The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2018

The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2018

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the year 2017 was indeed a big year for
horror movies with a bunch of box-office hits the question is can 2018 repeat
2017 success so far already off to a good start in 2018 insidious the last key has already made over 50 million at the box-office and it’s on its way over
a hundred million dollars another hit for Blumhouse production who is today’s number 1 horror movie production company last year Blumhouse produce a
few big surprises so with that Truth or Dare is probably a movie you got to look out for in 2017 we saw a huge icon make a big comeback into the scene while others just disappeared this year we have some major icons making the return to the big screen for example the guys who created Monster Squad which is one
of my favorites is bringing predator back into the big screen in the predator.
ah but that’s not all Slender Man, the nun, the purge the
island and the return of Cloverfield are all slated for a wide release in 2018 pinhead makes his return in Hellraiser judgment which is a straight to DVD and video on demand. speaking of video on demand / DVD another hatchet movie is on the way and it’s called Victor Crowley I actually love this slasher series and
it’s my third most anticipated horror movie of the year Now to my top 2. I’m not a big strangers fan and I thought the movie was ok but the new trailer for
strangers prey at night is amazing a family of four stuck inan isolated trailer park with three killers stalking them. Let’s do this! by the way the last one came out 10 years ago. for a while this project seemed
pretty dead but somehow it made it and we welcome that. now to our mostanticipated horror movie of 2018 and it’s….. the new Halloween movie. We haven’t seen Michael Myers since 2009. Since Rob Zombie Halloween 2 came out there’s been 3 different Halloween projects but the third one under Blumhouse has made it through. They start filming this month and it’s due out in October. The guys from Pineapple Express are behind the new Halloween movie. 2 thumbs up you also have Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode. Whaaaaaaat and John Carpenter
behind the music score. Yes!!! but the biggest surprise is the return
of Nate Castle as the shape whoa-ho-ho Castle and dick warlock are my two
favorite Michael Myers so it’s good to see the shape returned to his normal
size but forget that what is your most anticipated horror movie of 2018? unlike last year which was an easy answer, let’s be honest… this year eh who knows


  1. I honestly hope the purge doesn't suck like its last movie. Cloverfield is good. Victor crawley is awesome and I hope it does good. Strangers was in my opinion was an underrated masterpiece. Halloween will be fucking amazing and I can't wait to see Michael back in action!

  2. I actually watch The Strangers for the first time last week pretty good and this trailer for the sequel to pretty good and it's taking 40 years for the original Michael Myers true to hell yes Hellraiser Judgement I'm surprised the Franchise is still going and it's not had a remake yet. 2017 was a great year for horror and 2018 has got off to a great start like you said wanna team up sometime the near future ranking up the Halloween movies?. Don't Have Nightmares!

  3. Hey horror Squad last year in 2018 I just watched it in 2017 now Insidious for the last key in 2018 this year but I'm going to go definitely going to watch Victor Crowley Slender Man Halloween in the other horror movies are going to come out it's going to be so red I can't even feel my body or anything. Oh by the way enjoy the upcoming movies. ????

  4. I'm looking forward to Halloween the most, but I'm also looking forward to Mom and Dad just to see Nick Cage go full ape shit.

  5. So many good movies coming. I'm pumped the most for The Strangers 2, Terrifier. Purge Island, and Halloween. There are many others I'm excited for, but these are the ones I gotta say I'm the most pumped for.

  6. I never really like the Rob zombie Halloween filmd tho but whatever Rob zombie is badass with music love dragula my favorite

  7. That first Saw movie great, "Game Over." Will wait for JigSaw to hit DVD. Know some of you dig Friday the 13th flicks, ever play the new video game of it out?

  8. I can't wait for Halloween, especially because John Carpenter will be involved in the making and because it's part of the original series.

  9. Victor Crowley is a good movie. Its on a website called 123movies. I'm excited for Halloween the most. Aperently the working title is "Halloween Night Blade" but idk.. I'm excited for the strangers also. I never knew that they were evwsn making another purge movie!

  10. Halloween, The Strangers Prey At Night, Hellraiser Judgment, A Quiet Place, Victor Crowley and Insidious The Last Key….so far….

  11. I I heard blumhouse he's going to make Friday the 13 after the cancellation

    But after Halloween 2018

  12. I could not wait to watch Halloween this year and thank you for making the 2017 Video and i hope the fnaf movie well come out this year

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