The Hardest Horror Movies To Watch More Than Once

The Hardest Horror Movies To Watch More Than Once

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Horror movies might be filled with frights,
but they’re usually pretty fun to watch, too. Every now and again, however, there comes
along a scary movie that’s so disturbing it’s hard to justify ever sitting through it again. From extreme brutality to the true emotional torment
of audiences, these are the movies you’ll want to opt out of re-visiting after the first
run. As always, beware the spoilers. The Sacrament Loosely based on true events, The Sacrament
is excruciatingly tense and takes the story and its characters to some incredibly dark
places. The faux-documentary features three reporters
investigating a new religious movement in Africa. And the climax depicts the ritual self-sacrifice
of the cult members, which does not flinch from a single moment of the pain, confusion,
and fear they experience. It gets particularly difficult to watch when
one of the reporters is tied down by his sister and forced to participate in the ritual with
her. In terms of craft, The Sacrament probably
is an incredibly well done movie. “I tried. God knows I tried.” But once you’ve watched the film and know
the places it will take you to, it’s almost impossible to watch again. Martyrs The “torture-horror” subgenre hit a new benchmark
with Martyrs. The French film features characters experiencing
every kind of agony imaginable, from suffering intense beatings to being flayed alive. And it’s the existential justification for
this cycle of sinister acts that’s really hard to bear. The tormentors are attempting to gain knowledge
of the afterlife by turning their subjects into martyrs who are abused into transcendance. And after so much anguish and gruesome violence,
audiences are ultimately left to wonder what the experience revealed, if anything. It’s an experience to watch this movie unfold,
but it is also an exhausting one for sure. Funny Games Sometimes bad things happen to good people
and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Funny Games is a story about this very idea. Two sociopathic youths, Peter and Paul, stage
a physical and emotional assault on a family in their own home. Bones are broken. Lives are ended. A dog goes to doggy heaven. And all of this is done in service of a sick
game being played by the boys. There is no backstory between the family and
the men torturing them. It’s not a revenge scheme, and there is no
plot twist revealing the boys to be the abandoned children of the mother or the father. Peter and Paul simply show up, commit countless
atrocities, and then move on to the next family. Funny Games might be tremendously made, but
it is a horrifying film that presents sick joy in senseless violence and probably won’t
leave you reaching for the DVD again any time soon. The Invitation Even without its twist ending, The Invitation
would be uncomfortable to sit through a second time. The film sets out to put the nuance of interactions
between lapsed friends under a microscope. Through a few hours spent at a tense dinner
party, it analyzes the minute intricacies of every awkward exchange between characters. And it explores the efforts people will go
through to save face and stifle survival instincts when cordial social interactions go to places
they shouldn’t. “Don’t you guys think this is a little bit
weird?” Furthermore, it’s a stunning meditation on
grief and what people will do to cope with loss. These themes are explored very nicely, but
they’re so heavy that a second viewing is likely out of the question for most moviegoers. And this is all before the film’s third act,
which features the host couple trying to snuff out all their friends and then off themselves
in the name of a mysterious spiritual group they’ve joined. All in all, it’s an immaculate film that is
probably best left alone after a single viewing. Lake Mungo There are points at which Lake Mungo hardly
feels like a horror film. The imitation-documentary plays out as a look
into how the loss of a loved one can devastate the people around them over time. There are supernatural elements to the film
and some great frights to be had, but they’re comparatively sparse across the movie’s hour
and a half running time. Those scares aren’t what will keep viewers
from coming back for a second viewing, though. That falls entirely on the subject matter. By staging the film as a documentary with
no well-known actors to lower the audience’s suspension of disbelief, director Joel Anderson
amplifies the emotional devastation the Palmer family experiences after the loss of their
daughter Alice. And that plays directly into the supernatural
aspects of the plot, too. Lake Mungo is a superb film, but one that
deals with some very heavy subject matter and would be very hard to sit through a second
time. Audition Takashi Miike has released over 100 films,
and he could probably go on to direct 100 more with not one of them earning the reputation
that Audition has. It’s the story of a widower who, at the urging
of his son, connects with a young woman named Asami. As their romance develops, it becomes clear
that there is more to her than she lets on. Suspicions build slowly towards the film’s
serious climax, which features a horrific scene of torture and a mutilated man Asami sadistically
keeps alive in a bag. Other films featuring torture might try to
shock the audience with a wide array of methods, but Miike instead pares it down to one excruciatingly
simple, prolonged moment of pain. Audition is a masterpiece, no doubt about
it, and it’s absolutely worth seeing. But it’s still a hard movie to get through
the first time around, and knowing what the end holds will not make rewatching it any
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  1. I walked out of "Audition", because it was so sick and disturbing, that I couldnt watch it till the end. And I never have and never will finish that movie.

  2. Shits weak,(except for martyrs,i give u credit for that) here's my list of hard to watch horror movies : salo,dogtooth, tale of two sisters , inside(2007) , high tension,cannibal holocaust, a serbian film ,oldboy (Korean version)
    The latter may or may not be classified as a horror film but it deals with horrific subject matter .

  3. It was good until you put "The Invitation" on this list… you can't watch this movie again because it's so dull and predictable :/ and the ending? Massive trash and disappointment…

  4. NEVER watch The Divide. i don't even want to remember of that movie, it was too disturbing. a nuclear attack traps 7 people in a basement and it gets really creepy. i don't recommand it but if you're curious…

  5. lung mungo is a brillent film it is all about seeing the future before it happens the way the story is put together you will watch it a second time BUT watch the credits at the end of the movie they really gives the movie a different feel
    ALSO a serbian film and irreversible with the ten min rape scene

  6. I know it became fashionable to criticize anyone for not liking Blair Witch, almost as if you weren't high brow if you didn't 'get it' but, fuck, I found it to be the most godawful, steaming pile of crap it was ever my misfortune to sit through. Oh and A Serbian Film, jeez that was just repulsive. I didn't watch it to the end and what I did watch was through my fingers. It was beyond sick.

