The March of History: Mises vs. Marx – The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

The March of History: Mises vs. Marx – The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

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You see? It’s a revolution. Capitalism’s days are numbered. Then there goes our freedom. If Socialism wins, America loses. We have nothing to lose but our chains. And our civilization. Learn some history. Private property and free markets built modern day society. Yeah and modern society is the problem. Two for March of History. Thank you. Enjoy the show boys. Look at this theater. Look at all of this plenty. THIS is Capitalism! So Capitalism’s diabetes? Got it. Your whole world is coming apart. I pity you. America is once again at ideological war. After decades of post-war consensus, the great debate between Capitalism and Socialism has captured the public square. And no two men have more fervently fought this battle than Socialist philosopher Karl Marx, and classical liberal economist Ludwig von Mises. Marx vs Mises. Mises vs Marx. The March of History continues… Workers of the world, assemble It’s time for the ruling classes to tremble
I’m the people’s hero the MVP M A R X, yeah you know me Let’s go back to when men were free we hunted and gathered communally But get ready cause here comes the twist A villain appears called a Capitalist He puts the proletariat (that’s us) in chains Exploits our labor and pockets the gains Through slick ads he tricks lads and ladies in kind Selling fake needs he poisons our hearts and minds He rots our soul through alienation Pursuing limitless accumulation He works us into an early grave Through debt steals back the money we save Greed is the gospel Profit (God) The rich get richer through graft and fraud The poor get poorer but YOU don’t care Doesn’t that sound laissez unfair? Two hundred years I’ve been singing this song now my chorus is 99 percent strong The revolution’s here, it’s time to repent your moment is over, your capital’s spent This is history’s lesson You think he’s right I’m guessin’? All we want is progression without bourgeois oppression So we look for the truth As we tighten our boots Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left, now the march is on Guten Tag, Marx, nice to meet ya. My name’s Ludwig: call me “Teacher” The master of markets, the Austrian boss, You don’t like profits? Well let’s talk loss The problem with your plan is nobody wins Except Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh Lenin, Mugabe — remember Berlin? They built a wall to keep their people in Your theories have a rotten foundation Built on control, not cooperation Centralized power completely corrupts Real people suffer, violence erupts Your system depends on the very same people you decry as greedy, bourgeois and evil If we’re not fit to run our own lives why would you expect our votes to be wise? If you really want to help people rise up Unleash the free market: lift their lives up It was Capitalism not a Socialist plan saved billions in India, China, Japan Everyone has a unique purpose and plan no one solution can serve the whole land Each individual has their own voice The heart of my theory is freedom and choice This is history’s lesson The market’s a blessing (Yeah, right!) Let’s pursue our expression Living free from aggression So we look for the truth With the freedom to choose Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left now the march is on Free Marketeers love to play this game Mao kills millions, Marx gets blamed It’s deceptive, dishonest, plain unfair Did I drive the tanks at Tiananmen Square? Man, I’m a humanist You can check my receipts But you gotta break eggs if you wanna eat Don’t like violence? Admit defeat Then I’ll call this revolution complete Till then, let’s get a few things straight I’m not shaping the future, I’m embracing our fate My utopian forebears weren’t that specific but this analysis is highly scientific Every social system has governing laws Capitalism? Doomed, because the system generated it’s own fatal flaws by uniting workers in a common cause Thanks to you, we have all the wealth we need to seize control and eradicate greed The people are rejecting your bourgeois lies Real Marxism has never been tried Equality is the core of my creed from this one’s ability to that one’s need Our healthcare, finance and industry let’s collectivize and set ourselves free Your standard refrain “oh that’s not the real thing” The most common verse all your followers sing The closer we get to your ideal system further we go down the road to serfdom The empirical record can’t be denied your ideas don’t work, but they just won’t die (ATTENTION!) This is not breaking news Jevons and Menger lit that fuse Now here comes the bomb via Von Bohm-Bawerk He blew up your system, exposed the core quirk The heart of your theory is exploitation of surplus value, that’s a bogus equation You can’t explain value by measuring the cost of labor That theory of value has lost favor Value is subjective by every measure One man’s trash is another man’s treasure There’s no exploitation if two people arrange voluntary exchange Man, that’s not deranged That bourgeois transaction you diss with a scoff creates benefit for both so we’re both better off Here’s the real problem, the crucial equation Without private markets there’s no calculation to coordinate courses, allocate resources incentivize choices, because it lacks prices What crops should I grow? Where should this factory go? How should I pick a J.O.(B)? How would your planners ever know? Your “theory” is a bundle of confusion Socialism got crushed by the marginal revolution This is history’s lesson All we want is progression Let’s pursue our expression Livin free from aggression So we look for the truth As we tighten our boots Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Left, right, left, now the march is on. We’re all better off, are you kidding me Mises? My immiseration thesis tears you to pieces Your economy grows, but not our wages You call that progress? I think it’s outrageous In 1820 everyone was poor until Capitalism kicked down the door Real wage growth, not stagnation saved 80% of the world from starvation You kicked down the door but you locked us out That’s what your “free market” is all about Here’s what you do: on your next shopping spree pick up this book by my boy Tommy P. The pie can get bigger, it’s not zero sum free markets have lifted the lowest incomes
If you really want to help out the poorest nations encourage peace, trade and immigration The Earth is boiling and your solution is more production, more pollution? More cheap trinkets in bigger malls more fossil fuels, more aerosols? Wait, what? For a problem this big we need total control A green New Deal to save the North Pole We can’t gamble the future on anarchy greed’s not a plan, it’s insanity! Your story’s bombastic, your rhetoric’s strong There’s only one problem… your theory’s wrong! The wealthiest countries do the most to conserve Hava-haven’t you heard of the Kuznets curve? Only wealthy societies can afford to go green if you want a better world, see the unseen Even carbon will bend to creative destruction With entrepreneurship in the means of production This is history’s lesson The market’s a blessing All we want is progression Living free from aggression So we look for the truth With the freedom to choose Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left now the march is on I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again The long march of history will come to an end Hegel was close, but too a priori Watch me break down my dialectical story Proletariat, bourgoisie Them versus us, you versus me Slave, master, lord and serf New class battles, same old turf We have what we need to throw the chains off us Organize the economy like the post office The state takes over but that’s not the whole plan watch it wither away and leave Socialist man Our goal is true fairness, outcomes that are equal Capitalism? (Over) Here’s a Socialist sequel Revolution’s coming, prepare for the fight Workers of the world, U-U-U-U-Unite Nothing is determined, you’re so fatalistic A grand theory of history Be realistic! Your failed predictions? A distraction Here’s some questions that guide human action Where are we going? What’s the right course? What will motivate us,? Incentives or force? Here’s what you miss from commanding heights each person’s gifts and individual rights Across every continent, culture and creed People have flourished only when freed To find passion, profit, charity and love Through the shake of a hand, not a boot from above Socialism’s record isn’t hard to parse First it was tragedy, now it’s a farce Let’s unite people from every nation In peace, exchange and cooperation Wow. Yeah. I told you Marx was right. No way. It’s Mises all the way. The free market brings the goods. Yeah it brings the goods alright. A heaping pile of inequality and strife. Try peace and prosperity. Yeah I am. I am trying that. You are? Yeah. Okay because it doesn’t look like it. Did you watch this? Yeah. Half of it was good.


