The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital

The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital

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– We got a little spoiler for ya. Everything in the building
is gonna look like this. – [Man] Oh my God! – [Man] I guess this is where we’re fuckin’ sleeping ’cause we’re idiots. (yelling) – [Man] How are you
feeling? Are you nervous? – [Man] Yeah, I’m a little nervous. I got that familiar knot
that’s usually in my stomach when I go to these places. I’ve seen this one on
several shows before, and always thought there’s no way in hell I’m gonna go there.
(laughing) So, we are approaching Waverly. – The look of this
building is so imposing. I’m surprised you’re conscious right now. – I’m keeping it together for now. There’s a good chance tonight is the night you see me die on camera. – [Man] It kind of looks like a castle. – [Man] It kind of looks like hell. – [Man] It looks like Hogwarts. – There’s not one part of you that’s like, “Awe man, I’m really in for it now?” – [Man] I mean, I don’t– – [Man] What in the fuck is that? – [Man] It’s just a big metal thing. That’s not a ghost, that’s metal – Jesus Christ dude. – I think we should let ’em
know that we’re entering, you know, just give ’em
a quick, “Hey ghouls! “The boys are here.” – This week on BuzzFeed
Unsolved we explore Waverly Hills Sanatorium as part of our ongoing investigation into
the question: Are Ghosts Real? As with most places we investigate, it doesn’t have the most pleasant history, making it one of the most
haunted places in the world. And as you could see, this is the place where
nightmares are made. Look at that. – It’s very dark, it’s a dark hallway. – I just don’t… I don’t get any of this.
(laughing) I don’t understand.
– I know. – Okay, well, let’s break down the history for Mr. Robot over here.
– Please. – [Ryan] On July 26th, 1910, Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened to treat patients of tuberculosis. On October 17th, 1926, a bigger version of Waverly Hills that we are now sitting in tonight opened to accommodate
the overflow of patients from the tuberculosis epidemic. The hospital is five stories tall, and was built on a
quiet space atop a hill, where it was thought that patients would be at peace and
receive lots of fresh air. Most importantly, it
would keep the patients quarantined far away from crowded areas. (eerie instrumental music) Fuck me. I feel awful right now. – It looks like one of
the conjuring films. I got a little spoiler for ya’, everything in the building
is gonna look like this. – Yeah, I think so.
(laughing) We’ve really done it now, haven’t we? – Yeah, we’ve done it now. – [Ryan] Let’s provide a little
background on tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, also known
as TB, or the white plague is a bacterial infection
contracted by breathing in air containing mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria could eat away at the lungs, and overall, claimed roughly
two billion lives in total, billed as quote, “The plague
of all plagues”, end quote. – And there’s blood on the hanker chief, and he tucks it in his jacket real quick. – Yeah, it wasn’t great. – Around the turn of the 20th century, tuberculosis ran ramped in the
warm wet weather of Kentucky, and the demand for treatment necessitated a facility like Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It could accommodate up to 500 patients. Unfortunately, not all the
treatment was effective. According to owner, Tina Mattingly, Waverly also used electroshock therapy to treat patients whose
tuberculosis spread to the brain. The electroshock therapy
is on the first floor of what we call the Morgue Wing. And electroshock is where they performed on the patients that got
tuberculosis of the brain. Probably didn’t help them, I’m sure, but they didn’t know what else to do. – [Shane] There’s a
little theater in here. – Yeah, it’s set up because sometimes they put stuff on for Halloween, but this is the room. Do you feel strange?
– No. – I’m gonna sit down on this couch. – [Shane] It’s filthy. – Yeah, well, we’re gonna be
sleeping on the ground later, so it doesn’t really matter does it? – I think the ground is
cleaner than this couch. – [Ryan] It’s pretty dusty, yeah. Are my butt cheeks now on the… – [Shane] Yeah, that’s
a perfect butt print! You got your two pockets there. – [Ryan] Oh look at that! The two pockets and everything. – [Shane] That’s Ryan Bergara’s butt. Someone will come here in a
week, and they’ll be like, “It’s a gh-gh-ghost butt!”
(laughing) A lot of you are probably
very unhappy here because it seems like a room where they were doing a lot of medical things that maybe you didn’t enjoy. If you’re here, we’re gonna
be real quiet right now. Maybe make some noise, okay, here we go! Shockingly, I’m not
really hearing anything. This is the biggest upset. I did not see this coming.
