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Over here guys! Shh.. What do we do? They’re everywhere! There’s only one thing we can do. I know exactly what you’re thinking Zee. Zero, you and I distract the Jenna’s. Pan sneaks into the gas station and gets the
gasoline. She should wear a chicken outfit. Why would she wear that? As a disguise, duh. Actually, we need to lay low. Pan is wearing black. Like a ninja, she’ll sneak into the gas station
while all the Jenna’s are busy chasing us. The Jenna’s will really start to gain on us
because they’re monsters and fast like that. Then BAM! Epic sacrifice. No!!! No Chad, we’re not letting you sacrifice yourself
for us. Ugh, fine, zero and I magically don’t die from
the Jenna infestation and we meet Pan who has the gasoline. She hands it over to me You can do this Chad. Leave it to me. You and Pan, get on the helicopter and make
a grand escape. I spread the gasoline all over town, while
avoiding the Jenna’s. and then… That’s not what I was thinking. Dude, we’re not sacrificing you. We’re a team. Oh, ok We can move to another town. We’re on an island so the only way to escape
is YES THE HELICOPTER I JUST SAID THAT! Right. And you told me I was dumb for buying it pan. Now’s not the time! Okay cool, let’s go to the helicopteeeeerrr—
uh guys? RUN! Thanks for tuning back to 91.3, I’m annabeth
your conspiracy theory host. Most of you guys out there don’t think The
Oder apocalypse is real. It’s happening folks, and it’s happening in
your backyard and you haven’t even noticed. Caller 1, what do you think? It happened in Bloxburg! I seen em over yonder! Big eyes, smiling at me. It was 3 am. After that, my son disappeared! Caller 2? I even saw them on Jailbreak! Really? Two of them, you’re supposed to arrest people
not go on a date! Well that’s it for our broadcast. And now for a commercial break- I’m sorry I never believed you. Who knew oders were real? Chad sacrificed himself for us Go guys! Leave me! AHHH! But its a new town. Its safe here…I hope This town is huge, we’re gonna need a car. Yeah, I’m just gonna walk, I don’t have
the money for that. let’s just look around. Whoa, look at these cars! Whoa, look at this price. Are you seriously thinking about buying one? WHOOOOO!! Sweet! They even have underground parking here! Huh? Underground parking is no longer
allowed. It can’t be she’d be staring at me right now. Oh, okay My own son… hmm? So this is the school Ew, This school stinks. You haven’t even tried it yet No, I mean literally. It smells in here. It’s got that new school smell! Eww Is that? It can’t be. She’d be staring at me right now. Hello? Hello?? We’d like to apply as new students here. Well that was weird. She never even said anything. But at least we have our schedules! Let’s see. Aww man We have no classes together Alright, bye Zee. All we can do is fit in. Ugh, there’s that smell again. Where’s the…teacher? What class did you have? Chemistry but… Somethings off about some of the people… Yeah, my teacher Mr. Travis wasn’t here
today. My teacher was here, she was actually new
here but the students were weird. It’s like they were scared of something. My classmates were the total opposite! They kinda just stared at me. Probably cuz you’re new. A very odd first day indeed. Yeah it was. But it’s over. I guess I just have to walk all the way home… Oh stop it, let’s go. Where am I? Hello? Is anyone… Is that a person? It was just a dream What time is it? 3 am… I’m thirsty. Who…who is that? I’ll have to tell Zee about this. Geez, this place is creepy. I’m glad you called. I honestly couldn’t sleep. I had a nightmare. About what? It can’t be helped I guess. Have you noticed that almost everyone in this town
acts strange? I think they followed us here. They’re evolving! No way! It’s gotta be true. You said everyone in your class was staring
at you. Yeah cuz I was new like you said. No…what if it’s because.. They’re interested
in you. EW GROSS! I need to know the truth. Actually, there’s this radio station I heard
in my car. A lady, I-I forget her name. But she said something about the oder outbreak. Maybe we can get some information from her. You willing to skip first period? Anything to get me out of first period! That must be the tower she uses to broadcast
on the radio. Anybody there? Hello? Guess she isn’t here. She’s gotta be. We just heard her on the radio. Then she obviously doesn’t want us here. Ooh. Look. It’s unlocked. That’s breaking and entering! This is our best chance at finding out what’s
going on. Come on. Ughh.. On second thought, never mind. Oh don’t be a baby. You know I hate heights. more and more terror reports, this isn’t
just another conspiracy theory anymore, this is a fact. So stay safe robloxians, that concludes the
broadcast for today Shh. I know you’re there Hello Hey. Pankayz and Zerophyx, what do you want? How did you know our full usernames?? I know a lot of things. I’ve been watching you two. Creepy.. hush I’m Annabeth. We’ve been listening to your radio show. We think you’re right. I know I’m right. We want the truth. Trust me, you can’t handle the truth. I think we can handle the truth… Ahh! Get off of that! You’re so clumsy Zee. Leave. Aw, look I’m sorry. Please. We’re just like you. We just want this nightmare to end. It won’t end. They get smarter everyday. You throw a curveball at them, they throw