  1. Colocar Mises e Marx como iguais em um debate é engraçado, não há paridade intelectual. Mises é um bebê engatinhando diante da obra de Marx. Incomparável. Assimétrico.

  2. Reaganism has led to an increase to wealth inequality in the US. Are we just uninspired or cheated? Do we have a representative democracy or a plutocracy?

    Freedom of choice allows the best balance.

  3. Do you believe in self ownership if your own being or that the "collective" should be allowed to own your being?  Before you answer, define first what the collective is and what it is allowed to think, then consider how many other definitions you might get buy asking people along a given street.

  4. But Karl Marx don’t responded the question of the prices calculation… go to hell Karl Marx!!! You is the man who kill more! #Capitalism #Hayek #LessMarxmoreMisses #NOTKarlMarxbutYesKarlMenger

  5. I'm for capitalism but… "it was capitalism, not a socialist plan, saved billions in India, China, Japan"

    You sure about that? So much wrong with this statement.

  6. Yeah! This is the discussion that we really need today. I hope that humanity will find the right solution how to combine central planning and rational use of resources with private initiative.

    Revolution won't come by itself. Someone should suggest & try better (more productive, more efficient and more stable) appraoch than capitalism.
    USSR failed. China – 90% capitalist.
    We need something new, something progressive, built using cutting edge information technologies to unleash real power of cooperation and creativity.

