The Nether & Zombie Pigman | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

The Nether & Zombie Pigman | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

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– Great job, Stan. We dug so far down we
don’t know which way is up! – Will you relax? We’re gonna get home safe, okay? ‘scuse me Mr. Bat, how the
hell do we get out of here? – To reach the land in which you’ve saved, follow the light that leaves the cave. – Oh wow, you’re a rhyming bat. – Can you help us out of here, Mr. Bat? I’ve got a tamed llama at
home I need to get back to. – He’s not tamed, he’s trapped. – It’s true, I am a bat who rhymes to help us through these trying times. – Okay, this dude is annoying. (bat squeaks) – Hey, guys? I think I found a way out. – Oof. How are we gonna get
around that lava river? – We could build over it
like normal non idiots would. – Be gone, lava! (water sloshing) – Dude, that’s the stupidest. (mixture sloshing) What the heck? – The water and lava is
turning into obsidian! Let’s mine it! (metal clanking) (gentle music) All right, guys. Let’s build another portal! (mysterious music) – Should we, should we go in? – We need to remember The Nether is an extremely dangerous underworld. It’s an extremely unsafe realm and not anybody can just enter it. (llama yelling) Well, we’re probably ready. Guys? I’m scared. – I don’t know. Feels like home to me. – Look at all these fires! Very dangerous. And this ground block. What’s it made of? Mm, cinnamon. – Yo, bro. Welcome to the Nether. I’m Blaze. Let me show you around, my dudes. (coughs) – Blaze, huh? I can tell why they call you that. – You seem like you’ve been
smokin’ the devil’s lettuce. – Yeah, he’s got a house down here, so it’s pretty easy to get. Follow me. – Dude, Nether wart. I’ll use it to make a potion
to cure me of this curse. – We already cured you, man. – Well, then I’ll make other potions. It’s science, Staniel. You wouldn’t understand. – Now to our left, we’ve
got a zombie pigman. He’s actually pretty cool, as long as you don’t mess with him. – You guys, I’m getting worried. My maps not working. – I’ve got an idea. Let’s place stones along our path so we can trace our
way back to the portal. The torches will point us
in the right direction. Whoops, sorry. – Watch it, you Overworld clowns, or I’ll slice your faces off with my crappy good for
nothing golden sword. – Aw, dude man. They didn’t mean any harm. – Dude! – You idiots are next! – Run! (upbeat music) – Ghast, get them! (fire whooshing) (stones clanking) – Well, we’re not getting back to the Overworld anytime soon. (heavy rock music)


  1. They get stuck in the nether
    Next episode: let’s pretend that never happened and just make them running around in the over world and next think about for the rest of our lives.

  2. I think i have idea about the next epsodie what if the chicken found anthour player in the nether but that player come from minecraft crazycraft mod

  3. First: Blazes are not friendly
    Second: zombie pigman don’t attack his friend blaze
    This doesn’t make any sense in the game

  4. How did he get the obsidian? It always falls into the lava..

    Was he smart enough to mine where the other obsidian was blocking the lava?

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