The Hunter and Hunted

The Hunter and Hunted

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There was a war A long time ago A gruesome war Many people died I had an old partner Winston He was a good man A good soldier We fought hard We fought right beside each other till’ the very end *Sigh* We were stuck in a trench Pinned down by gunfire I told him we had to stay, or else we were going to die But he… He wanted to go He went… All I remember was bullets flying by People yelling and screaming And I see him running across the field Next thing I heard was a giant boom and I don’t remember anything else Few weeks later I get the phone call Winston’s body was found Or what was left of him I was distraught I committed myself though I got sober And I went to hunt down the man who blew up my best friend But… I developed this problem in my legs I haven’t been able to hunt him down since. You know what I’m saying? Ja mon, I just want to know though…You want to buy my mixtape? Thirteen good songs $10.99 And I bought that mixtape And after listening to it… It was the most fire thing I’ve ever heard And It got me fired up To go find my best friends killer. And I searched And I searched till the end of the Earth And after fifty years… I found him Fifty years, finally time I take my shot. Show your face coward I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long John Winston? Is that you? You’re supposed to be dead. I’ve been waiting for you John. You left me to die Like a dog I didn’t treat you like any dog I treated you like a prized poodle! I know why you’re here John We both do Now finish the job No I won’t be like you Then die… John!? John! Wait! Think about this… Do not shoot! Don’t make me. Don’t make me! Get up you coward What did you say to me? Looks like 50 years of had hair didn’t do you too good You were the chosen one! You were sent to destroy the sith not join them! It’s been a year and half since I killed the man who used to be my best friend It’s been a tough year but traveling the roads really helped And I also, found another, best friend. Heh Heh…. Ja mon…


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