(laughing) – [Ryan] Interestingly enough, due to the fact that tuberculosis
is highly contagious, Waverly Hills was largely self-sufficient. They grew their own food, raised animals, had a post office, et cetera. Basically, once you went to Waverly Hills, whether you were a
patient, nurse, or doctor, you were no longer part
of the outside world. Eventually, a vaccine was made readily available for tuberculosis, and Waverly Hills closed
its doors in 1961. It’s been debated how many died within its walls before doing so. Current co-owner, Tina
Mattingly has claimed the number is approximately in the 10s of thousands, but nobody can know for sure. Regardless, death was so
common that the hospital actually contained a horrifying area nicknamed “The Body Chute”, a tunnel used to dispose of dead bodies out of eyesight from the other patients. The tunnel is roughly 500 feet long, and leads down the hill. – If I were staying here, I wouldn’t want to be
watching them shuttle bodies through the hall all day. – Like, “Where’s Pete?” “Oh, down the chute.” – They chutted him.
(laughing) – They chutted him, that’s fucked up. – He done got chutted.
(laughing) – [Shane] Is that the body chute? – [Ryan] I think this is the body chute. – [Shane] Well, let’s take a look. – [Ryan] Oh my God, this is awful. – [Shane] Now, this is the nightmare. – [Ryan] Oh no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no. (laughing) No, you have got to be fucking… Are you fucking kidding me dude? – [Shane] This is like
Satan’s cement butt hole. – [Ryan] Oh my God dude! – [Shane] Holy shit. – [Ryan] Oh my God. How far does this go? Are we going to hell? – [Shane] Let’s find out. – [Ryan] If there’s anybody down here that maybe hated this tunnel… – [Shane] This is a witch hole. – Let us know, make your presence known. Preferably, now, and not when we get to the bottom of this tunnel. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. It looks like there’s a
soccer ball at the bottom. – [Shane] Oh that’s good. – Oh my God, are you serious? (rustling) Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!
(laughing) – [Shane] What is that? The wind? – I dont know. – [Shane] It just went, “Whooo!” – [Ryan] I don’t know
what the fuck that was. It was a weird whoop noise. – [Shane] What if I go up there, and you stay down here, and we turn our lights off, and see if we hear anything? – What if you go fuck
yourself? How about that? How long am I staying down here? – [Shane] A minute. – A minute? – [Shane] Yeah. – Fuck, alright, lights off in three– – Two, one. – [Ryan] Oh God. Oh, no, no, no, no. I hate this. – This is sort of beautiful. – [Ryan] I didn’t even get to do all the things on my bucket list. – Shut up. – [Ryan] You shut up. (screeching) – Did you hear that? – Is it a minute yet? Please tell me it’s been a minute. Hello? – Okay, it’s been a minute. – Awe, awe, get me the fuck out of here. I’m leaving, goodbye ghost at the bottom. – [Ryan] The spirits of
the countless who died here are said to now haunt this facility, making Waverly Hill Sanatorium potentially one of the most haunted
places in the world. That being said, let’s get
into some other reports of paranormal activity. Visitors often claim they hear the sound of children’s laughter. Slamming doors are said
to be a common occurrence. Some insist faces have appeared in windows to rooms that are unoccupied, and in photos where nobody was standing. Waverly Hills is also
famous for it’s reports of Shadow People, which
are shadowy figures that people claim to see
all over the hospital. Look it up, it’s a thing on the internet. – Who are you pointing to? – All the Shaniacs out there.
(laughing) – Shaniacs.
(laughing) I hate you. Aside from general reports, there are specific areas
of this former hospital that we should discuss
and investigate in detail. For obvious reasons, the
morgue on the first floor is reportedly an area
of high depth activity. Supposedly, this is one
of the more active rooms in this whole joint. You feel any strange feelings right now? – I’m cold.
(laughing) Yeah, it’s a morgue. I’d feel stranger if there were actual dead bodies in here right now. – These are accurate autopsy
tables from the time, these are real. – [Shane] Yeah, I see that. – Jesus Christ. Moving to the third floor, a homeless man and his
dog supposedly fell down the elevator shaft when
the building was vacant, and co-owner, Tina Mattingly,
as well as many others claimed to have seen the ghost
of both the man and the dog. – One night after, I had a tour goin’ on, and I was walking down the hallway, and I saw a very tall man,
tall, thin, long hair. I turned my snake light on
up like this, clicked it on, he just wasn’t there. Well, at that point I’m a little nervous, and I start to walk down the hall, and I’m kind of looking
around to see if they’d be backed into a room or somethin’. And then I see a dog laying on the floor. It was a white dog. It looked like a small
white German Shepherd, and I started calling to the dog, tried to get it up to get it to move, and it didn’t. All of a sudden, I
didn’t see it disappear, I didn’t see it get up and walk away, it just wasn’t there anymore. – It’s also speculated
that the man did not accidentally fall down the shaft, but that he was pushed. But I mean, at least he went out with his best friend, I suppose. – They pushed the dog too? – Oh, Jesus Christ, I didn’t
even think about that. Maybe he was holding the dog on the, you know what, we’re not gonna think of the logistics of it. – Even if I’m holdin’ a
dog, and someone pushes me, I’m gonna let go of the leash. I’m not gonna be like, “Yeah,
you’re coming with me.” Coward, taking your dog– – Shut up, what are you doing? This is the worst thing
you could possibly do. – [Shane] Put your hand in there further. – It’s pretty far, I don’t
want him to grab my hand. What if he grabs my
hand and takes the Zoom. – [Shane] Well, then we
have proof of a ghost. – No, it’s just gonna be you saying, “You dropped it, oh, you dropped it.” – [Shane] Put your hand
all the way in there. There you go.