  7. meh, i respect but not very well actually. you just simplified marx to bourgeouis v.s labourer? really guys?
    but it was fun. thank you!

  8. Let's put the radical leftists in a little commune where they can have their communist dystopia. Would be rather fun to see that commune fall flat and the radical leftists catfighting each other!

  9. Marx' labor theory of value is wrong. Capital increases labor productivity so you can't just count hours of labor and label the capitalist a thief who parasites off the worker's labor.
    For example: suppose there is a shoe maker who can make 2 shoes per hour using simple tools.
    Then a capitalist comes along and offers him the use of an advanced machine that allows the shoe maker to make 10 shoes per hour, but he has to give half the shoes to the capitalist in exchange. Both people would benefit from this arrangement.
    Nowadays you need to combine multiple means of production to produce products: capital, labor, know-how, entrepreneurship etc etc. The resulting products get sold and the revenue gets divided among those who brought in the means of production, according to agreements set in advance. The one who brings in the most scarce of these means of production has the best negotiation position when it comes to dividing up the resulting revenue.
    In Marx' time there were few factories and many workers, therefore the factory owner had the best negotiation position and could demand the lion's share of the final revenue. But as capitalists accumulated more and more capital and invested it, their negotiation position paradoxically got weaker and weaker and that of the worker stronger as the demand for labor rose. As a result, wages of the workers rose. In my country (Netherlands) only 6 percent of the people earn minimum wage nowadays. And even current-day minimum wage has a lot more purchasing power than minimum wage a century ago.
    In the long run, capitalists and workers increase each other's income and therefore are partners rather than opponents.
    However, due to the global economy and international free trade, the capitalists started building factories in third world countries, which caused the labor wages in those countries to rise while the labor wages in the West stagnated. The surplus money from lower labor cost got divided among consumers (lower prices of consumer goods) and higher stock dividends. But as the wages in third world countries are rising, the workers there will eventually lose some of their current competitive edge with regards to Western workers.

  10. How to fix Subtitles? In PT-BR at 5:37, instead of saying the name of "von Böhm Bawerk" it says something like "Bombastic Bigass".

  11. Not as good as the Keynes vs. Hayek videos, though Mises had a few great lines in this. The main problem I had with this video is that I don't think this is an accurate representation of what Marx really thought about economics and society. For instance, he would certainly agree that capitalism's capacity for wealth creation is a great thing, with little to no reservations. He was also NOT in favor of total control, in any capacity. Communism, which is his goal, is stateless. It is true however that Marxists, in general, resort to socialist control economies, in hope that they will be able to design a transition to a communist society (which never, ever happens, and irrevocably leads to tyranny). I myself side with Mises (and Hayek, and Menger, and Bohm-Bawerk, and so on) , but one of the things I enjoyed the most about the Keynes vs. Hayek videos, specially the first one, is how fairly Keynes's vision was portrayed. I think it is very important to be charitable with visions you don't agree with, specially if you`re trying to open a discussion and make people rethink their priors on a few issues. This video, I feel, preaches to the choir, and anyone that has read and agrees with Marx would simply dismiss it as drivel, on account of such inaccuracies. Finally, I should point out that Marx would despise Piketty, as he would do with any reformer of capitalism, since Piketty is not in favor of collective ownership of the means of production, which is, in Marx's vision, the root cause of exploitation and inequality. Piketty himself also dislikes Marxism and, according to his own words, abhors socialism as it was implemented in real life. Piketty is a social-democratic technocrat, Marx is, well, Marx.

  12. Socialism is equal poverty for all, if you're lucky. When it goes from bad to worse, socialism is death. Ask a Venezuelan.

  13. 7:43 "We can't gamble the future on Anarchy."
    Umm… you do know that Marx was an Anarchist, right? This line is the exact opposite of what Marx advocated for.

  14. That was genuinely entertaining. Mises shits all over Marx. And that shit was used by an enterprising chap who turned it into fertiliser, benefitting not only himself but the farmer and his employees, the shops/restaurants who buy the crops and the full bellies of their customers. Fuck off Marx, you lazy kraut.

