The Haunting of Hannah Williams

The Haunting of Hannah Williams

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  1. Seems like the kind of evil demon you would smoke a bowl with and make fun of cheezy horror movies with.

  2. Omg this is the best idea ever.. just came across this episode which I haven’t seen yet. BUN 🙏💖💯✨🙌🏻

  3. Mabey someoen hung themselves in the closet or was hung in the closet and the people looking were like super jesus people (considering all the white) were the people that hung them

  4. Heres a theory from a Shaniac, what if the families that lived here souls were sucked into hell by the demon Matilda and are the people in the white dresses and stuff.

  5. They show the closet at 25:55 and there’s nothing but darkness. Peep the closet again around 26:22. It looks like there is eyes in the closet .__.

  6. you guys should investigate caldwell hall at the catholic university of america, there was an exorcism in a room on the fourth floor

  7. I feel like this is a good place to say this but one night at around 10 or 11 pm I was talking with my sister who was on the bottom bunk (I was on the top). We were talking about my uncle who had recently passed. I sat up and went to the ladder on my bed but when I looked down I saw an orb. It was an icy blue with a white inner glow. It was floating near my ladder about 3ft off the ground and it seemed like a mist was coming off of it but the mist would dissipate before it hit the ground. It felt so familiar and so calming. I just sat there and watched it for a while before going to sleep per my sisters request. I was the only one who could see it and I shared a room with two siblings. I was the most affected out of my house hold by my uncles death. I wasn’t able to stop crying anytime I thought of him until I saw the orb. Idk what that means but if anyone has any ideas or anything I’d like to know.

  8. Nobody:
    Not even the demons Shane bullies:
    The lady: *starts sobbing outta nowhere*
    Shane : *tryin his level best not to laugh*

  9. The woman and Ryan : *scared and sad bcz they heard that it was the grandfather*
    Shane:*sips tea completely unbothered*

  10. You guys could totally do an episode on the Jersey Devil. It will count for both Cryptozoology and the demon for the season!!

  11. High level demon:"I fear no man, but that THING…."
    'sees Shane sleeping in his house'
    "that thing (Satan's son) scares me"

  12. In my opinion Psychic is a black magician.
    Because only that person can tell the things about you that you and only you yourself know

  13. I love the show and I think it's very amusing but what a big coincidence it is that the house of the ghosthunting team member is haunted lol . It would have made a better story if you left the fact that she works for BuzzFeed Unsolved out.

  14. I have an idea for a new episode if you decide to continue to do the series, The Hannah House. Not Hannah's house. The Hannah House

  15. Ryan would experience spirituality more because of his background. I’m sorry but Shane wouldn’t understand if he chooses not to.

  16. Wow at 28:43 there are like 3 or 4 orbs that fly into Shane’s hand held. Could be dust but some of it doesn’t seem like dust to me 🤷‍♂️

  17. I wonder if a medium has ever gone somewhere and been like, “No. I ain’t getting anything. It must have just been regular house creeks. The house isn’t haunted. Sorry.”

  18. Imagine hannah thinking it’s just a simple ghost case when it is actually 4 ghost figures and a freaking demon taking the shape of a little girl lmao

  19. This one was spooky af ngl im by myself at 3:49 AM and although im a devout shaniac and skeptic this was some of the most convincing evidence i've seen

  20. I just realized i have friends who have met and touched the queen and I've touched them so technically the queen touched her mum and she touched her mum and she touched her mum Anne boyeln so TECHNICALLY I have touched Anne boyeln 🙂

  21. at 24:10 in the hannah video, you can see the light reflecting on the hanger bar in the closet when AJ moves, so I really think the 'eyes' are just the reflection of the light like it is there

  22. 1:50 BRUH THAT LOOKS LIKE AL WLBOW ON THE LEFT also it looks like its wearing a white shirt and not Ryan nor Shane are wearing white and if the camera mans not wearing white then Shaneiacs and bugarras we might have the evidence for a ghost in Hannah’s home

  23. Please do a follow up! I'd love to hear more stories of the past year and for you guys reach out with a psychic again!

  24. Hannah: cries
    Shane thinking: …. Don't laugh, DONT LAUGH!!!! She is your collegue…… Respect this human being!…… Take that damn glass of water and DRINK IT!

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