The Mirror Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Jithan Ramesh | Horror Movies

The Mirror Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Jithan Ramesh | Horror Movies

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Brother. This is a very old house. A lot of people have asked me.
But I haven’t told anyone, brother. I think you are a good man. That is why I am giving
this house to you. Henceforth, this house is yours. Okay? Even my house is as big, brother.
Well, why am I telling you? Even you have taken a house. Brother.. Why are we standing outside? Come on. We will go inside and talk. Take a look, brother. Take a look. This house costs two crores. But you have got
this for eighty lakhs. It seems you are very lucky. One minute, brother. I am sure you know about big people. Tell me. Who is the CM of Delhi? I don’t know. It is all about luck. He will go to America
by the evening flight today. He can get a visa whenever he wants.
He can go wherever he wishes to go. He has a house everywhere. It is all about money. Everything depends on luck, brother.
– Thank you, brother. Hey, let it be.
You have seen the house. And you have opened the house too. Now if you could
just give me the money.. But I gave the money to him just now. Hey, you gave the money to him, right? What about the money which I should get
for my hard work for the last two days? Okay. I have to give it. Here you are. Well, did I give so much
of introduction for this much? Hey, slippers? I had kept them here.
Who would have taken it from here? Where is it? You cannot get anything more
for such a less amount of money. You can stay here if you wish to. Or else, get out of here.
If not you, I will get someone else. Come on. Leave. Hey, Surya. Why did you sleep here? The body seems warm.
Do you have fever? Okay. Come on. I will talk. Do you have humanity or not? He
is unwell. And he was lying outside. We cannot keep a stranger at home. If you want to stay, you can.
Or else, leave. Why were you bothering him?
Do you have manners or not? Hey, why are you shouting at me? Go and ask him. Why are you asking me? If you ask me anything now,
I will teach you a good lesson. Tell me. Why did you ask him to leave?
Didn’t he pay the rent? Hey, don’t you have humanity at all? Does anyone behave like this
when the other person is unwell? We cannot keep strangers at home. So what if he is a stranger?
Humanity also means something, right? Stay if you want to. Or else, leave. Why did you stop the vehicle? The vehicle has broken down.
Come on. Push it. Got it? Why are you asking him?
– Who else should I ask? Hey, why are you looking
at each other? Make it quick. Should I go on the road and
shout the vehicle has broken down? Come on. Make it fast. Don’t you understand? Come on. Come on, make it fast. Father. What happened?
– I am fine. Father. What happened?
– I am fine. I am fine. Father.
Nothing is wrong with me, son. I am just a little thirsty.
– Father. Can you give me some water?
– Father. Wait for a minute.
I will be right back. Soda. Here you go. Father. Father. Here you go. Where did the vehicle go? I think he has gone.
– Here you go. Father. Let us go to the hospital. There is no need. Son. I have a small wish. Fulfill the wish. I don’t want anything else. I have to buy a big house. Tell me, son.
Will you fulfill this wish of mine? Father. Father. Father. Father. I have tried
to fulfill your dream. You had an unfulfilled dream.
Of owning a big house. Today, I have tried to
fulfill that dream, father. Yes. It is fine now. Hello. Hello. Hello? Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. Can you hear me properly?
Who is it? Can you hear me? I.. How did this happen? I had put it properly. How did it fall down? Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Hello. Hello. What happened to you?
Where is your attention? If one has to be happy in life,
one has to buy a big house. It was father’s wish.
I have fulfilled it. Anyway, forget all that.
How are you? So you didn’t buy this house for us? It was father’s wish.
That is why I bought it. That means you had lied to me? I don’t lie..
– Hey, what kind of a man are you? You don’t pay attention
to anything at all. I have been calling you since so long.
And sending you messages. You don’t even talk to me properly. That is it. This is enough.
From now, I wouldn’t call you. Goodbye.
– Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. Listen to me. She gets angry over every small thing. It has been six years
since you went to Dubai. You keep on saying that you will come.
But you don’t come back. Hey, I will come.
– Come back soon. Look. I have been staying
here to earn money for you, right? Don’t worry. I will come back soon. But I am all alone here, right?
In the store. I am lost in your thoughts
throughout the day. Come back soon.
– Okay. Who is this boy?
– I will come back. He is handsome. Take care of yourself. Okay?
– Yes. I will call you later.
– Okay. Okay. Fine. What happened?
You are taking very few things. There is no one at home.
I am a bachelor. You are a bachelor? Actually I like bachelors a lot. Well, actually when I saw you. I thought of my husband staying abroad.
– Meaning? You have come to my
store for the first time. I will give you a special gift. Yes. Come on. No. No! No. Hello. What are you doing? You said
you have a gift for me, right? Okay, come on. Go. Give me the bill. Here you go. Where do you stay? At bungalow number 8. In bungalow number 8? Yes. That one. That old bungalow? Is that the one? Yes. The same one. – Hey,
there are ghosts in that bungalow. Hey, don’t laugh. This is not a joke. Are you joking?
Are there ghosts staying that house? Do I look like a fool to you? Do you know who I am?
Do you know who my father is? Do you know who his father was? I think he is taking his clothes off. Hey. That is it. Enough. Oh my God. What is he doing?
– Kung-Fu. Hey. What are you doing. Did you see? Do you want to see more?
– No. No. That is it. That is it. Did you understand? – Next time,
I will see everything. Okay? She is talking about
ghosts in 21st century. Listen. I have had pizzas with
ghosts while growing up. I am superior to ghosts.
– Okay. Okay. She is talking about ghosts.
– He is mad. Hey, listen.
Your bag This boy is very handsome. But what will the ghosts do with him? I feel scared on merely
thinking about it. How did the light switch on its own? I didn’t press the switch. So how did it get on? How did this happen? There is nothing. What happened to this now? It was working fine till now. Let me see. What is this?
– It is a snack. It seems like a banana to me. How should I eat it?
Tell me. How should I eat it? Hey. Should I use my mouth
to eat or something else? What are you saying? Hey, Surya. What did I tell you? Why are you looking there? Look here. Right here. Look at the T.V. Hey! Why are you looking there?
Look here. Hey. Look at the T.V. Why are you looking here and there?
Look here. Right here. Hey, hey. Look here. Okay? Do you think I am joking? Look here.
Look at the T.V. Look at the T.V. Yes, look here. You will
come to know about the entire truth. Look. Hey, Surya. Don’t be scared. Look. The entire truth
will come in front of you. Look. Look. Look here. Who stays here? What is all this? What is happening here? How did the bullet get.. No, no. No! Police. Police. Police.. Police. Police! Hey, what sort of food have you got?
I had asked for fried rice. This is merely rice.
Where did you get it from? This is the same fried rice, sir.
– What? It seems like this because you
trying to smell it before having it. Listen. 201207.
Come here.- Coming, sir. Take all of this away from here.
Do you think I am a fool? I will teach you a lesson right away. Yes, sir.
– Sir. Take all of this away.
Both of you can have it. Thank you, sir.
– Hey. Take this too. Sir. Sir. Please save me, sir.
Only you can save me, sir. Why are you shouting so much? Whom does he need to save you from? Tell sir. Sir will save you. What happened? Will you say something? There is a ghost in my house, sir. Get out. Sir. That ghost is
bothering me a lot, sir. Only you can save
me from that ghost, sir. Hey, shut up.
Do you think I am a child? This is a police station.
Did you understand? If it would have been a goon, drunkard
or thief, we could have arrested him. Understand?
He is here to complain about a ghost. Sir. Please save me.
Please save me, sir.. Sir. Sir.
– Come on. Get out of here. Come on, get out.
– Sir. Please, sir. He is mad.
– Sir, listen to me. He is telling us about ghosts.
– Sir. He will kill me, sir. Tell him, please, sir.
– Hey, let him go. Look here, sir. What happened? A little more.
– Sir will handle it. Calm down. Sir will handle it..
– What happened now? Sir. I wanted this too. Come on. Take it.
– There is nothing to worry about. Our sir will handle everything.
– Why should I get into this case? What will I gain out of this?
