The Haunting of Loey Lane

The Haunting of Loey Lane

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  1. Can you guys go watch "Haunted" from Netflix (for example, look up "the mimic" from the show) and then visit each of the places from the show? I feel like it would be either really good and the question of "Is Ghost real?" would finally be solved or end up trolling the people from "Haunted". Either way, it would be good lol.

  2. Did anyone else notice that Shane is dressed like Shaggy from Scooby Doo? I noticed it when he was sitting outside talking to Loey after his individual investigation

  3. Question for all y’all who believe in ghosts/demons/paranormal stuff. If y’all already believe in demons do you by default believe in God?? Legitimately curious

  4. What episode of Scooby Doo is this?? Shaggys replaced Shane and the spirit of Scoob has clearly inhabited Ryans body. Just check out that laugh at 0:23 #roastmortem ruh roh

  5. Anyone else notice that Shane was dressed like Shaggy? That’s probably why the demon didn’t harm him, he was wearing the linens of a God.

  6. #RoastMortem for the editing person: spooky violin noises don't make "evidence" more convincing, it makes you look cheesy and my ears bleed. -_-

  7. Why is Shane dressed like Shaggy? Also it would be really cool to revisit this apartment or another paranormal home and set up cameras paranormal activity style for a week to see what you find after annoying the ghost with your hunt.

  8. Warrior Shane is the reason you never encounter anything! Quote "All the power i've accumulated from all the demons I've defeated" end quote, is the definition of a demon hunter and I approve. His power is beyond this realm and they know it. Also, Ryan gets a golden star for bravery in this episode. Love you guys! do send Loey my regards. #postmortem

  9. ew while they were talking about the growling my dog sighed and it sounded like a little growl and it scared the crap out of me 😂

  10. Ryan and Shane need to come to Indiana and investigate the Hannah House. It's got some really Interesting backstory and is nicknamed "The House That Smells of Death"

  11. Maybe the ghost was toying with her. Like they said “I want you to take a drink” almost sarcastically because she was in the bathroom

  12. My phone and Bluetooth earphones have been glitching while I was watching this video. Guess who ain’t sleeping tonight??!
    Edit: the woman’s voice she heard sound to me like Russian?

  13. #postmortem when dealing with demons, have you ever thought about telling them to move on with the power of god? Also by bringing god into it won’t it anger or provoke a reaction? Because by saying there’s demons mustn’t one assume there’s a god? Idk just a thought, also Shane looks like Shaggy from scooby doo with his green shirt and brown pants.

  14. Ryan and Shane: Our job here is done.
    Loey: But you didn't do anything!
    Ryan and Shane: dramatically vanish into the night

  15. Ok big idea here. Turn he spirit box on right in your office where there isn’t ghosts and see what happens. If it truly is a tool worth using than you won’t hear anything. Or there’s just ghosts everywhere

  16. Hey shane and ryan! so i think u guys should do an episode on the murder in 1983 or 1984 that happened by golf n stuff where 3 teens were slashed and no one knows what happened to them. The family never had closure so they are reopening the case and investigating it. I think it would be really cool to see a buzzfeed unsolved on it!

  17. 19:43 this entire scene literally made me laugh so hard especially with the tiny screen in the corner of Shane and the quiet sounds in the background of whatever the hell he was doing as Ryan and Loey are just casually talking lmfaooo

  18. If there is a demon in there I think it makes more sense that it would only want to talk to Loey, because it’s studied her and it knows her and how to feed off of her energy. I think if the boys wanted to really communicate with it they’d need to spend more time there. But who knows

  19. I'm going to take a wild gander here. Natives of the land before the apartment was built are the culprits that haunt the place. I wonder if Loey actually asked the owners about this.

  20. Ryan and Shane: tells Loey multiple times that they're here to stir up ghouls and this isn't a show where they actually help


  21. Shane have started to lose himself at this point. Screaming after ghost to show them self. "I dont blive in ghost"-Shane

  22. Any plans to visit the Philippines? We're the kind of people who absolutely love ghost hunting and paranormal investigations.

    We also have a lot of spooky spots. Who knows, Ryan, it might be here that you find the evidence you're looking for. #postmortem

    Btw: Here's a list of some "haunted" places you could explore here:

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