THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN AMERICA! (2019) | Caught on Camera!

THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN AMERICA! (2019) | Caught on Camera!

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Hello I use spooky corner fans today we take you to the Whaley House According to the Travel Channel’s America’s most haunted the Whaley House is the number one most haunted house in the United States Although we cannot state positively that the Whaley House is really haunted the voluminous Documentation of paranormal occurrences at the site makes a compelling case But if there are ghosts at the Whaley House, who are they and why are they here? the way the house was not only a family home, but also various businesses including Thomas Whaley zone general store a ballroom a billiard hall school and polling place significant events such as a seizure of the court documents and records of 1871 and the suicide of violet Whaley in 1885 Profoundly affected Thomas and Ann Whaley These events as well as the hing which occurred on the property before the house was Constructed has suffused the Whaley House with an air of mystery and added its reputation as something more than just California State Historic Landmark The earliest documented ghost at the Whaley House is the Yankee Jim James aka Santiago Robinson was convicted of attempted grand larceny in San Diego in 1852 and hanged on a gallows off the back of a wagon on the side Where the house now stands? The local newspaper reported that he kept his feet in the wagon as long as possible But was finally pulled off. He swung back and forth like a pendulum Until he strangled to death Although Thomas Whaley had been spectator at the execution He did not let it dissuade him from buying the property a few years later and building a home for his family there According to the San Diego Union soon after the couple and their children moved in Heavy footsteps were heard moving about the house When they described them as sounding as though they were made by the boots of a large man Finally, he came to the conclusion that these unexplained footfalls were made by Yankee Jim Robinson Another source stated that Lillian Whaley the Whaley’s youngest daughter who lived in the house until 1953? had been convinced the ghost of Yankee Jim haunted the old house a visitor to the museum in 1962 Mentioned that the ghost had driven her family from their visit there more than 60 years earlier, her mother was unnerved by the Walking noise and the strange way the windows unlatched up and flew up Many visitors to the house have reported encountering Thomas Whaley himself Late, June reading former curator of the museum said we had a little girl perhaps five or six years old Who waved to a man? She said was standing in the parlor We couldn’t see him but often children’s sensitivity is greater than an adult’s However, many adults have reported seeing the apparition of mr. Whaley usually on the upper landing Other visitors have described seeing or sensing the presence of a woman in the courtroom I see a small figure of a woman one visitor said who has a swarthy complexion She is wearing a long full skirt reaching to the floor the skirt appears to be a calico Jingim a small print she has a kind of cap on her head dark hair and eyes and She is wearing gold hoops in her pierced ears. She seems to stay in this room lives here together None of the Whaley’s fit this description But the house was rented out to numerous tenants over the years, perhaps the mysterious woman in the courtroom was one of these The Whaley House stands silently watching over San Diego Avenue as it has done for a century and a half Every day visitors come from around the world to tour the historic museum It contains so much history within its walls that even the non-believer will enjoy the tour For believers and skeptics alike The house draws them back time and again in search of those elusive ghosts Thank you for watching and please subscribe for more videos


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