– I don’t like that. – [Shane] Do it. – (screams) What if I drop the Zoom? (laughing) – [Shane] You didn’t drop it. – I know! Okay, to the man in the elevator. If you were pushed down
this elevator, make a noise. If you fell down this
elevator, make a noise. I’m just gonna ask you, maybe you’ll say it,
maybe I’ll hear it later. (screams) – [Shane] What the fuck is wrong with you? (laughing) – It was just, okay, it felt
like someone doing this. (blowing) – [Shane] You’ve got a thing man. – I swear! This is why I didn’t wanna do it because I knew you weren’t gonna believe me, this is bullshit! – [Shane] It’s also very breezy here, so yeah, if you felt a breeze. It’s highly likely that it was– – If that was you please
don’t do that again. – [Shane] We’d like some
confirmation that it was you. Please do it again. – No, don’t listen to him. (eerie instrumental music) Oh God, I hated that. Let’s get the fuck away
from this elevator shaft. There are reports of an apparition draped in a white
doctor’s coat being seen. One ghost hunter claims
he saw the man disappear into a treatment room on the fourth floor. Also on this floor, is
a room that used to be the nurse’s waiting room. A place where owner, Tina Mattingly, came across evidence of
a full bodied apparition. We were on the fourth floor, me and another girl that
comes here every year. She’s the one that’s always taking all the pictures and stuff, she has a really nice camera. And she was snapping pictures, and all of a sudden I hear
her just going crazy, like, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” And I turn around like, “What?” She goes, “You won’t believe what I got!” – [Ryan] She said she saw
her standing right here. God that’d be scary. – It’s kind of grainy because I took a picture of her camera, and she never could send me the original. – [Shane] That does look like
a full bodied apparition. – That doesn’t give you the chills. – Well, I mean… – On the third floor, there are reports of a
little boy named Timmy, who likes to play with a blue rubber ball. Alright Timmy, my name is
Ryan, this is my pal Shane. – [Shane] Hi Tim. – I hear you like balls No, wait, wait. – [Shane] Can we do a retake on that one? That had to be intentional. – I swear to God, I’m not
doing this on purpose. – I mean, this is a bit, right. – No, it’s not a fuckin’ bit, I’m sorry. I’m gonna bounce my ball. See, it’s a bouncy ball. You like that? I like it. Wanna play? Oh fuck.
(laughing) – You wanna play? You sound threatening. “You wanna play? Let’s fuckin’ play!” – Timmy, I’m very scared, but if you could throw this ball back, I won’t be as scared. – Oh my God, that’s the
biggest lie I’ve ever heard. – Alright Timmy, I’m
throwing the ball down. You ready? Alright. (bouncing) Oh my God. Dude that’s like– – Shh. – Oh, thank God, I think we’re good. – [Shane] I think it bounced
a few extra times though. Did you hear that? – Do you think it bounced? I thought it bounced a couple extra times, but I thought it was just my
mind playing tricks on me. – It sounded like it stopped, and then it bounced a little more. (bouncing) – [Ryan] Oh my God. Do you think it’s like– – Shh. I don’t know if that means ghost, but. – Let’s walk down and find the ball. (laughing) – That’s the most serious
I’ve ever seen you. “Let’s walk down there and find the ball.” – [Ryan] Alright Timmy,
we’re coming to get the ball. I dont know where it went. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. – [Shane] Do you want
the flashlight right now? Oh, there it is. – [Ryan] No way. (laughing)
Oh no! Oh no, no, no, no! – [Shane] Ryan, the ball bounced. – [Ryan] No, the ball stopped here. How the fuck is that possible? – [Shane] The ball stopped right here. – How is that possible? Oh no! – [Shane] They know. Ryan they know. – Shut up dude, you know
this is fuckin’ weird. Shut up. – [Shane] The ball came
right into this hallway. I don’t what the odds are Timmy that my ball would land right
next to my name down there that we didn’t know existed. I’m gonna roll the ball
one more time Timmy. (bouncing) We’re coming over Timmy. Where did this thing go? – [Shane] I think it’s– – [Ryan] Oh, it’s right
there in the middle. – [Shane] Oh perfect. Now, that’s a good throw Ryan. – [Ryan] I mean, that’s exactly
how I threw it last time. – [Shane] No, it wasn’t exactly. – [Ryan] Yes it was! – [Shane] No. – [Ryan] It’s like directly
in the middle of the floor. – [Shane] So, you think
because it’s in the middle now it was moved before? – Yeah, that’s exactly what I think. – [Shane] I don’t know. – You don’t think it’s odd
it stopped in the middle, and then before it went