– Go and sit outside for ten minutes. I will talk to sir about you.
– Okay? Sir. It is a great offer. Don’t waste it. Avail it. Hey. He is not talking about a human
being. He is talking about a ghost. Where shall we find the ghost? We will find ghosts
only if they exist, right? When there is no chance
of getting the ghosts.. ..we will take a round and come back. Really?
– Yes. So is this the house?
– Yes, sir. This is the one. Till date,
we have caught hold of thieves. Murderers.
We have arrested pickpockets. And we have arrested goons. We have arrested local goons
to international mafia as well. This is a very small case. You will be the first police
officer in India to arrest a ghost. Sir. Not just in India. He is the number one police
officer in the entire world. Being so great, cannot you arrest
a ghost? – You are talking too much. If you get the ghost, you will get the
number one position in the world, sir. Not just the number one position, sir. Your name will go for
Guinness book of records. What rubbish are you talking about?
Speak sensibly. Do you know how twisted this case is? Sorry, sir. Yes, tell me. What do you want to say? Sir. I don’t believe
in things like ghosts, sir. Keep quiet. I don’t know
where to find its clue from. Sir. Come on. Let us go inside. You are too much.
You got me here. You go ahead. You will go inside first.
After that, we will come inside. What happened?
What are you thinking about? Come on. Go inside.
After that, we will come inside. Come with me, sir. You are sure there are no ghosts here? You have a revolver, right?
– Yes, yes. What happened, sir? I forgot to get my
revolver in a hurry. You have arrested so many goons.
Why do you need the revolver, sir? Yes. You are right.
– Yes. Come on.
– Sir. Sir. Sir. What happened?
– There is a door, sir. As if we didn’t know. We came to know only
because he told us. Should I venerate this door?
– No, sir. As soon as it opens,
the lights will come on. What will happen after that? Then the door will
close with a thud, sir. Hey, what are you looking at?
Open the door. Come on. I hope God ensures
that everything is alright. Come on. Let us go. Come on. Close the door. Sir. You will see that
as soon as the door closes. The lights will come on, sir. When you close the door,
the lights don’t come on. It has to be switched
on with a switch. You are scared. And now,
you are trying to scare us too. Come on. Go and switch on the lights. I am trapped.
– Make it fast. The house looks strange. How did my shadow become smaller? It must be a misconception.
– Sir. Come here. Yes, yes. I am coming. Come on. Switch the lights on.
– Okay, sir. This sofa thrashes me, sir. This sofa? Thrashes you? What else is happening? And sir, this T.V.. Sir. An actor came out of this
T.V and started shouting at me, sir. The actor came out of the T.V.
And shouted at you? Yes. Can people come out
of the T.V and shout? Note it. Note it.
– Yes, sir. Who was it?
– It was Ajit Kumar, sir. The one who acts in films? Ultimate star? Is he the one?
– Yes. He was the one, sir. Did he come here? No, sir. He was shooting with the
bullets and kept shooting incessantly. Sir. Then I got scared
and came to you. I must agree it is a good story.
– Sir. I don’t lie. Did you hear what he said? The sofa pulled him. An actor
came out of the T.V and shouted. Should I put the sofa
and T.V behind bars? Or should I submit them in the court? I have come here because
you asked me to come. Now, listen.
Tell me. What should I do? Sir. This is the best thing for us. Sir. Look.
You don’t have a sofa at home. And you don’t have
a T.V in the bedroom too. Hey. How does he know everything?
– Sorry, sir. He must have seen when
you had sent to the other house. I will handle you later.
– Forget all that. We will handle all that later.
You can take the sofa. And I will take the T.V. It is a good idea.
Listen. That sofa pulls you, right? Put the sofa in the car. And someone came out
of the T.V too, right? What did you say his name is?
Where does he stay? He stays in his house.
– Make an enquiry about him. What was his name?
Ajit Kumar. Right? Yes, sir. – Get him to
the police station right away. Sir, he has gone to
Switzerland for a shoot. If we have a doubt about him,
we must find him from anywhere we can. Regardless of wherever
he might be. Get him. Sir. Talk at a lower volume.
– What happened? If his fans come to know,
you will be done away with. Come on.
Let us get this sofa out quickly. We will talk about the rest later. What happened?
What are you the two of you doing? Why don’t you pick it up?
– Sir. The sofa is very heavy. Use your strength. Only then
would you be able to pick it up. Listen. Take the T.V
and put it in the car. Come on. It is very heavy. It is very heavy. Hey, stop. Stop. What are you doing? Take this towel and take
it out slowly and carefully. Okay, sir. Look. We have solved
all of your problems. Is there anything else?
– Thank you, sir. Sir. Look, we have solved
all of your problems. You wouldn’t have a problem now. And since we have come till here. If you could give us
something for the travel. You must give us money. So should I give money to sir? Okay. So are you giving money? Do you think anything is possible
in this world without money? Come on. Give it.
– Tell him to pay. Okay, sir. Sir.
– Payment should be packed in a cloth. No, no, no.
– Surya. Hey, it is me. Despite being assistant manager,
do you get so scared? What is it? You got scared? The assistant manager
of this place is weird. Hey, no. The manager
of this place is very strict. He always keeps on asking for things. . No. I am talking about payment. Hey, he is here. He is coming here.
Keep quiet and stand here. Hi. Hi. I am Venugopal.
– Greetings, sir. What happened?
Why does everyone have a beard? Didn’t you get time to shave? Anyway. Excuse me. Sir. I have seen him somewhere
but where did I see him? Where have I seen him?
I must remember. Oh, no. Where? There? Sir. I have seen you somewhere. Well, near Ghantaghar?
Or near the big lane? Where?
– At the wine shop, sir. Okay, anyway, what are you doing here? Assistant manager.
– Assistant manager? I am senior manager.
So you will assist me now. Greet me quickly. Yes, greetings.
– Greetings. Come on. Come on, what are you doing? Yes, sir.
– Follow me. Yes, sir. Why is there someone missing here? Follow me back. So shall we go? Look. I don’t know
if I am nice or bad. I don’t know how I
would behave with a person. But it is important to
know how to behave with someone. Thanks. All of that is definitely
important, sir. Look. I have seen
and experienced life. It is wrong to be
engrossed in worries. You must enjoy life. Enjoy! There is happiness at
times and sadness at times. Life is made of these moments. Have fun with friends
whenever you meet them. Sir. I will come for all this, right? Yes. Don’t abuse that power. I am very strict. When I get very angry. I go to the bathroom and do
just one thing. – What is it, sir? I put my hand in my mouth
and vomit everything out. Look. Don’t care
about what people say. Just keep on following me. What is your name? Tell me. Sir. I have been attacked. There has been an attack. Tell me your name. Ganwali Kanchana.
– A gun was used to attack. Sir. I am 28 years old. 28 years old. Tell me your address.
– Sir. Mayurgaon. I see. Mayurgaon. Okay. So it was a Sunday, right?
– Yes, sir. Who attacked you?
– I don’t know, sir. What were you doing there? Sir. I had gone out. I will call you later.. – Did
you go out for work or just like that? Whose complaint is he writing? Can you tell me the exact time? Tell me. Listen to me. If you can tell me the exact time,
I will be able to do something. It was 12.30. Yes.
– It was 12.30. Look. I have written your complaint. When sir comes here,
I will let him know. Okay? Listen. Sir.. – Greetings, sir. Sir.
– Whom were you talking to? Whose complaint are you registering? She has been dead for the last 12 years.
– Yes, sir. She has come here to get her body
searched, get a complaint written. You can ask her.
– Please, sir. No. Don’t worry.
Our inspector is very smart. Tell him about this.
– Okay, sir. He will make everything alright. Don’t go anywhere.
I will be right back. Will you do it again? Tell me.
– What happened? Tell me. Will you..
– Who is he thrashing? Hey, whom are you thrashing?
– Sir. He had a dinosaur, sir. Dinosaur?
– How did you touch the dinosaur? Did he have dinosaur?
– Yes, sir. He had a dinosaur
living in a small egg. Why did you have it? Tell me. Hey, he has gone mad.
