The Neanderthal Man (1953) Full Horror Movie

The Neanderthal Man (1953) Full Horror Movie

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  1. This movie was released in France under the title "Laissez-nous aller à votre maison mon coeur doux. ma place est un dépotoir" . Thanks for sharing…

  2. 25:08– the "mute" house maid- Celia, was a somewhat clever way to deliver dialog without having to pay union scale; back in the day if you spoke at all in your role you got something like $25 minimum, even if all you said was "hello", this way here, she got something such as $5 for a walk- on. Tandra Quinn (1931–2016)

  3. Albert Glaser had a style all his own . Did many American international late 1950's science fiction films . Among them earth vs the spider, amazing colossal man, also indestructible man and beginning of the end to name a few..

  4. As a kid, I liked this thriller! As a laboratory tech for 25 years. When I see the careless blunders this doctor made in his lab. I kept thinking…..What a sloppy moron scientist! He would be fired just having two violations of cross contamination!

  5. I love the over the top acting, it's toxic passion like a movie as this should…today's offerings are dull and cold

  6. 6:53 wowzers. I know its a old production but im sure they could have done better than that lol. I mean come on … the eyes, the mouth, the teeth … it'll be interesting to see what else this movie throws at us.

  7. Great movie, I love the music, the cars and the whole era of the 1950s ,thanks for sharing this as I will add it to my favourites

  8. As expected a B retelling of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Some classic posed over acting. Two interesting things though is how it shows dyed in the wool so called experts who are unwilling to listen to different ideas or theories. Also that they include Piltdown Man as one of the early humans and this was exposed as being a fake in November of 1953.

  9. Glasser also played the music but did not write the classic score for the science fiction film rocketship XM (1950). Ferde, can't remember his last name right now but he composed the all time classic score , the Grand Canyon suite

  10. That was kinda neat the way the mad dokter ranted his way into trying his own s..t.Ahhahahaah.heehhee

  11. Music by Albert Glasser. Composer for many sci-fi pictures in the 50s. Orchestrated and conducted score for Rocket Ship X-M which was composed by Ferde Grofe. Scored many other movies.

  12. The mute girl was a wow.  The bad guy was " Inspector Harrison", I believe,  from the Superman series in '56.  Wish I could go back to '53….I was only 10.  Lots of character actors from the past in this.  All in all, it was pretty good.(ls)

  13. By the way, this film has a truly nice musical score for such a low-budget movie. If you like this film, please do yourself a favor and watch GIANT FROM THE UNKNOWN.

  14. DON'T laugh at the premise of this movie, ie reversing evolution.
    Building a dinosaur from a chicken:

  15. hey I saw is B-Horror movie and I love it once again thank you very much for the B- Horror movie.

  16. I saw this movie in the summer of 1963 when I was 7 years old in a theater in Durango, Durango, Mexico. I also remember that the professor, when he was the neanderthal man he had a an axe and used it to kill. Looks like that scene was edited out. The main feature was "Blood Of The Vampire". I do believe it is still on YouTube. That is not too bad of a movie.

  17. I seen Inspector Henderson get killed today on another B sci-fi movie
    " The indestructible Man " with
    Lon Chaney Jr. Cool.

  18. The Photo you have of the monster in a checkered shirt is actually from the 1958 movie called "Monster on the Campus". I seen both the Neanderthal Man (1953) and Monster on the Campus (1958) at our local movie house and have both movies at home on DVD now. Both movies are very very good!! Thanks for putting this movie on YouTube. Watch Monster on the Campus, you will like that even more!! David

  19. 11:34 No, no, no Honey, smilodon fatalis died of around 10,000 years ago, was one of three smilodon species, and only one of the long toothed cats and catlike predators. Ocelots also have saber teeth ,you just can't tell because of their size.

  20. 1953 Scientists stick head in sand when facts don't agree with preconceived notions.

    2019 Scientists stick head in sand when facts don't agree with preconceived notions.

    I'm sensing a pattern.

  21. I really enjoyed watching this one when it aired live here on Cinema Classic on YouTube. I think there were about 8 people writing comments while the movie showed but it was very enjoyable. Hope Cinema Classic may do it again soon. hint, hint. 🙂

  22. There is a line at the end of this film that is priceless. But respect the film and watch it in its entirety.

  23. You always know an Albert Glasser score. Loud, cacophonous, weirdly orchestrated dissonance, similar to every other one. But… in a 1950s way.

  24. Reality proved to be much, much more horrible than this fiction. It turned out that we are all to some part Neanderthals. No injections needed ! Aaaaarghh..

  25. What a stupid propaganda movie,as a neanderthal human myself.this movie is insult to me and my family,and my species. Typical cro-magnon propaganda,always want's to be superior to us.

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