I will make that assumption), she is ignorant and brainwashed (like the vast majority of us), with the Global Warming and "AGW" fallacy and criminal scam.

    There is no more "organic farming/harvesting" than the way the Faroese do it. They have to survive, and they have to be able to provide for themselves. They have to be able to harvest their natural resources. So I can understand the old man being pissed off, and cursing at her. And I can understand Denmark and the EU leaving them alone, to their own way of life. I can also understand their culture and tradition (which we are loosing in the Western European/Caucasian world (this is intentional and not by accident as well). That is a harsh environment. And they have to be allowed to provide for themselves.

    The only issue again, is reducing the suffering of the animals being slaughtered. That should be something that humans aspire to accomplish in perpetuity, always improving their methods and "sustainability" using technology/technological advances. It is difficult to watch the animals being essentially suffocated and dragged ashore, struggling. But until there is a better way formulated which the Faroese can agree to/get accustomed to, maybe there is no "better way".

    I think it's a very interesting and relevant comparison, to compared them to the Japanese, – a culture and nation that also still hunts and eats whales, dolphins, sharks and everything from the bounty of the Sea; And is also being persecuted by environmental or animal rights groups and interfered with. It's also worth noting that the Japanese (along with the Faroe Islanders also probably), are one of the healthiest populations in the world. But as they become more industrialized and urbanized, their health deteriorates somewhat.

    We in America and Western cultures are increasingly unhealthy from massive corporate factory farms and slaughterhouses, bacteria, diseases, chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives, vaccines, highly processed and refined foods, soils where the nutrients are depleted, monoculture, etc. And we are not adapting. All these things, and many other different things are destroying America and our European heritage and culture (which also used to be heavily dependant upon seafood and the oceans).

  16. "It's in our backyard and it's in our front yard. Pollution and contamination are shortening all life. We're going to have to unite as a people and say 'no more'! We, the people, are going to have to put our thoughts together to save our planet here. We only have one water… one air… one Mother Earth." – Corbin Harney

  17. It's really sad seeing those whale been killed. Why they can't go and get other fish in the ocean. 70% we live in the water. Why those whales!!!

  18. At least they aren’t killing whales for the sake of making profits from whale oil but instead they kill the whales for food and they don’t waste it

  19. "Most Faroese consider the hunt an important part of their culture and history. Animal rights groups criticize the hunt as being cruel and unnecessary. As of the end of November 2008 the chief medical officers of the Faroe Islands have recommended that pilot whales no longer be considered fit for human consumption because of the levels of toxins in the whales."

  20. This bitch would rather take food out of the mouths of people because as she said it's the easy thing. So it's ok for you to kill humans but not a whale

  21. Fat lying fuck he ain't making no money oh yeah non profit there the biggest bunch of thieves out here with the people that donate they pay themselves millions and claim it to be payroll and that's not part of the profits so non profit Pam Anderson is gonna give them diseases so they'll die one way or another

  22. Paul Watson is an angel. He despises the gullible fool, Peter Hammarstedt, but Paul still had some mercy and took the less intelligent person under his wings and made him believe he is one of us at Sea Shepherd.

    I guess Paul´s constant bashing about this "moron Peter Hammerstedt" is just Paul special way of showing he loves this special Peter. Paul Watson just has not gotten much love as a kid and therefor seems to have alternative ways of shoving affection. Same as he has alternative ways of sticking to the "truth".

    I well.. send us more money.

    Go to Sea Shepherds website and donate to us as much as possible.

    We can assure you that the rumors of us being a money scam is Not True.

    Haters gonna hate!

  23. Then they accuse Japan for consuming Whale meat overload.. but the truth is both country are selfish and evil to whale. They whaling like a feast… and eating whale flesh countless untill the population and species will decrease and disappears.. shame of faroe island people and japanese… this is not tradition, the government should take this nonsense tradition as serious issues … Please save the whale and environment for future generations 😭

  24. Peaceful music….Europeans telling their stories and being interviewed… playing with parents and doing cute things like a Dockers commercial….Killing some whales and not a problem..

    Japanese doing the same minus the nice music and interviews with families and the world hates them… Yeah, fuck off with your propaganda that makes Asians a hated people when others are doing the same shit.

  25. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him will believeth in anything. – Hitchens 3:16”

  26. The Sea Shepards have no right getting involved in a thousand year plus heritage! it blows my mind thinking that other people feel they have the right to stop traditions of a culture they can't even understand. I would love to know every country/province/city the Sea Sheperd volunteers are from so I can knit pick their lifestyles. That's some straight-up B.S. what sea shepherds are doing. Paul Watson says "Anything that involves cruelty and slaughter should not be apart of anybody's culture".Well MF by the looks of it you eat meat and dairy. You support the slaughter of animals every day by eating so stfu. EVERY SINGLE CULTURE IN THIS WORLD HAS BEEN RAISED OFF THE SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS. Get it in your head. You have zero right going into peoples homes and telling them how to live their damn lives. You are not more righteous or higher than anyone else in this world. God I can't wait till your ships get blown up you Narssasatic Fuck.

  27. Not all the time the Sea Shepherd crew do what was right(check the credentials of their founder, Paul Watson). The people on Faroe Islands are doing these way back. They are only pointing out the barbaric method of the Grind. But the Faroe Islands people are adapting and they made a device that humanely and quickly kill the whales without any suffering. People sometimes need to be open minded. It's human nature to adapt and the need to survive will still always come first.

