The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – We moved into a haunted house

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – We moved into a haunted house

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Hey everybody! (laughs) So I know this is a little strange, but I’m going to make videos A bunch of’ ’em, and hopefully I’ll capture what is going on in this house I’m not even kidding you, there is some creepy, sketch stuff going down. Like, really! I should probably tell you a little about myself before you like, you know get invested in this video, you should probably know who I am My name is…mmm…that’s a joke! I’m not going to tell you my name because there could be some also equally creepy people outside this very room So, you don’t get to know my name but, I’m really interested in the paranormal side of things I don’t know what I believe, necessarily, is in this house but there is something IN this house and I will capture it. Mainly for my mother if that is all that is watching this. It will be my mother. You get to see it too, though! If you happen to, you know, sit down and watch this whole video and my paranormal adventure into the life of what is here. But…yeah…you’ll find out, there’s stuff here.


  1. Sunshine I don't if your going to read this but that's not the point Remember how a kid named Matthew5682 said hi and you said hi back well that's me and you are my fav YouTuber so thanks that meant a lot to me because you are cool also I'm restarting from season 1

  2. I believe this is my 15th time re-watching this series I don't know I lost count. this series is beyond amazing and I cant wait for the TV show!

  3. I used to watch this so much as a kid! I loved every one of your videos! I'm feeling so nostalgic looking though these videos. I remember thinking this is the scariest channel on YouTube. I'm so glad you are still doing this stuff!

  4. i started watching today and i saw this season one episode one thing above the title and im like sooooo this is all an act?

  5. I just found out about your Sunshine Girl series and found it enthralling! Just stopping by to see the YouTube series hahah :)) big fan here! <3

  6. I remember finding a random video of this girl in her room screaming while someone is banging on the door, i was really creeped out. And then few years later i found you again and now i see the first episode that started all the mystery. I don't think i'll watch everything since i'm easily scared. But this is really cool.

  7. The last time I watched paranormal videos, I had some outlet problems that turned off the wifi router the fallowing morning… Let's push it!

  8. Goodness get your hair sorted. Looks like you come out of the shower got it hairdryer and once dried your hair you half straighten it then leave the rest….. jeeze

  9. I could use all the help I can get in making my own paranormal investigation YouTube channel. So maybe you can help out since you had more experience in it. I only have the knowledge.

  10. I watched all of these when they first came out…and it legitimately took me at least 70 vids before i figured out it was a series. Kudos on out-acting an actress

  11. Who else is rewatching these because the new seasons because every thing just doesn't seem relatable and staged compared to the first ones. She had so much more emotion.

  12. If ember being 6 and bored with my grandmas iPad and watching your series over and over not knowing it was most likely fake but you were a big part of my strange childhood

  13. I came back to relive the memories… I literally watched you from the beginning and I’m coming back

  14. I remember watching the man in the cabin Series and just came back to relive the memories like everyone else

  15. Hi Paige! I'm back! & I know your name its paige! Love you paige love your old videos so much 😍😍

  16. I still remember I watch her channel quite awhile thinking it was real until it start to seem like a script

  17. Oh my God the nostalgia all those years ago watching this series from 1st season I think I made it to season 15 or something might watch all the way from the beginning

  18. I found your channel again and i got to say im a fan for life you really made my child hood fun with your videos

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