  15. Argentina is good example of Socialism. It used to be a very wealthy country now is the poorest due to Socialism. Now Capitalism trying to bring down Socialism in Argentina. Chile was brink of Socialism but kick them out the door due to the Chicago Boys. Socialism work in a small collective group like family or corporation. Big Scale like it tends to lead to corruption. China is a good example of Corruption.

  16. Not as good as the other ones, but still awesome. Too much autotune though.

    Still, love these videos with all my heart! <3

  17. For the people defending Marx: He lived for the rest of his life freely in London, being financially supported by his rich friend, Friedrich Engles and was never able to prove his theories

  18. Marxism is not a fatalist ideology though, to claim he and succeeding thinkers in the Marxist tradition viewed the arising of socialism as inevitable is simply to be ignorant of the content of their work. Given the obvious ignorance (or intentional deception) of the creators and falsity of the premises why should the content of this be considered sound or accurate?

  19. Falar de capitalismo sem citar acumulação primitiva de capital baseada em colonização e escravidão… Toda essa "linda distribuição de mercadorias" que a América e a Europa exibem só é possível graças a miséria de bilhões de pessoas que tiveram as suas sociedades saqueadas por séculos, e que hoje são mantidas em extrema degradação e subordinação nas periferias do capitalismo. "Sabeis muito bem que somos exploradores. Sabeis que nos apoderamos do ouro e dos metais e, posteriormente, do petróleo dos ‘continentes novos’ e que os trouxemos para as velhas metrópoles. Com excelentes resultados: palácios, catedrais, capitais industriais; e quando a crise ameaçava, estavam ali os mercados coloniais para amortecer ou desviar. A Europa, empanturrada de riquezas, concedeu de jure a humanidade a todos os seus habitantes; (…) O europeu só pode fazer-se homem fabricando escravos e monstros." (Jean-Paul Sartre)

  20. “ The free market brings the goods” to the rich only. The rest of us are fucked and the rich know this. That’s why they lie about it. There’s no equality in capitalism.

  21. Попсня, но прикольно! Понятное дело что никаким марксизмом в этом ролике и не пахнет. Тем более в этом ролике нет современного марксизма-ленинизма.

  22. Nice propaganda, especially the "centrally planned socialism" nonsense. Still afraid to actually read Karl and are we. Mises is and will always be an ant compared to Marx.

  23. So this video is sponsored (produced?) by the American Institute of Economic Research, a conservative think tank that fawns and drools over "free markets". Leave it to their direction to make Mises seem like the philosopher king of economics, and Marx as some unenlightened activist. (In b4, "hur durr, well Marx was stupid!")
    Not only that the video makes Marxs arguments one dimensional, but Marx never stated he supported a centralized autocracy but a society of free producers. As to the argument that any centralized planning mechanism is dysfunctional read the Soviet economist Kantorovich who won a frickin NOBEL PRIZE in econ for his formulas on stable resource allocation. Actually, if you want a good sense of an applied centralized distributing look no further than WalMart or Amazon (read: Peoples Republic of Walmart). Neo capitalist markets, ironically enough, either directly or indirectly, relied on Soviet models of assessing inputs and outputs.

  24. Too much funny to read marxists crying comments. These guys sold their souls to the cause, no matter how much people die in socialists countries that follows those ideas. Marx was refuted in theory and in real world.

  25. Ain't no "vs". Mises is merely a spectre "living" viz Reddit streams whereas Marx had actually not only demonstrated the logical structure of capitalism, its historical development and the way it operates according to aberrations derived from said internal logic, but that the essence of capital is labour.

    The labour theory of value is as true today as it was back in the nineteenth century.

  26. The "free market" is the abstract form of concrete human labour….even Adam Smith was forced to admit this basic fact.

    Fuck Mises.

  27. Ok, so Marx didn't want to go back to hunting and gathering in primitive communism. That would be some kind of reactionary garbage like anarcho-primitivism or some extreme right wing Volkisch idealism. Marxism embraces modernity, development, and industrialization because they build up the proletariat. And furthermore, that they are an unstoppable consequence of historical materialism. The aristocratic systems were destined for capitalist revolution the same way capitalism is destined for socialist revolution.

  28. equality of outcome? 10 women who wanted to become nurses now have to be plumbers. 10 men who wanted to be plumbers, are now nurses. It's fucking stupid.

  29. Thank god people had the freedom and wealth to produce this masterpiece. And we both know what system produces freedom and wealth.