a better one back. How do you know so much about them? Please, they’ve taken our friend. They made my brother stop playing Roblox. Omg, he quit? Yes. That’s horrible! I know. That’s why I want to spread the word, protect
the others. Please, tell us what you know. Follow me. You bring your hangliders? Got it right here. Yeah Alright, don’t freak out but it’s in here. Don’t open that! Why? Wait…wait, this isn’t an Oder. You’ve locked up an innocent person! That’s sick! No, it’s an Oder! They can change their hair, their eyes. They’re learning. She can’t be… She’s normal looking. That’s what you think but, they’ve evolved. Watch, Zee, walk to the glass. What?? That’s the first time I’ve seen one do
that! OMG She really is an Oder… This is getting even creepier. The Oder outbreak is happening soon. I hope you guys don’t turn into one. Turn into one? What do you think she meant by that? I don’t know, but we have to stay sharp, this school’s
probably full of Oders. Is that Chad? CHAD? CHAD! How did you make it out? Oh, better head to second period. Tell us about it later Chad! Actually I have a better idea guys. I want you guys to follow me. But class is starting. Now now. You guys missed first period right? It won’t be that bad. Follow me Uhh…where exactly are we going? It’s a surprise. We’re not supposed to be here, a teacher
told us not to go underground. Trust me. We’ve been friends for years. Just go down to the sewers. Chad, I trust you but this is getting too
weird. Ugh, its disgusting in here. I’m heading back. No. This is how I escaped. Eww, Ugh. Follow me In here guys Chad? Oh no! It won’t budge! It was a trap Pan. No, chad wouldn’t do that to us. He’s our fiend, he wouldn’t do that to us. DON’T YOU SEE PAN! Chad’s gone. We’ve been tricked. It looked exactly like him. All I know is, we need to get outta here and
fast. I don’t like this.. Keep walking.. I feel like someones following us. There! We need to find a way to get up there. Which way should we turn Uhh…Let’s go right. Alright OMG ZEE LOOK! RUN!! Zee…look We need to get out of here. MAKE A CHOICE PAN! We either deal with the one outside or these
ones. One. Yeah one, lets go. We’re trapped. No no no…. Here Pan!! AAAH!! It’s no use. There’s nowhere to go. I really didn’t want to have to do that. Ugh, I got some in my mouth. ME TOO!! We can’t go this way it’s sealed off. This way Z! HURRY! It’s gaining on us! Go! In here Pan! Okay! Is she gone? She just stopped… This has happened before. No! Don’t tell me! YES NOW RUN!! Lets go to Annabeth she might know what to
do! OMG. DON’T LOOK BEHIND US. AHHHH!! Whats happening to this place… It’s like Annabeth said. It’s happening right now. Its an outbreak of Oders. We only dealt with one last time. OMG ZEE I can see them! Ugh, it’s locked this time. Annabeth! I guess she learned not to leave it unlocked. ANNABETH! WHAT! LOOK! WHAT THE HECK!!! I locked the door. Like that’s gonna hold them. Not afraid of heights this time? Oder or heights? Heights. Understandable. Theyre here already? OMG, there’s nothing we can do. Quitting pact right now. I call it. ARE YOU CRAZY?! Don’t do it Annabeth. At least I’ll be with my brother. I never told you guys this, but since it’s
the end. My real name is Annabeth66525. We got rid of her once, we can do it again! Wait, you did? How? I recited the Community guidelines to her. Rule 8. But that was to one of them! Theres too many of them! It’ll take too long! THEY BROKE IN!!! Annabeth. What was that thing I accidentally touched
last time? The emergency broadcast system!! THAT’S PERFECT!! AHHH!! THEY’RE CLIMBING!!! RULE 8 of the roblox community rules! As a social platform for play Roblox tries to provide a safe place to meet online friends, play, chat and collaborate on creative projects. however, this is not the place to look for dating partners! THE POWER OF ROBLOX COMPELS YOU! THE POWER OF ROBLOX COMPELS YOU!! THE POWER OF ROBLOX COMPELS YOU!!! AHHHHH!!! HUH?? Oh la la Nice Zee! We did it! I gotta tell my brother about this. I didn’t think we’d make it out! It’s been a full day since the ODER outbreak Many players are still recovering from lasting mental damages. Uh-oh, Chad? Chad, is that really you? Yes! I was brainwashed! Don’t ever let me sacrifice myself again! We won’t forget what happened. If you’re an Oder and you’re still out there, you’ve been warned. We know how to take you down. Robloxians, if you ever see an Oder in the wild and don’t know what to do Recite those community guidelines proudly, Rule 8 of the Roblox community rules. PAN!!!! THE POWER OF ROBLOX COMPELS YOU!! Where are you taking me?? OMG


  1. Guys zee also plays as Jennie when he exited the school at a time his name was Jennie he must have accidentally not changed his name to zee again

  2. Pan: "Chad, we're not letting you sacrifice urself for us."
    20 seconds later
    Pan: "I can't believe Chad sacrificed himself for us."

  3. did u see my comment in the part. one? I said Jenna and the two oder I wanna say jenny and the other one I didn't know her name sorry about part one

  4. One time i was playing murder mystery some girl was following me even though she was the murderer she killed no one damn she was trying to online date me

  5. Next time I see a OD:


  6. I was playing adopt me and there was a girl named Jenna she looked the same walked the same and was wright beside me it was………CREEPY

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