into the room by my name? (laughing) – [Shane] But it also stopped at the “I love pot” graffiti, so maybe this ghost
just loves to blaze it. (laughing) – [Ryan] It’s rumored that’s patients whose infections spread to the brain, rendering them insane, were sent to the fifth floor. So, let’s make the journey upward. Alright, this is the floor I’m
really not stoked to go on. One room in particular on this floor that is arguably the most active and definitely the most
controversial, is room 502. The famous 502, and I guess this is where we’re fuckin’ sleeping
because we’re idiots, and this is what we like to do. Room 502 has a reputation
due to the two suicides that supposedly occurred there. One story has it that
in 1932 a nurse jumped to her death from the fifth
floor patio near room 502. Though other believe
she was actually pushed. Right around here is probably
where she jumped off. The second nurse to die here. – [Shane] That’s a hell of a fall. – [Ryan] That’ll do it. – [Shane] I mean, if she
was five feet or taller, a good gust could just knock her over. – [Ryan] That’s true. The other suicide reportedly
occurred four years earlier in 1928 when nurse, Mary Hillenburg, hung herself just outside room 502. Another theory is that Mary got pregnant by one of the doctors, and when he tried to perform an abortion, she died and the suicide was staged. So, according to Tina, here’s 502, they found the nurse
hanging right around here. So, if we were to sleep in this area… – [Shane] Oh, that’s
right where it happened. – We would be sleeping
right where it happened. – I could tell you some
stories about the fifth floor. – Oh, sure, let’s hear them. – I’ve had guys, people,
for security reasons, stay up on the fifth floor in tents, and they had things hit
their tents all night long, and hear kids giggling and stuff. – Oh, that’s fun, cool. That’s where we’re gonna
be sleeping, awesome. – I’ve been here almost 16 years, and I’ve never done it. – Well, that’s good that
we’re gonna really T that off. – You’re gonna do somethin’
that I’ve never done. – Awesome.
– Go big or go home. Well, this place I’ve
realized is different for a number of reasons. One, you know, if we
were at the Sally House, it’s like, “Oh, run out the front door.” Whereas here– – [Ryan] You’re trapped. – [Shane] Yeah, we’re on
the roof more or less. – [Ryan] Oh my God, did you hear that? – [Shane] No, what are you talkin’ about? – [Ryan] Are you serious?
You didn’t hear that? – [Shane] I didn’t heat anything. – [Ryan] I heard a whisper. – [Shane] No, you didn’t hear a whisper. – [Ryan] I swear to God I heard a whisper. – [Shane] You know, there’s a lot of wind moving around right now. – [Ryan] Nope, nope. – [Shane] What did the whisper say? – [Ryan] I dont know. – [Shane] You sure it wasn’t
just a car in the distance. – [Ryan] No, it sounded like
someone saying something. – Awe man, did I just
freak myself out again? You swear you didn’t hear it? It made my hair stand up. (laughing) – [Shane] Just go to sleep. (laughing) – [Ryan] Shane’s next to me, he’s asleep. I may have just woken him up, but I don’t really care. Literally, like six feet away from me a lady hung herself. – [Ryan] That was a sleepless night. Let’s go check in on Mr. Shane. (laughing) – This location is cleared. – Well–
– Time to go! – It’s been real. You still have an opportunity here. Golden moment to seize glory. You hear that ghosts? That’s Ryan Bergara, one. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, zero. How does that feel? – [Shane] You fuckin’ whimps.
(laughing) – [Ryan] Is Waverly Hills
Sanatorium haunted remains, actually, do you think
this place is haunted? – No.
– I think it is. Due to the countless deaths
that occurred within its walls it’s no surprise to me that many report this once busy hospital as haunted. – [Shane] There’s the demon hall, k’ bye. Body Chute. – [Ryan] And although,
nothing we experienced tonight changes that reputation in my mind whether or not Waverly Hills Sanatorium is definitively haunted
will remain unsolved. (eerie instrumental music) – I’m gonna take everything said by a ghost hunter with a grain of salt. – Well, technically now
you’re a ghost hunter, so think about that.
– Oh shit. – So, I don’t even know
if I can trust you. – I’m a ghost hunter, but I, whoa. – Oh my God, did your brain just explode? – Am I a ghost hunter? I don’t wanna be a ghost hunter. (laughing) – This is all bullshit.
(laughing) – Oh no, do I have to put
that on my business card? – Yeah, Shane Madej, ghost hunter. – Son of a bitch. – And Robo-Squatch.
– And Robo-Squatch. (eerie instrumental music)


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