  30. Marx promising violence if capitalism doesn't give up is probably the only true thing he said

    edit: Saying that (true) communism would end the progress of humanity is also correct, but not in the way he meant it

  31. I felt like the writers understood Hayek better, Mises didn't get a good showing. His vocabulary was limited, would've liked to see more Human Action references, one of Mises's most notable lines in this was just "road to surfdom", a book written not by him or by even a praxeologists, Hayek. Yes they were friends yet they had notable differences. Mises deserved more attention to detail, he was a very precise man. Still glad so far we only really see the superior economic school, Austrian Econ. In these raps so far, +30 points for just that.

  32. If people can't see the mechanism by which Marx loses this battle, are they capable to see other more impactful mechanisms?

  33. Primero Hayek VS Keynes y ahora esto, por favor sigan haciendo más vídeos así, uno de Rousseau vs Locke, o Rousseau Vs Hobbes o Rousseau Vs Voltaire, o Maquiavelo vs Hobbes

  34. Ya know I'll give you a shipload for giving Marx some good lines, but if your looking for a progenitor of the modern left – it's not Marx. It's left wing St.Nick you're after – ol' papa Kropotkin. Occupy wall street, co-operativism, workplace direct democracy – these are hallmarks of Anarcho-communism; not the state capitalism dubiously espoused by 'Marx' here – nor, for that mater, the collectivism that he actually stood for.

  35. Marx didn't mentioned imperialism and wars and agreed with lies about socialist regimes that really existed?

    Nevermind third world is capitalist too…

    Also, between capitalism and primitive communism, slave society and feudalism existed, and invention of private property was a progressive change, it's just outdated now, when production powers reached the point, where it's posible to produce enough stuff for everybody.

    Equality is not a basis of Marxism. Dialectical materialism is.
    But, yes, socialists think equality is good, it's just not basis.

    Bourgeois propaganda at its finest.

  36. Critically critical criticism: Karl Marx was a criticiser par exellence. There wasn't a person, organisation, institution, entity, system or thing he didn't like criticising. Take a look at some of his essays and books for example: "Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Law" (1843), "The Holy Family, or Critique of Critical Criticism (1844)", "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (1859)", "Capital: A Critique of Political Economy (1867)" and "Critique of the Gotha Program (1875)". Moreover, his critique mania kicked off with a couple of earlier titles such as, "Schelling and Revelation: Critique of the Latest Attempt of Reaction Against the Free Philosophy (1841)" and "On the Critique of the Prussian Press Laws" (1842)".

    Indeed, if something moved, Marx would criticise it, and if it didn't move, he'd still criticise it. Therefore, regardless of whether anything moved or not, one could be assured he'd devote all of his critical attention to critically criticising whatever it was that had displeased him. What Marx was, from beginning to end, was an uncompromising critic of others. He citicised everything and everyone except himself. He even criticised anyone who had befriended him during the period of his life he was writing his critical "critiques". Only Engels escaped his criticism, mainly because Engels offered him public obeisance, and subsidised him handsomely decade after decade.

    In the history of western civilisation, Marx will go down as its foremost hater and its most incessant whinger. He was a spoilt, overeducated brat who never grew up, and only became ever more shrill as he grew older. His lifelong hatred and whinging, as exemplified in his writings, have led to the deaths of well over one hundred million people in the 20th century. Haters and whingers such as Marx, if given power, readily become tyrants. Even his contemporaries saw Marx as a potential tyrant.

    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-72), the Italian revolutionary and a rival of Marx's International Workingmen's Association of the mid-1860s once described Marx as, "a destructive spirit whose heart was filled with hatred rather than love of mankind…extraordinarily sly, shifty and taciturn. Marx is very jealous of his authority as leader of the Party; against his political rivals and opponents, he is vindictive and implacable; he does not rest until he has beaten them down; his overriding characteristic is boundless ambition and thirst for power. Despite the communist egalitarianism which he preaches, he is the absolute ruler of his party; admittedly, he does everything himself but he is also the only one to give orders and he tolerates no opposition." This is the essence of Marxism despite the Marxists' claims to the contrary: it is a top-down highly centralised power structure based on a system of rigid bureaucratic control that eliminates all opposition and dissent by any means possible. Marxism — and all the strands of socialism it offers — has always been the inherent characteristic feature of communist dictators like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others. (Source and credits: "Requiem for Marx", Gary North)

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