He will make me go mad as well. What should I do about him? Do whatever you were doing till now. Thrash him.
– Okay, sir. Do it. I will be right back. Will you have a dinosaur again? What happened? Why do you look so sad? No, nothing, sir.
I am in a bad condition, sir. The sofa slept on me.
I was pressed under it, sir. There is ghost in that, sir. I am talking about the
sofa I had taken yesterday. People sleep on sofas, right?
But the sofa slept on me. My whole body is aching, sir. My bones are broken, sir. Okay. I had forgotten.
You took the T.V, right? What happened?
– Yes. I had forgotten about it. Hello, Janki. Who are you?
– What? Who am I? It is the residence number.
I have dialed the right number. Janki. It is me.
– What should I do if it is you? Hey. Why are you saying that? Are you getting a new T.V?
– Hey, I got a T.V. Whom are you fooling?
– Hey, it is a new T.V, Janki. Don’t fool me. I need a new T.V.
– Hey. If you make an excuse again
I will teach you a good lesson. I am sure something
strange is going on. Yes. This T.V has become
a troublesome thing. Hey, come here.
– Yes. What happened, sir? Call the one who
got a complaint written. I had called him.
Do you know what he said? Since the time we
have arrested the ghost.. ..he has been sleeping
peacefully, sir. He is sleeping peacefully. But we have lost our sleep.
– Yes, sir. I think there is something
wrong with those things. That is why all of this is happening. Listen. Do something now. Go and give that T.V
and sofa to his house. Okay, sir.
– Come on. Go. He is nowhere to be seen. Where is he? Welcome. Welcome. Hey, how are you, brother? The manager’s house isn’t as good. But assistant manager’s
house is so good. Wow. Am I right, brother?
– Yes. You are right. Hey, Surya.
We have got a lot of alcohol. All of us will have fun. We have got this chance
after a long time. Cheers. Cheers. – Cheers. Cheers. Hey, what are you doing?
Give me a chance to drink too. Look. He had the entire bottle alone. Hey, give it to me, brother. They are sitting and drinking so much. If the ghost comes,
we will get into trouble. Hey! Stop.
Stop. Hey. What are you doing? Whom are you thrashing? I do this when I am very happy. Even I will do when I am happy. Now come here and enjoy.
Come on. Come on. I really want to urinate. Yes. Go on. Why are you bothering me? “I am in love.
I am in love. I am in love.” Hey, I told you.
Don’t give too much of alcohol to him. Did you see?
He is exercising in the bathroom. Come quickly. Save me. Save me. Please come and save me. Hey, he will kill me. Help me. Hey, they are sitting
and drinking here. If they come to know what has
happened they will insult me a lot. That is why it would be better
to keep quiet in front of them. Or else, they will keep on
liking and commenting on Facebook. I will get less likes and more
nonsensical comments on facebook. That is why I don’t want all of this. I am alive. What happened? You seem worried. Since you have come to know,
don’t tell anyone, friend. Shall I go too? Go. You can have fun as well. What is happening here? Let me see.
It is nothing but a misconception. What is going on here? Hey, what are you doing here? I am smoking.
– Smoking? I like smoking. Why don’t you smoke cigarettes? I don’t have cigarettes.
I have bidis. Do you want some? Here is a cigarette. I don’t want all of this.
– So what do you want? I want blood. Blood. You want blood? Are you acting smart? Hey, Burni. I am here. Come on. I am here. Hey, come upstairs. Come on.
Burni. I am upstairs. Come on. Burni. Burni. Burni. You wanted a cigarette, right? Come on. Come on,
I will give you a cigarette. Hey. But where did everyone go? What are you doing there?
Everyone is waiting downstairs. Come on quickly. Look. Listen to me. Don’t go there. Let me go.
– Hey, I said, don’t go there. Leave me. Let me go. Hey, what are you doing?
– Leave me, I said. Listen to me.
Look. I am going away from here. Come if you want to come along.
– I don’t want to go. I said, don’t push me. Sorry. I was intoxicated.
Are you angry? No, right? What should I do? What should I do? The food seems nice today.
– Yes, sir. The food smells great too.
I will enjoy it. Thanks, sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. I had got chicken fried rice for sir. You ruined everything. Look. I understood. You did that
on purpose and made by food fall down. My hand has turned into my legs.
And legs have turned into my hands. He is talking rubbish.
Ask him to leave. Hey, where is my stick?
– Sir. Please listen to me. Come on. Get out of here..
– Sir, please, sir. He has come to the
police station again. He doesn’t even let me eat in peace. Close all the doors.
And throw everyone out. Greetings.
– Greetings. My name is Shambhu Vinayak. I have a very big plot. You can buy it.
Okay, how much do you have with you? I can give ten crores.
– Ten crores? Hey, hey, brother Arya. He is my customer. Arya. Well, greetings. Surya. So both the names are yours? I have got a very big house for him. He must be enjoying staying
in that house, right? I want to talk to you for two minutes. Come here, please. We have to talk about a very
big project. I will be right back. What happened, brother?
Do you want to get the house sold? Or buy something else? What is it?
Tell me. Is everything fine? Yes.
– Is it something special? Yes, it is fine. Come on. What is this? Why did you get me here?
– Do you think I am a fool? You are too much! Oh my God.
Help me. Help me. Don’t thrash me. Here you go.
Is there someone who can help me? Hey, don’t thrash me. You didn’t even say anything
and started thrashing me. What is the matter, brother? Hey, there are ghosts in that house.
– Ghosts? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? What is this, brother? I can tell you about
the directions of the house.. ..and also about
the owner of the house. But how would I know
if there are ghosts or not? If you don’t like this house,
I will show you another house. My father wished to have a big house. I cannot change it. In that case, I have an idea. There is the mountain Goddess. Come on. Come on. Look, she is mother Jagdambe. The ghosts will run
away because of her grace. Keep quiet. Hail Lord Shiva. Don’t worry. If there are ghosts here,
they will run away. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Blood? There is a dangerous ghost here. It is not an ordinary ghost. Student.
Make preparations for the veneration. The ghost will be at the
spot where this lemon stops. Go near the ghost. Go. All of you must wait here. I will go inside on my
own and take a look at the ghost. Come here. I will not come.
– Come here, dear. No. I will not come.
– Come here, dear. Come here. Come on.
– No. I will not come. I will not do anything to you. Come on.
– No. Come here, dear. Darling. Darling. Hey, what is this? If we do this,
will the ghost run away? Will you go?
– Where? Brother. I think the ghost
has come into this person. If I do this,
the ghost will go outside. I am ready. Are you ready? For what? Do I need to tell
you about everything? I think she will love us now. Me and you too. Where will he go? Wherever you say. So come on. Give it.
– Right here? Give it right here. Fine. If you don’t give it,
I will take it. We will have alcohol first. And then, we will go. Okay? Why are you behaving like this? There is a ghost here.
You do know, right? What is going on here? Hey, do you know where the ghost is? Look, you.. Listen. The ghost
will flee if we do this. Who will come first?
– I.. No. Me.
– I will go first. Why are you fighting?
Both of you can come. Hey. What is all this? Come inside. Ghost! Look. Tell me. Why do we drink?
Tell me. To enjoy, right? So enjoy. Enjoy. Surya. Come here. Tell me. Why didn’t you
come office for the last two days? Why are you asking me?
I have been thrown out of my house. So what is the need
to roam around on the road? Get married if you aren’t married. Sir, it is not so.
There is a ghost in the house. I am facing a lot of trouble there. What is the trouble?
– Sir. The sofa thrashes me. And there are people
coming out of the T.V. When the hero shoots a bullet,
it comes out. He says the bullet comes out. Sir. Who was talking to you right now? A ghost was talking to me. Hey. Come here. Come here. Come close. If the sofa dances,
would it make you leave the house If the sofa dances,
he will run for sure. He would have stayed back if the
famous actress would have danced, right? They said the same thing
in the police station. Not only in the police station. It is said that ghosts are everywhere. Don’t be scared. Enjoy. Have this. Hey, have it. Enjoy. Have it. Have it. Sir. No, sir.
