The Hunted – What’s It About

The Hunted – What’s It About

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hi my name is Pip Coomes this is my
debut novel the hunted which is the first book of the Phoenix series and I
thought what I would do today is talk you through the plot of the hunted and
tell you a little bit more about the story that I’ve written while trying to
keep it relatively spoiler free so the hunted is written from two characters
perspectives William and Penelope William is a 17 year old boy he
discovers that he is actually a descendant of a magical family and he
heads off to school at the Orphealii Academy of Magic or OAM on an island
called Lanhivellier Lanhivellier is northwest of the UK and they have to
travel by boat to get there it is technically accessible to the pave or
the non magical people but it is protected by tempest so they use their
ability to manipulate storms manipulate oceans to actually keep the pave away
the island itself is quite a magical place and there are lots of fantastic
creatures on the island amongst the humans including vampires Lanhivellier is actually an island that has kind of a magnetic pull to it so if you possess
magic you are naturally drawn to that island and if you think of magic as kind
of a genetic mutation that can be expressed the closer you are to that
magnetic pull the more likely you are to express that gene and to show signs of
magic so it is less common for witches and wizards to to be born in countries
further away than Europe however when they are born in places like Africa or
Australia or America they tend to be incredibly powerful witches and wizards
because they have had that mutation occur in their genes they’ve had magic
come to them even though they were far away from the pull of Lanhivellier the
island acting as a magnet and drawing people with magical abilities towards it
allows a kind of balance to be maintained between what is magic
and what is death with the vampires this magical community has a history and in
this history a incredibly powerful witch who is extremely accurate at giving
prophecies gave one speaking of a high priestess called the Orphealia and the Orphealia would be taken to the Tree of Life and gifted the powers of life and
death and this has occurred and life actually gave her her blood
so the Orphealia carries the the blood of life
she’s also given an enormous amount of jewelry and other items that have hold
really significant magical properties and and one of those is the Blood
Diamond and the Blood Diamond is the key to immortality so if you do not
rightfully own it if you take it and you hold the Blood Diamond it will slowly
sap your life away from you however if you can work out how to harness the
powers of the Blood Diamond then you are truly immortal the only thing that can
then kill you is your own bone bathed in the blood of the half-breed the Orphear
so the child of the Orphealia the prophecy speaks of the danger of the Orphealia she
is both the saviour and the potential destructor of this magical community but
she gives birth to the Orphear the child who can potentially save them all and
what William doesn’t realize is that he is actually the Orphear he has been raised
well away from their hive earlier his mother has kept him here and kept him
protected and sheltered him and he has to come to terms with the lies that he
has been told and really learn to live in this magical community that he didn’t
know anything about if the vampires can harness the power of the Blood Diamond
the king of the vampires the one who actually has the diamond and needs to
make the change will be immortal and any vampires he then creates will be just as
immortal as him and that will allow them to take over and to harness incredible
amounts of magic and create magical vampires and just create a lot of havoc
and basically kill a lot of people so the only way for the Wizards to
actually stop that from happening is to try and get a bone sample from the king
of the vampires before he actually manages to make the change because once
he makes a change then I’m going to be able to do that and the vampires on
their side of things they’re trying to kill the or fear so kill William as soon
as they get a chance because they don’t want his blood to be an option that the
wizards have to try and destroy the vampire king so you end up with this
enormous Clash of the vampires trying to protect their king but trying to kill
William and really hunting him down at every available opportunity and the
Wizards trying to protect William but also knowing that he is pretty good bait
and trying to get the king of the vampires Marcus out so that they can get
a bone sample and and it’s quite an extraordinary battle that they go
through and the vampires are definitely aided by some which is a wizard tour
working on the dark side to try and benefit in particular ways themselves so
I don’t want to say too much more because I don’t want to give away the
entire plot of the whole series but the hunted really focuses on William
learning the truth of who he is going to Lanhivellier and exploring this
incredible place learning about magic creating his own wand learning to cast
magic and confronting the reality of the fact that people want him dead he’s got
to learn to confront the lies he’s been sold and find a way to protect his
friends and protect himself because if he dies everybody else will die so
there’s an awful lot of pressure on him and he’s just kind of learning about
this world and he makes a lot of mistakes and he has a small group of
incredible friends and just the fact that he has been lied to so
significantly by his mother and she’s just hidden him and sheltered him away
means that it’s incredibly hard for him to trust people but he has to trust
people in order to try and make progress so he’s going to make a lot of mistakes
and it going to be quite an emotional journey
for him to go through and yeah I hope that you find this kind of like little
insight video interesting and that you check out the hunted I will do another
video soon about meeting some of the main characters in the hunted so you can
get a little bit more of an idea about who the book is about and what kind of
characters you’re going to see I will say that you don’t learn everything
about all the characters in the first book a lot is revealed along along the
way and that there are a lot of other characters that are going to be coming
in through the course of the series who are also really important I hope you
found this video interesting if you’re interested in having a little bit more
of a look in the hunted you can get the first couple of chapters on my website
which is you can also get this book everywhere so you can get
it Amazon Kindle book depository Apple books everywhere and don’t forget if you
do read it too please review it and let me know what you think and that will
also help other people find the book so I would really appreciate it if you do
read it if you review it you could review it on Goodreads Amazon YouTube
whatever but I would really appreciate it if you do review it don’t forget to
let me know in the comments below what you think and to check me out on social
media I’m on Instagram and Twitter @pipcoomes

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