  7. i watched audition, for the first part of the movie i sat there think "what the hell, i thought this was a horror not a romance, the hell am i doing watching this" and was only half watching it.

    then i got to the last half an hour…..i have never turned away in pure dsgust from a horror movie before and haven't since and will never….NEVER watch that movie again, literally after the movie i still had a weak queasy feeling.

  8. The first movie is based on a true story. In fact it’s really close to being true. The real event happened (I think in the early 1970’s) and happened is South America instead of Africa. Just look up either Jim Jones (the real insane leader) or Jonestown. Almost everything in the movie really happened.

  9. I'm surprised A Serbian Film isn't on the list. A Serbian Film and Raw are probably movies I'll never be able to handle watching again. Audition was fantastic. I bought it immediately after I watched it. I've honestly only watched it twice. LOL

  10. “Loosely based on true events”
    Yeah, no. It wasn’t loose. It’s a fucking brick, with several (read: most) parts basically plagiarizing the Jonestown massacre. It might as well just have been a documentary on Jonestown, but with annoying “journalists” instead of a senator.

  11. I've seen more than half of these movies almost all and I don't really agree. The movies really didn't have me in a situation where I'm like "well never again…".

  12. Salo and A Serbian Film–I've seen the former once and the latter twice, yet wish I had never seen either. For asian horror, Audition (Japanese) is brutal, but Dumplings (Hong Kong) is just nasty, so would add that. Also, Eden Lake and Inside. Finally, the classics: Faces of Death and Cannibal Holocaust.

  13. I’m surprised to see that Serbian film or Salo didn’t make the list…I guess they’re both not really horror though. Both good movies with interesting messages conveyed in them, but both very hard to sit through.

  14. Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
    Tetsuo the Iron Man
    Cannibal Holocaust
    Mermaid in a Manhole
    And several short YouTube horror films made by the Crypt TV channel
    that are more disturbing than anything I've seen on the big screen in a theatre.

  15. Lol I watched the invitation for the 2nd time the other day. It's a fantastic movie I would watch anytime

  16. A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, The Human Centipede, Salo, Irreversible and, for an entirely different reason, The Orphanage.

  17. I've actually had to do a few projects and speeches about the Jamestown Massacre. I should really watch The Sacrament. I wonder if they actually used the quotes from the Cult leader, because the whole thing was audio recorded. The line "I tried, god knows I tried" is actually a quote from him I believe so it might be interesting to see how it lines up.

  18. WhoCares You mean the Sylvia Likens case, I remember hearing about that when both The Girl Next Door and An American Crime (both based on the murder of Sylvia Likens) came out the same year and it's been stuck in my mind ever since. Both those movies were difficult to watch especially The Girl Next Door, but the real case was even more horrific.

  19. The people at Looper are pussies if you think any film on this list doesn't warrant a second, third, or fourth watch lol. I have films in my collection that would probably ruin you for life.

  20. HATE CRIME, Entrails Of A Virgin, Ebola Syndrome, August Underground Trilogy, Visitor Q, Old Boy, Blood Pigs, Fetus, Bone Sickness, ATROZ, American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore, American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock, Tumbling Doll of Flesh, Orozco The Embalmer, Visceral: Between The Ropes of Madness, and Aftermath.

  21. TBH Audition was pretty meh for me. Perhaps because the build up took so long that I just got bored of it, and when the torture finally happened… I literally went: that's it?? For real??

  22. They are all comedies to me. Nothing has scared me for over 40 years. Do any for you know what scared is?

  23. Since A Serbian Film dominates the comments I won't mention it further. More films include Man Bites Dog, Irreversible, AntiChrist, Cannibal Holocaust, Men Behind the Sun, Inside, The Girl Next Door. Some more tamer films that are tough to sit through, since some people probably couldn't make it through 10 minutes of the aforementioned films, would include Haute Tension, [REC], Eden Lake, Ils(Them), Jacobs Ladder. Honorable mention to one of the tougher movies to watch that I wouldn't call horror – Requiem for a Dream.

  24. I like the commentary on The Audition DVD, it is the most walked out of films ever made. The director commented that he went into a theater to watch it and 20 minutes from the end the lights came on. The man operating the theater told him that was the point that almost the whole audience starts walking out as from that point on it is far to gruesome for most people.

  25. Irreversible was the hardest movie to watch… EVER! Not only the 8 minute rape scene, but the un-cut smashing of the head with the fire extinguisher in the underground club. Perhaps not a horror film, but definitely horrific! And yes, A Serbian Film was even worse than Irreversible.

  26. Lake Mungo is the scariest film I've ever seen. It's not even that scary a film, but it builds up to it and then just ugh. SO GOOD.

  27. A Serbian film was the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen, I’m surprised it is not on here. I will never watch it again, it was too much for me, although it was horrifically good if you’re interested in it, the subject of it and what it showed was just too much for me

  28. Audition and Funny Games might be brutal and disturbing, but they're such good movies. I'd gladly watch Audition again… but Funny Games is a whole other story.

  29. Audition would be hard to watch again because it was so damn boring. And the last 20 minutes of this 2 hour movie that it led up to was really not that bad at all. Just don't bother. Please trust me.

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