– Have it. “You walk with a sway.
Your attitude is a killer.” “My heart has gone mad.” “What is the state of my heart?” “It has come out of my chest.” “My heart is chasing you. My heart.” “How would you know?” “I am your mobile.” “And you are my SIM card.” “Girl.” “Girl.” “Girl.” “I am your mobile.
And you are my SIM card.” “I am your mobile.
And you are my SIM card.” “I cannot achieve anything
if I stay away from you.” “My future lies with you.” “Open your facebook account.
I want to put your photo.” “My heart says it
wants to stay with you.” “Open your facebook account.
I want to put your photo.” “My heart says it
wants to stay with you.” “Girl.” “Girl.” “Girl.” “I am your mobile.
And you are my SIM card.” “I am your mobile.
And you are my SIM card.” “It is bound to happen. It is bound
to happen. Love is bound to happen.” “But one mustn’t lose himself
in someone’s sweet words.” “It is better to become rich
instead of remaining poor.” – Really? “If you roam with me,
you will have fun.” “Come to me. I will love you.” “I will become rich
and prove myself to you.” “You look good.
And you are a nice boy.” “I don’t want an old man.” “My heart is young.
It is telling you.” “Come on. I will give love to you.” “Girl.” “Girl.” “Girl.” “Hollywood or Bollywood.
I am the best.” “There is a demand for me everywhere.” “Even I have a lot
of people who discuss.” “You can go and search Google for me.” “My beauty is very glamorous.” “Everyone says I am very beautiful.” “Hey, my lover.
You don’t know my condition.” “I have gone crazy for you.” “I am your mobile.
And you are my SIM card.” Sir. Tell me, sir. Who put the feet marks? It has been there
earlier as well, sir. I see. Now listen to what I am saying. On the next no moon night.. ..take it out from your house and
throw it in a deep river or trench. Sir..
– It mustn’t stay there. So regardless of whatever happens,
throw it out of the house. Would it be okay if
someone else did it, sir? Understand what I am saying.
You must do it. Look. Nothing will happen to you.
You must do it on your own. Chicken.
– What is this for? You got 99% marks, right?
– Yes. That is why I thought
of making Chicken 65 for you. Hey, go. Hey, go. Go. Go away. Go. Go away. Hey. Go away. No! No. No! No. No! What happened to you? What happened to you? How did the hen get so angry with you? You got thrashed by a hen? Find out who sent that hen? Find out. If would have minced meat
out of it if I had been there. He is in such a bad condition.
What kind of times are these? Why are you sitting? Stand up.
Go and find it. Say something, Sheetal. Hey, who did this? Hey, say something, brother. It was a rooster.
– Yes. I wanted to kill it.
– Yes. So another rooster came there.
– Okay, fine. Then another one.
– Okay. Then the entire house was full of them.
– Yes. I see. And then, a lot of roosters came there.
– Yes, yes. And then.. There was a rooster.
I went ahead to kill it. So another one came there. And then when I checked, I saw that
the entire house was full of roosters. There were a lot of roosters. What happened after that?
Tell me. What happened next? There was a rooster.
– Another rooster? I went ahead to kill it.
– You went ahead to kill it. More roosters came there.
– More roosters came there. Then I saw..
– Then you saw. You saw that the entire
house was full of roosters. Many roosters.
– Many roosters. Tell me. What happened next? There was a rooster..
– keep quiet. I went ahead to kill it.
– Hey. More roosters came there. There was one rooster.
– Tell me. What happened after that? I went ahead to kill it.
– Hey. There was blood everywhere.. There was one rooster first.
Then two and then four. And then, there were more.
What happened next? Tell me. Complete the story and
tell me what happened next. Tell me, what happened after that? There was a lot of blood..
– Hey. Blood and more blood..
– Hey, keep quiet. Doctor. Come quickly, doctor. Tell me. What happened to him? There were a lot of
roosters in his house. They were strange.
They attacked him. And there was blood all over his house.
– Hey, what happened to you? You are telling me
the same story again. I have heard it so many times. What happened to my friend?
Check, doctor. I don’t care if I lose my life. I don’t care about the amount
of money I might have to spend. I don’t care about how big a
hospital I might have to take him to. But do something that
might cure my friend, doctor. For that,
he needs half a liter of blood. What? Half a liter of blood? Sister.
– Hey, keep quiet, doctor. Is this lime juice that one can
just squeeze it and get the blood out? Half a liter of blood is
a huge amount. What do you think? The doctor who came before you.. ..tested my blood and told
me that my blood has urine. We will handle that.
Get ready to donate blood first. Hey, I am not going
to donate or anything. One minute. Yes. Hello. Hello. What did you say? Right now? I have to go and donate
blood in my village. The condition is critical?
Doctor. I have to go to village. They need my blood there.
I cannot donate blood here. I am going there. I am going
there to donate blood. Bye, bye. Hello. Hello. Mister. There was one rooster.
Then, another one came there. Then a lot of roosters came there. They were everywhere. Yes. Surya. Surya. Surya. What happened to you? Anjali. Anjali. We don’t want that house. We will go far away from here.
– Yes, fine. We don’t want that house. A lot of trouble in that house. What? – We will not stay there.
We will go to some far off place. Yes. Okay. Where is he taking
so much of luggage to? Hey, brother. Listen. Listen. Whom are you taking all this for? For Bhai (don).
– But there is no brother here. Big brother has come from Andheri.
– Who is it? Three dozen murders.
Half a dozen of molestation. All of this means nothing for me. What is this, brother? Why are you telling me
about all this and scaring me? I am an ordinary man. Hey, everyone knows boss at Mumbai. And there are two cases
of encounter on boss. Big politicians. And businessmen.. They want to be associated with him. He has two Audis.
Three Tata Sumo cars. 200 Indica cars.
300 motorcycles. All of these vehicles
keep moving around him. Boss is most powerful. There is no one as
powerful as him in Mumbai. Who is he? Is he Ashit Kumar? Hey, he is even more powerful. Even more powerful than him? What? Billa.
He is Billa. He is an inter cop police officer.
He is very honest. What are you saying?
– What did I say? Get a room for boss
in a five star hotel. We cannot find a proper setting
for him in a five star hotel. I have a very nice house for him. A house will be safe for boss.
– Yes. Here you are. Take it.
Make arrangement for a house. I am leaving. Brother? Tell me, brother. I have got a very good tenant. But listen to me.
– Hey, what is there to talk about it? He is giving four lakhs for four days. Not for rent.
I want to sell the house. Let us keep him first.
We will handle the rest later. Really?
– Yes, brother. Andhra’s Pedda Reddy
is a very big goon. A very big goon?
– Yes, brother? Is he really big?
– Yes, brother. So okay. Give it to him. Actually I have to make
him eat chicken fried rice. So we have to arrange.. Now look, I will not make
them have vegetarian food. I will only chop chicken
and make them have it. Not for four days. But for seven days. Hey, what seven days? Tell them.
They can stay for one month. Okay? Tell them. I am ready. Okay? Okay. Go and tell them.
– Yes, yes. You are a big goon, right? Let me handle you. Hey, I don’t make deals
outside the country. Don’t disturb me. Hang up now. Is this sharpness enough? No. This is not enough. Is it not?
– No. Wouldn’t it work?
– Come on, sharpen it quickly. How much sharpness do you want? Hey, fool. Are you trying to get
something which you cannot? Here you go. Have this and get lost.
Come on, get lost. “Hey. Don’t you know it?” This is great food.
Have more, brother. Brother. I am done. Hey. Come here. Come here. Elders have said that one
mustn’t encourage one’s servants. Or else,
they get too big for their boots. If you act rudely with me,
I will kill all of you. Listen to me carefully. 1. 2. 3. Here you are, brother.
– They wouldn’t listen to me like that. Hold this. Now I must make
arrangement to handle them. Do something.