  28. they respect the animals and they kill them with their own hands, and in doing so, they are giving respect and feeling the sense of loss when they are taking their life. they eat the whole whale. they have a point. they are smart not to import American preserved dangerous food and to eat what God himself gave their people for them to eat. because of that they are healthier than any american

  29. if they want to save animals from slaughter go to a a cattle farm anywhere in America. Jesus. even a dairy farm. look in your own backyard.

  30. Only a blind brainwashed Sea Shepherd numbnut can not see that the majority of the people do not support SS´ money hungry propaganda

  31. Sea Shepherd have saved tens of thousands of marine mammals around the world on various campaigns. No other environmental protection organisation are as effective.

  32. live, commercialize in big fishing is bad, but just for the habitants i do not see bad things…well, it's sad and i see monkeys hunted but eagles or other animals.

  33. God gave us the right to hunt for eating, not for cruelty, sport or waste many animals lives for money in big commercialization.

  34. There are other endangered species of whales and dolphins that are killed by the islanders. This is just one example and there are many others of killing endangered species of cetaceans. On August 28 2014 five bottlenose whales were found stranded on the Faroese island of Suduroy. In most places around the world, cetaceans who are stranded in shallow waters are given a helping hand by humans and ushered back out to sea. However, rather than make an attempt to rescue the beached pod, knife-wielding Faroese whalers killed and butchered the stranded, helpless whales. These bottlenose whales are on the e CITES endangered list. There are thought to be about 10,000 left. So much for all the debate that there is an endless supply of whales. What is even more astounding is that the very next day most of body – was dumped back at sea! This is just shamefully irresponsible. Not only that the Faroese are breaking international law.

  35. I would wish to take part on a grind one a day. Keep your traditions going on. Don't let anybody destroy your heritage and food sources. Greetings from Germany.

  36. okay so these crew members want that people living on this island die of hunger …… then i bet its not far that they would be eating your liver and intestines …… wtf you guys want …. they eat for survival , if they kill for show off then stop those guys who are in show off , why stopping others to fill their stomaches ….. and what the fuck reason you guys give …. " how would it be like if i kill you " wtfffff , i would kill you too if i had to survive , i'll eat you if am gonna die of hunger … so don't make such weird excuses …

  37. @11:39 "should not be part of anybody's culture ", then why you guys eat chicken , just cuz you haven't slaughtered it , and you got it just like that ….. wtf you guys mean , okay then lets make you fuckers live there without eating any meat and tell me how will you fucking survive , will you fill your gut with snow or grass of that place or eat your own poop …. tell me now …..

  38. @25:16 , you guys should get slaughtered , you only think that people on island are killing whales , what you don't see is how will they survive if they don't kill , you are vegan , but you will have to consume meat for survival if you live on this island , you mother*** have no brains , you only think this is inhumane and you can stop it , then give us vegan food instead , we'll stop eating meat if we get vegan food for free three times a day and that too for whole of our lives , give us that first , and if you can not then f*** off

  39. They should lob a few moo cows 🐮 on the island.

    When quite a few people say it's so cruel and whales 🐳 should be protected., I often wonder why many of those same people do not stand up so much for sheep. Pigs, cows and other meats.

  40. I´d like to know how grind whale tastes like. If i had the chance, I´d give it a try. Maybe it´s delicious.

  41. Killing cute animals is of course not OK.

    Killing ugly animals, mass torture them and sell their dead bodies in the local supermarket for profit, that is totally OK when it is ugly animals.

    Go Go Sea Shepherd

  42. The Faroes : ISLANDS OF EVIL AND DARKNESS Here are 11 reasons why:
    1) They kill about 900 Whales and dolphins per year in an outdated tradition, cruel, and wasteful tradition called the Grind.
    2) The whale and dolphin meat is highly toxic, so it can not be eaten except in very small amounts, large amounts are simply dumped back at sea.
    3) Where child abuse is rife, as the islanders knowingly feed their children toxic whale meat.
    4) Where they kill endangered species of whales and dolphins, and cynically make up laws to it legal that go against international law on endangered species.
    5) Where incest by family members is rife on the islands.
    6) Where they strangle endangered Puffins and steal their eggs.
    7) Where people knowingly and willingly consume meat heavily contaminated with mercury and don’t give a toss, primarily because they eat meat heavily contaminated with mercury.
    8)Where a country with one of the highest per capita income in Europe claims they need to kill whales and dolphins in order to survive.
    9)Where toxic whale meat is said to be free, except tourists can buy it in the restaurants and it’s for sale in the market.
    10) Where population numbers change each day without any scientific validation. One day there are 128,000 pilot whales, the next 780,000. The fact is no one knows, except for the guy in Klaksvik with the crystal ball.
    11)Where an hour of stressful pursuit and many minutes of agony accompanied by horrendous screams of pain is described as “humane killing.”

  43. but to racist greenpeace it's not OK for yellow skin people to hunt whales. You may get a torpedo coming at you one day sea shepherd.

  44. It’s a way of life not mindless slaughter it’s the same as the Sami reindeer herders it’s survival for them. Not like the thousands of battery farms across the world that mindlessly slaughter.

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