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The Innocent | Short Film | Crypt TV

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(heavy breathing) (ominous music) (rattling) – Fuck! (rattling) (ominous music swells) (dripping) (footsteps running) (rapid rattling) – Gree, ee. – Ah! Gah! (clank) (strange vocalizations) Ah! Ah! Ah, fuck! (giggling) (crying out) Help me! Help me! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! (tense music) (slurping) (speaking incoherently)


  1. I don't remember if I shared my interpretation, but:
    In a secret underground laboratory genetically enhanced test subjects of a long experiment on humans who never knew the surface breach containment and start attacking everyone . The is a staff member, possibly researcher, who's trying to escape the facility. The mutants kill him to survive.
    A bunch of innocents killed a not innocent (somebody from the comments)

  2. Theory: A female vampire comes to Dr. Night to help her stop lusting for blood. He does experiments on young women from the orphanage that he's treating in his asylum. Unfortunately the girls turn and all hell breaks loose. Everyone at the asylum is slaughtered. The new vampires can only eat the innocent, just like their vampire mother. Beware any pure souls that come across them. If the taste test proves you virginal it's dinner time! Unfortunately Mike's had a car accident and wondered into this place for help.

  3. Во черт бля лысые я боюсь лысых парней все я никогда не выйду за лысого


  4. 3:04 you can see the skull cap that the actor is wearing wrinkle, this is just a random thing I noticed

  5. Ok so I know this will sound weird but I want one of those things so I can eaither make it go after my brother or take it to school and set it loose

  6. wtf they eat a guy that was wounded but when she looks at camera guy she just chillin and be like hey man come join us XD

  7. I can’t get over the fact that we hear the creepy music and stuff but all he’s hearing as he’s dying is GREE EE GREE EE GREE EE GREE EE GREE EE

  8. When i enter i think is a video of a innocent in a prison of crazy people

    But when i end the video
    I know this is one of the bestest videos i see ever

  9. I sent this film to my ex-boyfriend when we first started dating. It will always hold special place in my heart

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