– Hey, take this. I will go away from here. Or else, one of them will get killed. Wait, brother. What is it? Say something about
that Samar Sinha Reddy. No one in Hyderabad knows about him. Brother. They wanted to fool you but
you didn’t take anyone of us there. Hey. Why are you asking me to leave? Even you can go. By the way, why would I take you? Hey.
– Yes, brother. Shall we go to Samar Sinha Reddy? Brother he just gives films. He just gives films.
He hasn’t ever given his address. How shall we go there? We can go if he gives his address? This noise.. Hey, look.
Go and check outside who it is.. Who will finish this? Hey, you can finish this chicken
and alcohol later. Go on now. Hey. Try to listen carefully.
Where is this noise coming from? Just chop off the person
as soon as you find him. Hey, the noise has stopped. Hey, it came from there.
– It came from there. Come on.
– Come on. Who is it?
– Who is it? There is no one there, brother.
– There is no one there. Yes, brother. There is no one.
– Are you sure there is no one? Now it is coming from here.
Come on, check. – Okay. Did you see someone?
– There is no one her either, brother. Rama. Come here. All of us are worried here. And
you are sitting there and enjoying. Come on. Go and check there. Brother, we have checked everywhere. We didn’t find anyone.
– There is no one. What are you saying? The sound is coming from there. Go and check upstairs.
– The sound came from there. Hey, Naidu. Did you find anyone? Brother. We didn’t find anyone there. Hey, fool. Did you check properly?
– We checked everything. I think there is something wrong,
brother. – Okay. All of you can get to work. And no one must disturb me. Okay? I am done with eating and now,
I am going to rest. Okay? All of you can go.
– Yes, brother. Hey, bald one. Where are you going? You are my loyal employee, right? Yes, you are right. So send that person to the room. Don’t tell anyone. Okay? “I am tainted.
How should I get rid of it?” “You are the queen of my heart.” “I am the king of your heart.” “You smell like flowers.” Hey, what is your name?
– Roja. Roja from the other lane, right? Beautiful name. Lovely Roja. The fragrance is nice. Let me spray some perfume. Roja. It is very hot. Let me take off my shirt.
– Make it quick. Roja, I am brave. Courageous. I am powerful.
I don’t feel scared of anyone. Everyone listens to whatever I say. But I don’t listen to anyone. But I love flowers. I like flowers. Roja. Even girls are like flowers. And when you see me,
you will be scared. My body is very strong. Roja. Look at me. Even electricity is scared
of me and it went off. Come to me. Are you feeling shy? Rose. Now stop feeling shy.
And turn towards me. You will get a lot
pleasure in my arms. Did the light have to
get switched off right now? Now I must light the torch. Roja. Roja. Roja. Where did you go? Roja. Roja. Where are you? Hey, where did you go? Hey, Roja. Where are you hiding?
She is not here as well. What happened to the torch?
Even this got switched off. Hey, Roja. Hey, Roja. Where are you hiding?
Come to me quickly. Roja. “Hey, come and give
me a glimpse of yours.” “Hey, come and give
me a glimpse of yours.” My darling Rose.
– No. I am a mean rose. Want to see me? Want to see me? Is there someone here? Leave me. Hey, leave me. Forgive me. I made a mistake.
– No, no, don’t thrash me. I will kill you today. Today, I will not spare you. Hey, Naida. Raju. Come here quickly. Quickly. Hey, there is a ghost here. Even these useless boys are
sitting without a care in the world. And my life is in danger. And no one cares. You are sleeping here comfortably. And the mosquitoes
are bothering me there. Even I will sleep here. Brother. Go to your room.
– No, no. I will sleep here. Don’t send me there.
I will sleep here. There are a lot of mosquitoes there. Now massage my legs. I will have to massage his legs now.
– Massage my legs properly. Hey, who is crying? I don’t know. Hey, can you hear someone crying?
– No. Hey, listen. The sound is coming from here. Boss. Boss. Are you crying? What happened, brother? Go off to sleep quietly. Hey, tell me, boss. What happened? I said, sleep. But why are you crying? Hey, our boss is crying. Everyone, get up.
Brother is crying. What happened to you?
– Brother, get up. After all, what is the matter?
Tell us. Despite all of us being present here,
you are crying? Tell us. What happened?
– Tell us. What happened? Why are you crying?
What happened, brother? Tell us Hey, I will say only if you let me.
– What happened? Didn’t I ask for a
room in a five star hotel? Who asked you to book this room? Brother. Let us go back to Andhra. What will you do in Andhra? We have run away from
there and come here. Oh my God.
– Which God are you speaking about? Keep quiet. Who is the owner of
such a big house? Tell me. Tell me. Why are you quiet? Forget it. Let it be. We have come here to kill people.
Not to get killed by fear. Did you get scared? I don’t feel scared of anyone. Are you joking?
Aren’t you scared of me too? The day you don’t feel scared of me,
I will thrash you and.. Brother. You are bleeding. Brother. What is happening? Thrashed me and asking me.
Now you are asking why I am bleeding? I will teach you a lesson today. Wait. I will kill you today. Hey, what happened to him? Hey, what are you doing?
– What are you doing? I think he has gone mad. Hey, brother. What happened to you? Even your ears are bleeding, boss. You thrashed me today, right? You made me bleed, right?
– No, brother. I will not spare you. No, I didn’t do anything.
– I will not spare you today. Blood. Even your head is bleeding now. Boss. There is blood everywhere. Hey, he has wounded
by head too, right? He is hitting me and then, repenting. Brother. Don’t say anything now. I think he is possessed. Let us go from here.
That would be the best for us. Or else, he will kill you. Yes, brother.
– Let us go from here. Come on. Come on. Let us go quickly. Or else, he will kill me. Brother. Where did you
go by leaving me behind? Welcome. Greetings, sir.
– Welcome. This is my house. Who is this? Is she your daughter? She is my wife. Sorry. Sorry.
– She has a wish to have our own house. But I think we should have a palace. So how many rooms
does this house have? Sir. This house has four rooms. Two rooms are here. And two of them are upstairs,
one of them being the Dilwale room. What is Dilwale room?
– Do you know, sir? The room on the right upstairs. At the shooting of Dilwale.. ..for Shahrukh and Kajol’s shoot,
that was the room which was used. Hence, it is called as Dilwale room. So both of us will set that room. And the room next to it?
– Ask from a distance. Why are you coming close to him? Actually, sir. Even at the shoot of Houseful,
Akshay and Deepika used the same room. They had their romance right there. So I will use that room.
– Why? Will the two of us
stay in different rooms? Okay, if the room of
Shahrukh from Dilwale is here. When did they come here?
Don’t think. Come on. I will tell you. When they went, you weren’t here. And since you are here,
they aren’t here. Am I right?
– Correct, sir. Correct. We have got the details now.
From my side, the deal is good. Where is the kitchen of this house? That is the specialty, sir.
Full Italian marble, sir. It is right here. Italian marble. Come on. Let us see. Yes. Yes. Yes. I will convince them somehow
and give the house to them. Have you come with them? Shall I say something?
I will miss this house a lot. Who? You? You want to get rid
of this house, right? Who are you? Don’t you know who I am? You are too much.
How would I know who you are? Oh, no. Shall I say something?
People say rubbish about this house. But don’t listen to them. Sir. The kitchen is okay.
Shall we see the other room? I will be right there, sir.
One minute. I will be back. Where did that girl go? Who is she? Come in, sir.
– Is this Shahrukh’s room? Look at this room, sir.
It is completely air conditioned. You can stay here comfortably, sir.
It is very nice. There is no disturbance at all. Stay comfortably. – It is nice, right? The house is okay.
But how much will you charge? Well. I.. Eighty lakhs?
– In total.. ..I will give you one
crore and fifteen lakhs. Hey, what happened? Hey, what happened?
What happened? What happened, brother? Sir. I wanted to show
you how strong this wall is. We know that very well.
But why are you doing this, brother? So sir, do you have cash ready?
– Yes, why not? It is very strong, right? Come on. Come on. We will
go downstairs and get the money. Hey, brother.
Where are you? Come here quickly. Hey, listen to me. Come on.
Run. We don’t want this house. Come on, quickly.
