The Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film

The Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film

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Good evening, please state your name age and
weight. Felix Nast, age 41 years, 58 kilos. Ulirch Shultz, age 29, 71 kilos. Hanz Berlitz, age 19, 68 kilos. Very good. You gentlemen are about to undergo an experiment
that will benefit the soldiers of the Soviet Union. You will be given a gas that our nations leading
scientists have been working on. All we know is that it is not lethal and you
will be in no physical harm throughout the duration of the experiment. Upon completion of this experiment. You will be granted your freedom and returned
to your homeland. Do you comply? Reminder, those who do not comply will be
immediately executed for your crimes against humanity and the Soviet Union. I’ll ask you once more gentlemen, do you comply? Very good. We will administer the gas in a few moments. Please, get acquainted with your new home. You will all notice that you have enough food
for the duration of the experiment. You will find comfort on the floor as you
had in your cell. Books for entertainment, a toilet for the
obvious. Also, no one will be entering the room once
the gas has been released so it is up to you to keep your living quarters, livable. The gas has been administered. Sure is different on the other side of the
gas. Day one, the first batch of gas has been released. Normal behavior resumes. Boy, your name is Hanz? Yes. Well Hanz, it is so nice to see the face of
the boy who has been crying in the cell next to me the past three months. Oh come on now, don’t you think we should
all be friends while we are here? Let me guess, you’re father was a good hard
working man taken too soon. You’re mother was a housekeeper. And you were the youngest of four children,
the runt of the pack. You joined the war to prove something of yourself
only to end up a victim of circumstance. Am I right? I was the youngest of three children. Ah, I was close. What about you, Ulrich is it? Well Hanz, I will tell you my story if you
tell me yours. Ok. Well, I was a top SS Scientist specializing
in information extraction and experimentation. I took great pride in my work. It was almost therapeutic. I can still see the faces of the men. I extracted fingernails, teeth. How quickly they would rat out their own families
to save their lives. Such lowly dogs. Your turn. I was stationed just outside of Berlin. I didn’t see much of the war, just the end
of it. I was appointed guard duty one night. I was supposed to stay awake for the duration
of the night but I fell asleep. When I awoke, everyone was slaughtered. I ran as fast and as far as I could but they
caught me.Took me to a prison where I sat for three months until I ended up here. I thought as much. Whats your story? The gas has been active for four days and
although none of them have slept for the past four days normal behavior resumes. The gas seems to be quite effective. These anatomy books are embarrassingly inaccurate. It is no wonder these Russians are so barbaric. They killed your father, didn’t they? Bitte! Ulrich Shultz. Ulrich! Put Felix Nast down now or we will end the
experiment and you will be shot. Stop this or they will shoot you! You talk too much. Ulrich! The gas has been active for seven days. Normal behavior resumes outside of the outburst
on day four. The men have still yet to sleep. Time for some personal business. Hey, what happened the other day? I almost killed Felix, whats happened with
you? You know what I mean. No one intervened, no one stopped you. You just, you just looked at the wall and
dropped him. What did you see? Look, at least tell me your story. Everyones got a story. I was a soldier, and like you, not a very
good one. I wasn’t cruel in what I did but what I stood
for was damning enough , I suppose. What we all stood for was damning enough. I was stationed at a camp, a labor camp. My father was the commanding officer of the
camp. He was a good man as I remember from my childhood
but something changed in him. I went to his office one day to deliver a
daily report. I opened the door and he had his back turned
to me. I called to him but he didn’t answer. He just put the barrel of his Luger and he… If there was one thing I could have asked
him it would be why? Was it fear, was it remorse, was it grief? Thats why I tried.. Ulrich, I don’t know how much more of this
I can take. I haven’t slept in days. None of us have. It must be what the gas does. It keeps you awake. They’re going to use it on their soldiers
so they don’t require sleep. I can’t do this anymore. i can’t breathe in my own skin. I have to get out of here. Just think of your freedom, thats whats keeping
me going. You really think we’ll be gifted freedom after
this? Day 12, Hanz has been screaming for the past
7 hours. What seems strange is that the other men have
not reacted in anyway. Hanz has been screaming now for the past 12
hours. His screams have been replaced with a faint
whimper it seems he has permanently destroyed his vocal chords. Sleep Experiment day 12 June 14th 1945, end
log. Felix. Have you come to say hello? What are you thinking Felix? Thats why you’re in there and I’m out here. Sleep Experiment, day 15. Day 15… Sleep Experiment. Felix, I demand the papers removed from the
window. Felix! Remove the paper. Felix! Day 15, Felix has covered the port window
with paper from the book in what appears to be his own excrement. Strange noises have been coming from inside
the cell but the oxygen levels show that the men are still awake and alive. I’m not sure how much longer the experiment
can go on. Experiment day 15, June 17th 1945. Gentlemen, the experiment is over. We are turning off the gas and opening the
chamber. Stand back against the wall or you will be
shot. Upon examination you will be freed. We no longer wish to be freed. Day 20 of the Sleep Experiment. Upon opening the chamber it became clear the
level of mental damage caused by the gas. The men have ripped into their own flesh. The amount of blood lost by the three men
should have killed them all. Hanz was rushed to the emergency room. He tried to utter words but his torn vocal
chords allowed only a weak whisper. After fighting to stay awake under the anesthesia,
he died on the operating table. 11:45 pm. Felix was sent to the emergency room he begged
to be put back on the gas and screamed in agonizing pain when we brought the anesthesia
anywhere near him. We then attempted the surgery without it. He died the second his eyes closed from fatigue. 12:14 am. I left Ulrich in the chamber to be alone with
me. I needed answers. Ulrich, what happened? What did you do? Hell could not wait for these men. The Dr sicker than his patients. The boy allowing his own kind to perish on
account of his own negligence. The man who blindly follows evil for the sake
of convenience. Without the fortitude of unconsciousness all
men will share this fate. What are you? I’m awake. I’m awake. Whether or not you believe these men deserve
this fate is irrelevant. No man can decide this. I only hope the world will forgive my part
in this experiment. What these men did will be forever written
in history but I can still erase what I’ve done. End log June 22nd 1945.


