The Scariest Opening Scenes In Horror Movies

The Scariest Opening Scenes In Horror Movies

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There’s plenty of horror movies that start
slowly and methodically, letting viewers settle into a rhythm before the terror really comes. These are not those movies. Here are the scariest opening scenes in horror
movies. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Other Friday the 13th sequels leaned hard
into funhouse territory, relying just as much on morbid humor as gory shocks – but not in
the case of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. Corey Feldman reprises his role as a young
Tommy Jarvis in the dream sequence that opens the film. On a dark, stormy night, Tommy finds himself
observing Jason’s grave as two would-be grave robbers are digging it up. [Thunder and ominous music] It doesn’t go well, and Feldman’s reactions
as he witnesses Jason rising once again to butcher the hapless crooks, sell Tommy’s sheer
panic and terror perfectly. [Thunder and ominous music] The brilliant opening is arguably the best
of the series. Twilight Zone: The Movie 1983’s Twilight Zone film was largely short
of true scares, but its brief, pre-credits opening sequence has added a phrase to the
pop culture lexicon that still has the power to make our skin crawl: “Hey! You wanna see something really scary?” “You bet.” “Really?” “Yeah.” “Okay, this is really, really scary now.” Comedians Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks put
the audience at ease as motorists on a lonely road at night. But when Brooks tries to rattle Aykroyd by
turning off his headlights, Aykroyd ups the ante by insisting that Brooks pull over so
that he can show him something scarier – and boy, does he ever. “What are you doing?” [Scary monster noises] Scream Wes Craven’s 1996 deconstruction of the horror
genre, Scream started a trend of self-awareness in fright flicks that continues to this day. But it’s easy to forget what a virtuoso piece
of filmmaking its opening sequence is. Drew Barrymore appears as a young woman named
Casey, who receives what she thinks is a prank phone call. “Hello?” “Why don’t you want to talk to me?” “Who is this?” “You tell me your name, I’ll tell you mine.” “I don’t think so.” As the guy quizzes her about horror movies,
the tone of the call goes from playful to sinister to outright terrifying as Casey slowly
realizes that this is no joke. “You never told me your name.” “Why do you want to know my name?” “Cuz I wanna know who I’m looking at.” “What did you say?” The scene is an absolute master class in playing
on audience expectations and building tension. Scream’s influence has towered over horror
for the last couple of decades, but it may not have lingered quite as long in the popular
imagination without this opening. Jaws Virtually everything that could have gone
wrong with Jaws did, up to and including the mechanical sharks not working up to expectations. But the technical problems ended up enhancing
the film in ways nobody could have foreseen, as Stephen Spielberg wisely chose to keep
his toothy menace offscreen whenever possible. The opening scene shows just how effective
this technique is as a young swimmer named Chrissy goes for the last moonlit skinny dip
she’ll ever take. [Gasping for breath] For the actual attack, Spielberg and his crew
employed an underwater system of ropes to jerk the actress back and forth, and all we
can see are her terrified reactions, which she completely sells. [Screaming] Jaws is a film that set the template for the
summer tentpole picture and has been ripped off more times than can be counted – but its
opening retains all of its power over four decades later. Drag Me to Hell Sam Raimi made his triumphant return to gonzo
horror with 2009’s Drag Me to Hell, the story of a loan officer named Christine who runs
afoul of a curse. Unless she can find a way to stop it, Christine
will be tormented by a demon for three days before getting dragged to hell. The opening scene makes it clear that it’s
definitely not just in Christine’s head, either. A young boy is brought to a medium because
he’s been hearing voices after he stole a necklace from an old woman. All of the old, Evil Dead-esque Raimi calling
cards make their return: the off-kilter angles, the eye-popping closeups, the crazily kinetic
camera work. [Screaming] [Thud] But the scene also establishes that the demon
has no mercy, as the boy’s frantic cries for help don’t stop his fate. [Screaming]


  1. The first scene in Twilight Zone the Movie is really dated now, but man when I was a kid, it scared me to death. Even now I get butterflies (knowing how ridiculous it is) from it because I can remember how scared it made me.

  2. The scariest opening scene that I’ve scene was ing being born

    That was joke people, don’t take it seriously. I did not watch or what happened that day

  3. Ghost Ship It pays to be small! Little girl alone, people dancing, gets asked to dance by Captain.. Someone pulls lever Everyone gets decapitated by wire except…. Lil girl.

  4. I think the creepiest opening to a horror genre is Tales from the Crypt opening, even today it gives me goosebumps when i hear that theme song

  5. I guess, im alone but I never liked the scream movies, and seems a bit harsh sending a kid to hell for stealing a necklace

  6. For the woman in Jaws, that wasn't acting. She was actually in pain, the rig was pulling her too hard against the water. So when she says it hurts, it was the actress herself, not the character.

  7. if you listen closely, you can hear some nuns pissing there pants.
    me? i just mounting out boardroom as the video goes on

    Looper is really scraping the bottom of the barrel just to find content for there videos

  8. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5?? Did you just pick a friday 13th film at random then try to rationalise a reason for its inclusion.

  9. Jaws and Scream have really amazing openings. I'm in minority but I really loved the openings in Reeker and Wrong Turn

  10. Thank you for showing F13th Part V some love. It's the most underrated of the series and people only hate it because its Roy and not Jason. It's actually one of the best of the series if people would give it a chance.

  11. "You wanna see something scary?" Dan Aykroyd still scares the fuck outta me, all these years later. I missed the rest of the movie, because my eyes were covered through the running of the end credits from that point forward! 1:49.

  12. Chrissy, the skinny-dipper in Jaws, actually broke her ribs whilst being dragged around- Spielberg decided to keep that scene in the movie.
    You hear her authentic screams of "It hurts!". 03:37

  13. Anyone notice how horror movies are a lot less scary when you realize the monsters are just people in costumes or face Paint?

  14. Oh geezus of course some of these are not scary now. It's because we have been so overrun with scary movies we have become numb. Twilight zone scared me as kid the opening and when the dude opened the airplane blind to see the thing staring at him.

  15. It may just be me but videos like this make it seem like Looper is getting lazy with their writing. Yes, all great scary movie openings but the narration and delivery was JV.

  16. Drag me to hell just pissed me off. Old bag really expected her to put her career on the line for a stranger? Then curses the poor girl to hell for not doing it. We even see at the old women's wake that she has plenty of family. Why not harass them to help with your mortgage? huh grandma? And her family seems to agree with their grandmas smiting of this innocent women. This movie wasn't scarry. It was infuriating. The movie just has you watch bad people get away with bad things.

  17. Honestly, I don't see Jaws as a scary movie.. I feel like movies about real creatures tone down how scary a movie really is because you already know what to expect when the monster shows up. But in movies like Insidious or the Conjuring, something new and horrifying is always around the corner.

  18. "JAWS" was edited by Genius Verna Fields ~ prior to that – it was a jumbled mess of celluloid ~ Fields created the Movie! Even Dreyfuss called it 'drek – pure drek' ……

  19. Just happy to see that little gem called DRAG ME TO HELL^^ why do many useless horror movies get sequels but the sequel of dmth never happened?!

  20. Candyman to me had the scariest opening scene even thought it was after the credits. I begged my uncle to let me watch it when I was 6 and after the opening sequence I knew I made a mistake. As an adult it probably wouldn’t have been so scary but has a kid it had a big impact on me. I was scared to go to the bathroom for years lol

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