The Little Mermaid | CRYPT FABLES | Scary Short Film | Crypt TV

The Little Mermaid | CRYPT FABLES | Scary Short Film | Crypt TV

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(wind howling) (light, eerie music) (crickets chirping) (water dripping) (cane thumping) (soft, eerie music) (cane thumping) (intense music) (bucket rattles) (squid splashes) (mermaid growling) (audience applauds) (soft, eerie music) (intense music) – Please. (mermaid gasps) (intense music) (boots thumping) (type writer clicking) (coins clanking) (type writer clicking) (coins clanking) (type writer clicking) (gentle music) (record player scraping) ♫ La la la le la la la la la la ♫ La la le la la la la la la ♫ La la la la la la la ♫ Le la la la la la la la la la la ♫ La la la la le la la la la la ♫ La la la la le la la la la la ♫ La la la la la la la la (mermaid growling) (man groans) (man screams) (slow, eerie music) (record player scraping) (gentle music) (mermaid gasps) (gentle music) (mermaid sighs) (gentle music) (intense music)


  1. They take something so sweet and innocent and make it creepy as fuck. That’s what I like about this channel

  2. My theory- she just wanted to leave, I mean how would he feel if he was taken advantage of. I honestly feel bad for the mermaid

  3. Ok I'm gonna sing a song why done know

    Yeah 👉 😉 I'm gonna 💁🏾 take my 🐎 horse to the 👴 old Town road t 🚙🚗🚗 I'm 😉 gonna take my horse🐎 to the old Town road

  4. I think they loved each other he put her on for show and tell he didn't feed her and he didn't let her in the river so she killed him

  5. For some reason, I can just imagine her talking with a really nice British accent, and like somebody in a Shakespear play.

  6. Hey viewer scrolling through the comments so you're not scared it's ok we're here for you.😊

  7. What does mermaid skeletons look like?

    Have topper skeleton of humans And have a bottom fish thorns/skeleton

  8. Can u stop using these beautiful Disney princesses Name??(just kidding) keep it UP! I have subscribed!!

  9. I freaking know mermaids had hypnotism gaze too but in childhood I thought it was only syriens but no

  10. How did it take me so long to think crypt tv. I heard about it from dead meat and I’m already in love. I love horror and I love the use of visuals and sounds to tell horror

  11. Normal people’s thoughts when they see the video: OMG SPOOK

  12. Now he died, who's gonna get her out of that baby tub and back to the ocean? It's not like other men aren't out there for her to taste. Hello!

  13. I like to think being that there was a swamp nearby, she was able to crawl her way back. Even if there wasn't an ocean close, shed at least enjoy being back in the wilderness and have a chance of survival

  14. For me It also sends a message….When she was in true form she was mistreated because of how she looks….But when you see her plead with him you can see in her eyes that she really wasn't a "Monster" inside…However he made her look like a feral, savage and grotesque monster during his acts for the public….So many of them looked at her with disgust or fear…It appeared that a few people might have felt bad for her as well….Already casting judgement upon her without truly knowing her circumstances and how she came into possession in the first place nor how poorly she was treated by him….

    We don't truly know how long she has been in captivity by this man…She obviously had the power to seduce him the entire time and yet it seemed she might have had hope that in time he would finally see her for who she was on the inside and love her as much as she loved him…However his cruelty continued and in that last moment she tried to give him one more chance to no avail….Thus proving that she was not a monster, she was actually a living being capable of love and compassion….Becoming the beautiful woman with the lovely voice to me is symbolic to how beautiful the Mermaid was on the inside….The end further solidifies that because she looked at the heart in her hands and stared at it with such sorrow in her eyes…

    If her intentions were malicious she would have consumed the heart and probably devoured him….Also if you think about it from a logical standpoint her killing him also means that she will die too because no one will want to risk their life to save her especially since his act has already invoked so much fear into the people that have seen her….With him being dead she will die of starvation and what ever other essentials she might have needed to live since he was the only one who could provide that for her….In my eyes that was her intention for them to die together and she would hold his heart in her hands until the end…What she couldn't have in life she will have in death…My reason for thinking this is because had her motives been to escape she could have easily kept him entranced and used him to carry her out of the tub and back into the sea….This just goes to show that sometimes human's are the real monsters….This was so sad and touching despite that element of horror…The true horror in my opinion was how she had been abused by the man she loved….

  15. I was expecting her to take his voice, like how the sea witch took hers, but perhaps I'm looking too far into it. It'd make sense that's why she didn't say a thing, and when she did it was more or less a hoarse plea, though.

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