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  2. My dad and my mom broke up 😭, so my dad is so depressed . Then my dad dont sleep 😴 over 3 months and did not eat for 7 months , then my dad died 😭. Im telling the truth.

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  4. My Brain : Are you actually.. You can't…

    My heart : Please don't.

    My other organs agreeing : don't do it again….

    My curiousity : Sorry but, I got the best of her.


  5. Is this real like what the fck i staying watching this recommend by youtube… The scary goosebump… Every

  6. The German accents are pretty bad, and they could have gotten more “aryan” looking guys to play captured German soldiers, especially a “high ranking ss officer”

  7. stupid scientist they didnt even think about those people health and why are they still alive when they didnt even eat in dayss?

  8. Don't be scared man have some cookies

    Now while you stay down here I'll go on fullscreen to keep you safe.

  9. Just being locked in that room for a couple days would be enough to make me go insane…their accents are fcking terrible tho

  10. As an addict in recovery the longest I went without sleep was 11 days and it ended in a heart attack and 3 day coma and full blown psychosis. Watching this hit deep. I'm lucky I'm able to carry our normal human functions.

  11. This is creepy and yet fascinating to see how this gas affects your mind after at least 2 weeks. Ironically many people today would love to try not need sleep especially with the addiction for caffeine. Unfortunate fate these men had to endure.

  12. Poor bastards, their crime was probably being German. What a bunch of Germanophobic crap. In the original sleep experiments, no mention is ever made of them attacking each other. I doubt whether any would have felt any remorse about Camps after seeing what had been done to their own people and the mass rape of German women from 6 to 90. Absolute nonsense.

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