The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – Showing you my haunted house

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Salutations!! I can’t even get through that one! It’s terrible! I’m trying to come up with one of those kitschy catch phrases I think that’s what it’s called, catch phrases, that they use at the beginning of their videos Everybody does, like all the girls on YouTube: “Hi, guys!” Oh, it’s terrible. I hate it. So we’re going to come up with a good one. But, salutations is not the winner! But anyways, I’m going to show you around my room a bit. A little bit, because not everything is here cause we just moved in to this slightly creepy home. You’ll get to see more of it later when more of my stuff comes. But, like, cuz all my taxidermy stuff is not here yet. There’s my bed. And my old lady blanket. That’s my kitty. Mew! And all my books. They’re all very critically important. All my old stuff from all the old relatives who have died off They just give me tons of crap. Cause you know, I’m a very loved child. And there’s my desk. Oh, my typewriter! It’s very important. (typing) Oh, it’s all jammed. That’s my doggie, Orson. C’mon in. I just invited you in. It’s fine. I engraved an invitation and gave it to him. But anyways, I’ll show you more of my room later because there’s nothing cool in here Well, there’s cool stuff in here. There’s not everything that’s cool in here yet. So, anyways…

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