The Harbinger (Short Horror Film)

The Harbinger (Short Horror Film)

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Nine-one-one. What is the nature of your
emergency? There’s a man knocking at my front door!
He hasn’t left. He’s been there for the past five minutes! Can I please have your
address? 2646 Lancaster Drive. I’m house-sitting
for my neighbors. And what is your name? Amber Robinson. Do you know who he is?
Have you seen him before? I’ve seen him walking around campus a lot. Maybe bio–he never talks. Okay, Amber, I’m sending a squad car your way. They shouldn’t take that long. (inaudible) Amber, apparently somebody already called
the police to your location. They’re already on their way. What do you mean? (Distorted scream) Hello?! Amber? Hello? (Muffled sinister giggles) Hello?… (Giggling continues)


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