“The Hunted”  (A Short Film by Charlie Stackhouse)

“The Hunted” (A Short Film by Charlie Stackhouse)

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JACK: Oh. You’re up, then. JACK: You need to eat; I can’t have you collapsing on me. JACK: This is all I could find. JACK: [Sighs] Out of bloody juice! JACK: Looks like we’re on foot from here. JACK: Put this on. You’ll freeze otherwise. MIKE: Hey! MIKE: Are you gonna tell me what’s actually going on here? MIKE: Who are you? Where are we going? JACK: Look, the less you know, the better. I’m just trying to get us somewhere safe and warm so we can refuel. MIKE: I have a right to know! MIKE: I could be following you to my death for all I know. MIKE: I demand you tell me. JACK: You don’t wanna know, trust me. MIKE: Trust you? I don’t have to trust you! JACK: You stop this now! Come on, you’re slowing us down. MIKE: Get off me! JACK: Shit. JACK: Agh! Get off! JACK: Get a grip of yourself! JACK: You’re gonna get us both killed! Our lives are on the line here! MIKE: [Stutters] MIKE: You mean someone’s trying to kill us? We’re running away? JACK: Yes. And if we don’t reach this safe-house any time soon we’ll die in the cold before anything. JACK: Now will you please just trust me? MIKE: Okay. Which way do we go? REG: We’ve found a signal we can track. REG: Notify the others. REG: Tell them to get everyone together. REG: This ends today. MIKE: So, this is it? JACK: Yep. JACK: Come on, let’s get some food on; I’m starving. MIKE: It looks like someone already lives here. JACK: It’s an agency safe-house. JACK: They have to make it look like someone lives here so it doesn’t look suspicious if someone came looking for us. MIKE: Agency safe-house? Who are the agency? JACK: It doesn’t matter, just sit down and I’ll get some food on for us. MIKE: Alright. JACK: What are you doing? Where’d you find that? MIKE: It’s mine, I had it on me the whole time. JACK: Are you stupid or something? That’ll light us up like a Christmas tree! JACK: We’ll never get away while you’re carrying a glorified location beacon! MIKE: Well it’s not my fault I didn’t know what was going on; you wouldn’t tell me! JACK: Shut up and break the SIM card. We’ll just have to hope they haven’t tracked us. [KNOCKING AT DOOR] MIKE: Expecting anyone? JACK: No, but my contact could be early. JACK: Just hide round there. I’ll answer it. ASSAILANT 2: Ugh! JACK: Agh! JACK: [Groans] REG: It was always coming, Jack. REG: There was no escape and you knew it. JACK: Fuck you, Reg. REG: Well, well, well… REG: Look what we’ve got here. REG: You’re the talk of the town, sonny. REG: And it seems I’m the laughing stock. MIKE: No! Listen, listen! MIKE: I don’t know what you’re talking about! I was just following him! REG: Course you know, you little rat! REG: And now you’re gonna die for it. REG: [Groans] ASSAILANT 1: Ugh!

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