– We don’t want this house. Hey, run. Come on. Listen. Listen. Sir. Sir. Hey, you are still here?
The one who came with you have left. Even you must leave. Hello. I am talking to you. Hey. I am talking to you.
Go away from here. Please. Go. Oh, no. What sort
of rude behavior is this? Why are you looking at me like that?
Go away from here. Do you know me? How would I know you? Look. There is a ghost in this house. It keeps on bothering me all the time. Got it? But why am
I telling you all this? That ghost has been bothering me
but I haven’t done anything till now. If I wish, I can do a lot. I hope it doesn’t start chasing
you now. That is why you must leave. You are a strange and obstinate girl. I explained to you but
you aren’t listening to me. Go. You can rot here. Don’t tell me later that
I didn’t explain anything to you. I don’t know what she wants. Hey, what is this? You were there just now.
How did you come here? Are you trying to scare me?
Get lost from here. Have you not recognized me yet? Hey. Are you mad?
I told you so many times. Hey, go. Leave this house and go.
Leave this house and go. Cheers.
– Cheers. Hey. Come on.
Come on. Sit down. Sit down. Yes, yes. Sit down. Sit down.
– Take it. Take it. Take it.
– I don’t want to take it, sir. Sir.
– Yes. I spoke to the ghost. To the ghost?
– Yes. Yes. So tell me. Who is this? Gangu, sir.
– And who is this? He is Mr. Pandey, sir. And how is he related to me? He is your friend.
– No. He is a ghost. Hey, where are you going?
Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.
– Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
– Sit down. So listen to his story. Gangu. Tell me about
the time you died. I was in love with
someone a long time back. And I wanted to marry her. I really trusted her. And I had given
everything I owned to her. But when I came to know that
she has got married to someone else. I lost my trust. My dreams were shattered.
I lost my wish to live. Come on, brother. Now you
must start your story. Come on. Well, my family was very nice, sir. They had gone for fishing.
But didn’t come back, sir. And when I called..
– Oh, no. They took the call. And by the time,
they called me as their son. I was excited and on
the verge of calling him papa. But the phone got disconnected, sir. That was his phone call, sir. He died. – Just as you
came to know them right now.. the same way,
you must try to know that ghost. Sit down and talk to her. Sir. What are you saying? It
isn’t as easy as talking to a friend. The matter is about a ghost, sir. You do talk to girls, right? In the same way,
you can talk to ghosts. Don’t be scared of ghosts.
If you feel scared, thrash it. But before that,
you must become friends with it. What does she like?
Like chicken. Mutton. Fish. Or alcohol. Take all this for her. It might be possible that
it likes only non-vegetarian food. So take chicken. If it likes alcohol, take alcohol. Alcohol.
– Just take it. Look. Everything has been kept here.
Just take whatever you want. Have chips. It is very nice.
Have it. It is very nice. This house is mine.
Leave this house and go away. Why should I listen to you?
It is my house. Why should I leave? Tell me. Why should I leave? I didn’t come just like that.
I bought this house. The papers are on my name.
Ghosts can stay anywhere. On the trees. Or graveyards. Why do you want to stay here? Why did you select this
house as your residence? This is my house.
You can go to the graveyard. I am talking to you like a friend. But you are reacting
a little too much. If it would have been a male ghost,
you would have seen what I would do. But since you are a girl,
I am quiet till now. It was my father’s
dream to own a big house. Should I show you the papers?
Want to see it? What do you have? Tell me. Come on. Show. I have everything. Hey. You are sitting quietly?
Come on. Get it. Yes. Even I will get
it and show it to you. Don’t be scared.
Go in the style of the brave Bheem. Maybe you will get thrashed.
But be strong. And shout out loudly. And then you can say.
I am not scared of you. Come out. And she will shout and try
to scare you. But don’t get scared. Take a weapon along.
And start thrashing without thinking. She will shout but don’t get scared. Don’t stop. Just keep thrashing.
She wouldn’t be able to do anything. She will leave the place and go. Where? Where are you? Where are you? I will not spare you today. Where is she? Where are you? I will not spare you today. You scare me a lot, right?
Right? Come out. Come out. Where are you hiding? Has he gone mad? He has a bat too. Who is he thrashing? Come out. Come out. I will
not spare you. Want to fight with me? Want to fight with me? Here you go.
Want to fight with me? Here you go. What is it?
Why are you hiding from me? Yes? You try to scare
me everyday? Hey.. Anjali. When did you come? Come inside, Anjali.
– You didn’t even call me. You told me not to call you. Oh! So you agreed so easily? When I called you,
why didn’t you talk to me? Isn’t this a little too much? Should I thrash you? Anjali. There is
a very big problem here. I cannot tell you about it. Okay. Don’t talk to me.
– I swear. I still love.. There is no need to swear. You had sworn on your
father’s name, right? And then, you left. Sorry, Anjali.
– Why sorry? Whenever I say something,
you misunderstand it. And keep on fighting with me. So fine, why do you speak at all? It is not so, Anjali.
– Don’t touch me. If you don’t tell me properly,
how would I know? Tell me. Come on.
I don’t have trust in you. Okay. Give my gifts back to me.
Come on. I had given this T-shirt to you. Anjali. Leave me. Leave me.
– So tell me everything. Please, Anjali.
– Okay. Anjali. Listen to me. Leave me.
– Anjali. Listen to me. You haven’t quit this too, right?
– Sorry. Who is she?
– Who? I was thinking of telling you. So this was what you had not told me.. ..when you thought I
wouldn’t understand? Right? I thought you will
get scared if you tell me. Why would I get scared? I came
to know now that you are like this. I am very happy.
Don’t show me your face ever again. Anjali. Anjali.
Please. Don’t go. Don’t go, Anjali. That poor ghost is
much better than her. God knows what else
is about to happen. Okay. Tight with the hit. And that is it! What is this, brother?
Dhoni isn’t playing well today. I have lost my money. Take mine.
– Hey, this is good. Hey, I have lost money too. I had placed a huge
amount of money on Dhoni. Hey. His name is Dhoni.
He is the captain of cricket team. I have faith in him. He will make us win this match. Hey, even Kohli is playing with him. Don’t talk too much. I know. Hey, wow. Amazing. This is great. Brother, someone has come to meet you. You are selling your house.
Tell me. How much did you buy it for? And how much do you
want to sell it for? You can tell me about it. Hey, you must tell me.
Because you are the owner. Don’t think too much.
Tell me. Well, eighty lakhs, brother. Eighty lakhs? You told me about your rate.
Now I will tell you about mine. Okay, brother.
– I will give one crore. How is that?
– I can give you one crore. One crore?
– Hey, yes, brother. I know the price of that place. There is something known as honesty. I am happy because
you are giving it to me. We will get the registration tomorrow. Are you happy? Wait till then. Okay? I am leaving.- Okay, brother. Bye.
– Bye, brother. Brother. It is a great
place to make a hotel. Hey, give it to me. What are you doing? Look. Every problem has a solution. Got it? I have sold this house. Even you must pack
your belongings and leave. They will break this house
and make a five star hotel here. Don’t sell this house. Don’t sell this house. When he comes tomorrow,
you can tell him about this. Go now. I didn’t have anyone in this world. I had lost my parents much earlier. According to the wish of my parents,
I became a singer. My songs got a national award too. I had a fan. He used to watch
my shows and used to call me. He used to bother me a lot.
And disturb me a lot. Congratulations.
– Who is this? I am a mad man. Do you know why I have called you?
– What? You have a lovely voice.
– Thanks. Actually you don’t
look nice with loose hair. Keep them tied up.
You will look very nice. By the way, your smile is good.
You look very nice when you smile. Before I came to know his name,
the phone got his disconnected. He called me the next day as well. When I heard him talking on the phone,
I felt like meeting him. He used to insist on meeting me all
the time. I went to meet him one day. But he.. He didn’t come there. I kept waiting for him there. I was angry with him. Who do you think I am? Is this a joke? Am I joking? Seriously.
– At least listen to me, Priya. I do not want to talk to you.
Just don’t talk to me from now on. Priya. Please listen to me.
– You are just a liar. But I got disturbed with all that. I am not wrong.
Yes. I agree that I got late. But you had left before I came there. But tell me. What could I do? I looked around for you.
But I didn’t find you. I felt very bad.
I felt as if I have made a mistake. I shouldn’t have spoken so angrily. And I felt very bad. I asked for forgiveness.
And we started speaking again. Everyone feels buying
his or her own house. Even I had thought about it. And he gave me a house as a gift. He got the house
registered on my name. I had the papers of the house with me.
I was very happy. I decided that I will
meet him one day for sure. But he called me on his own and told
me that he is going to Chennai at six. And asked me to meet
him if it is possible. Meet me at Chennai bus stop.
I will wait for you at six. I will come for sure.
I left home immediately. I called him before leaving. Even he was happy.
It was raining a lot. But I wanted to meet him at any cost. I was driving my car very fast. I just had one thought in mind. I didn’t want to lose
the chance to meet him. But all of sudden,
there was a loud noise. By the time I could control myself.. then, it was too late. When I gained consciousness, I saw.. ..that I was being
taken on a stretcher. Then I came to know that I am dead. At the end, we couldn’t meet. Where is he? I don’t.. I don’t know. But I know that he is.. He is still alive. And he
will come to this house for sure. That is why I.. I am waiting for him.
He will come someday for sure. Go away. Go away. This house will be ours from now on. Brother. Greetings. What is it, brother?
Why didn’t you come till now? I don’t want to sell this house. Please look for another house. Don’t joke with me. The lawyers and
officers have come with the papers. Now we just need your signature. Come on. Sign it. Please, brother.
– I had told you earlier, right? I have got the entire payment.
Keep it. I told you, brother.
I am not interested. I don’t want to sell this house. Hey, wait. What is the hurry? He is not a new boy around here.
He knows everything about us. We have a lot of bank accounts. Brother. Come on. Sign it. I will not get scared of this.
Please go, brother. I told you, brother. Please go away. Go away. I don’t want this.
I don’t want to sell this house. This isn’t good, brother. Boss. Do you want
us to get rid of him? He said he doesn’t want
to give the house, right? If he doesn’t like it,
it is fine. Come on. Hello.
– Tell me, brother. How are you? How is everything?
I have a great surprise for you. What are you saying?
Is there a surprise? Want to bet?
– Where are you? At your place? – Hey, not
I but you are going to get a shock. It is not my house anymore.
I am going to sell it. I will stay somewhere else.
– What? You left this house and went away?
– Yes, what else? You are a fool! You bought this house
with such a lot of hard work. And you are roaming outside the house? You worked so hard to
save each and every penny. You have bought this house
with hard earned money. Don’t forget. I will stay here for a week.
I am not going anywhere. Hey, listen to me.
– I don’t want to listen to anything. Hey, listen to me.. – I said
I don’t want to listen to anything. Listen to me..
– Keep quiet. I have broken the
locks of so many houses. I am sure breaking the
lock of this house is as easy. Wow, wow. Open. Open. Open. Hey. The door is jammed. What was the need for a lock? I don’t think this is the right key. What a beautiful girl! He wanted to send me
out because she is in there. I understood your move now, fool. Their personalities
don’t match at all. He doesn’t deserve
a girlfriend like this. They don’t look similar at all. There is a difference
in their complexion. But I am sure his father
committed a mistake. She looks like his sister, right? But is it wrong to
love a friend’s sister? Let me break the
door and win her heart. I wouldn’t get a better
opportunity to show off. Come on. Hi. Hello. I am Surya’s friend. I know.
– Wow. So my friend has told
his sister everything about me? By the way, my name is..
– Kala Singh. He is a very bad.
I mean your brother. Understand? But I am a very good boy. You look as good as a heroine. I mean your face is so beautiful
that anyone might lose his heart. And a man might lose
himself when he loses heart. So shall we have
a coffee on that note? Hey, I will impress her for sure. Sir. Sir. There was a bus
accident here six months back. Right? Yes. There was. – I want
the details of the ones who died. But why?
– Please, sir. I want the details
of a man called Shiva.. ..who was there when
the accident took place. Please, sir.
– Now I don’t think we can get those. But yes, we did get
a corpse in that accident. You can see that. And the
corpse is in the hospital right now. You can go there and check. Why? What happened?
Why did you run and come? I didn’t get any details about Shiva. How should I go home now? I don’t know where to
get Shiva’s details from. Is there any other way, sir? Do you know anything about
the one you bought the house from? I do, sir. But what is the connection
between these things? Well, look. When someone
dies with an unfulfilled wish.. ..the soul keeps wandering. And this is what is happening
in your house. Come on. Do you know where the spirits are?
– No, sir. Just listen to me.
Everything will be fine. I hope so, sir. What is the name of the
boyfriend of that lady ghost? She told you the name, right?
– Shiva, sir. Yes. Shiva. So call out his name. Sir. Are you joking, sir? Hey, call out to Shiva.
He will come here for sure. Shiva. Be louder.
Your voice mustn’t have reached there. Shiva.
– Louder. Shiva. – Louder. Shiva. Shiva.
– Louder. Shiva. Sir. Sir. Sir. What is all this, sir? Sir. What is this, sir? Sir. Sir. You called them and they
have come here. It is that simple. Don’t be scared. Sir. Who are they? Sir. Sir. I am scared, sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. I am scared, sir. Are you fine?
– What happened? Tell me. I asked if you are fine.
Why are you getting angry? When we were human beings,
we were tensed. On becoming ghosts,
we have a peaceful life. What do you know about us? I do. Okay, you do?
You already know about us? No, no. We will just chat right now.
And I will come to know. So what is the scene? What is the hurry? We are getting late for the party. Did you see? If we give them
food and alcohol, they will be set. Well, listen. He is a new friend
of mine. – Hi. Shake hands.
– Shake hands or else.. There is a beautiful
female spirit in his house. She was in love with someone. And now, even he is dead like you. His name was Shiva. Can you find out if one of you is Shiva?
– Okay. Can you call out and ask?
– Hey, who is Shiva? Hey, where is Shiva? Who is Shiva in my area? I had a fight with my
wife and went by the bus. When I opened my eyes,
I found out I was here. So sad. Is there any other Shiva? Hema, darling.
Can I name myself as Shiva? So fine. Name yourself. We were traveling by bus.
And crossing through a hilly region. We fell asleep in the bus. When we opened our eyes
we saw we have reached here. So sad. Hey, is there anyone left? I am.
– So come ahead. It was raining a lot. And the bus was racing ahead. There was someone
sitting next to my seat. A girl was coming to meet him. Right then,
there was an accident, brother. And then? As soon as the bus
met with an accident.. ..all the people in the bus died. But he was the only one alive. They put him on a stretcher
and took him in an ambulance. There was a pipe in his nose. On listening to them, it seems.. He is alive till now. Let us go and find
out at the hospital. Hey, where did you go?
Darling. Where are you? Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you. Since the time I have come here. I have noticed you roaming
around in one dress. I don’t like it at all. Just one dress? And a white dress? You are so beautiful. Why don’t you try another dress? Your brother is a miser. He goes out and spends
his money on alcohol. But I don’t drink. I roamed around the
entire city for your sake. And got a very nice dress for you. If you wear this,
you wouldn’t look like Mohini. You will look like Nayantara. I am not Nayantara. Why are you speaking in Priya’s voice? Hey, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry. “Goddess. My Goddess.” “Accept my gift.” “My Nayantara.” Keep quiet. Keep your mouth shut. Or else, I will teach you
a very good lesson. – Hello. I am just singing.
I am trying to make you feel better. What is the problem with that? “Goddess. My Goddess. Accept my gift.” My Nayantara.
Tell me, what is wrong with that? Will you become a witch?
Are you a witch? Yes. You are right. I am a witch. You are a witch. You are right. You are a witch who
has made my heart restless. “Come and settle down in my heart.” “Come on. Come and stay in my heart.” Is she playing games with me? Never mind. Let me try something else. “Hey, Kamini. Hey, Mohini.” “Come close to me and
let us chat together.” What is wrong, darling?
Why are you behaving like school kids? You are a teenager.
So keep the mobile down. I said, keep it down. Thank you. Teenage. We will watch a movie in which.. ..we shall watch the
aspects of teenage together. Shall I play the movie? If you see it once.. ..there will be nothing
but love on your mind. It is very effective. If it is too effective
hold my tightly. Keep watching. There is
a great scene about to appear. There is a lot of
action in this movie. Who is it? Who was calling me? Nisha. Amar. What photography! Excellent movie. This heroine looks just like you. Don’t you understand if I say it once?
How many times should I tell you? Why should dead people feel scared? One by one,
all alone, I will kill all of you. The Goddess of death is calling you. Get ready to die. The sound is good.
The effect is a little too much. But don’t be scared.
Okay? I am here with you, right? If you feel scared,
you can hold me tightly. Hansa. How did the lights go off suddenly? I hope you don’t
feel scared of the dark. If you feel scared, don’t feel scared.
I am here with you, right? The film is very scary. But she is smiling
instead of feeling scared. I think I must do something else. Or else, I will not get
such a opportunity again. Baby. This is a very scary movie. And
there is electricity right now either. Is it okay if we watch it tomorrow
in the morning lest you get scared? Will it be okay, baby? Shall I switch it off? Hey, I am asking
you for the last time. Will you give your house to us or not? I will not.
– Really? If we run a bulldozer, the whole house
will be run down in merely 24 hours. Think about it. It is your wish now. Think about it. Darling, are you ready? I have specially got it for you.
It has a nice fragrance. All the best. And to me also. I thought you will
give your heart to me. I was trying but nothing
of that sort happened. So now, I cannot wait for too long. We will see whatever happens now. There is no one to disturb us here. Wait. Somebody’s calling. Your brother. My friend. Tell me, friend.
– Are you fine? Not just fine.
I am doing great. Doing really great. Hey, what are you saying?
Is it anything special? There will be something special.
But not now. After sometime,
she will become a mother. And after ten months,
you will become an uncle. And I will be a father. Are you out of your mind? I am fine. But if you leave
your sister alone like this.. will everything be fine, fool? Can you see her? Such a beautiful girl is
standing right in front of me. And you are asking me if
I can see her or not? I can see her. Take a good look at her. I am looking at her. Now stop bothering me. Or else, I will become a demon. It is a lowly thing to bother a spirit?
– A lowly thing? Hey, the day isn’t far.. ..when you would fall at my feet and
ask me to get married to your sister. You will cry.
– Listen to me. She is a spirit. She is a witch, right?
– Hey, listen to me. She is a witch that
has stolen my heart. Listen to me.
What are you doing? Listen to me. I will switch off my phone. He will not disturb me now. Darling. There is no
one except the two of us here. Look at me. Now no one can save you from me. I had taken an oath that till
the time I don’t make you mine.. ..I will not leave you. What is it, darling?
Aren’t you scared of me at all? Don’t try to run. Or else, not a piece
of cloth will be left. What will you do now? Wow. Amazing. You closed the doors? If I would have known.. ..I wouldn’t have wasted three days. But who cares about the past? Now let us care about
what is about to happen. Where shall we start from?
Shall we start with our lips? Okay? Lip to lip. Lip to lip. Lip to lip. Lip to lip. Why should I listen to you?
Want to love your friend’s sister? And ask for a kiss? And want to kiss my lips?
Come on, kiss me. Kiss me. Come on, kiss me.
– No.. I said, kiss me. Come on.
Why are you scared now? Kiss me. If you don’t kiss me,
I will not spare you. No, no. No.
– Kiss me. Come on. I said, kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me. What did you say?
You want to take my clothes off? Clothes will be taken off for sure.
But yours and not mine. Here you go. Here you go. Hey, where are you going? Come here. Come here. Right? Where are you running off to?
Where are you going? You wanted to come to me, right? Come on.
– I don’t want.. Come here. Come here quickly. Today, I will not spare you. Got it? Please let me go.
I will leave. I will run away. So go away. Make it fast.
Get out of here. Go away from here. Thank God I am safe! “The wheel is moving slowly.
The wheel is moving slowly.” “The wheel is moving slowly.
The wheel is moving slowly.” You have come again? Tell me. A boy had come with me the other day. Yes. He did. What happened He had bought a house
with a lot of efforts. Efforts?
But a spirit stays in that house. And she is bothering him a lot.
– Why? What happened? She says that she will leave
the house when her lover comes back. What should I do?
– Hey, that is the problem. She isn’t leaving the house. So what should I do?
– Do whatever I am asking you to do. Fulfill her wish. We have to make her
leave the house at any cost. Come here. One. Two.
Three. There are three jobs, right? Just you are staying here happily.. ..even she will stay here happily. You touched my heart. So we have to make
her leave the house.. ..and get her to us, right?
– Yes. Super. Super. No problem. Guys. Come on. Let us go.
– Come on. Come on. We have to fulfill this task. Come on. Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing? There are some people coming
here and they want to buy the house. Go away from here. I have work.
– Listen. Come on. Come on.
– Yes. Come on. Come on. Make it quick.
– Come on. Come on. Make it quick. Come on. Move ahead.
– Come on. Make it quick. Come on. Move ahead. Move ahead. Come on.
– Move ahead. Move ahead.
– Come on, everyone. Make it quick. – Make it quick. We will run the house down.
– Yes. Let us do this. Look there.
This house will not exist anymore. Come on.
– They will run the house down. I don’t know if he will come or not. You can be happy. But don’t let this
house get run down. Please. Please. Listen to me. Come on. We will not spare him. Do something, Surya. I am not scared of dying. But I will not give this house to
them. Not for my sake. But for yours. Shiva will come back one day for sure. I cannot express how good I would
feel to see the two of you together. You don’t know. Since childhood,
I have never got what I wanted. But today, I have faith that Shiva
will back to you one day for sure. Don’t worry about me. You must go from here right now.
Go away. Surya..
– I said, go. We will not spare it. Hey, come on.
Come on. We will not spare him today. Yes. Come on. Come on. We will run the house down.
– Yes. We will shatter it to pieces. Make it quick.
– Move ahead. Come on. Come on. Come on. Make it quick. Hey, what is he doing
there sitting quietly? Hey, I think he is dead.
– Yes, brother. Come on. Hey, come on. Come on. What are
you looking at? Let us move forward. Run, run, run. – Run, run, run. Run, run, run. – Run, run, run. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Look at me, Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Please, Shiva. Say something, Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Surya. Why isn’t Shiva talking, Surya? Look at him.
Ask him to talk to him. Surya. Please tell him. Henceforth, don’t bother me. Now go and stay on
a tree or a cave. Got it? Atlease now you leave my home. My life is ruined due to this.


  1. Time waste movie…..I like to horror movie i ws waching this movie in thought of each sequence for thrilling horror scene……but nothing ws there so stupid movie

  2. Sala koi scene kisi se koi connection nhi h bhosdi walo kaun chutia writter aur director h sabse first scene ka last se koi connection nhi h aur bhootni ka b

  3. Somewhere along the line the director lost the plot or the daayan lost her ability of scarring people and turned into a fairy or the script writer was high on something.

  4. Don’t comment what ever you like .It is good even it is not that scary .It is good that it not that scary and you won’t have“heart attack” and you want more scary than make your own movie .I think they tried their best to make this movie . What to do if you don’t like it.😡😡😡😤If you like my comment the click 👍 and if you don’t than click 👎 or comment.

  5. If anyone says this movie is good. Then they are fools. Because this is a South Indian tamil movie which was dubbed in Hindi… In Tamil nadu this movie is a big flop. But it's First part is sooooooo good… Jithan is good. Jithan 2 is bad…… And one thing this movie name is not mirror…. It is Jithan, if you have any doubt please google it.

  6. Please movie mat dkhna…ekdam bekar movie h..waste of time but ye mera point of view dkhna h toh dkh sakte h

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