The Shower – Psycho (5/12) Movie CLIP (1960) HD

The Shower – Psycho (5/12) Movie CLIP (1960) HD

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[ Screaming ] Ow! No!
[ScreamingContinues] No ! Aaah ! [ Screams ] [ High-Pitched Screaming ] [ Panting ] [ Shower Continues Running ] [ Norman ] Mother !
Oh, God, Mother ! Blood ! Blood !


  1. If a time machine is invented, I wanna go back to 1960 to watch the audience reaction to first seeing this scene in the theatres.

  2. Never never let them near the television set….

    And see and wait and see and wait and see…..

  3. And just like that, the slasher movie (a.k.a. the more sleazy, exploitative version of this movie) was born

  4. Anyone else knows that she is Jamie Lee Curtis’s mother who plays Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise

  5. I had such a great dose of pop culture that it was so funny that I never laughed so much with a classic horror movie scene.

  6. fun fact of the day: that was chocolate syrup as the blood cause the director said the scene might be too much for the audience so he used more fake looking blood swirling down the drain

  7. why do old films have this horrible choreographed scripted effect? it just looks fake and looks like a low budget movie

  8. I love the way Janet Leigh took off her robe and she was stark naked stepping into the shower feeling relaxed

  9. When I'm in the shower I'm afraid to wash my hair. I might open my eyes and see someone standing there. Because baby showers remind me of psycho too much.

  10. I remember watching this scene back when I was learning to shower for myself. It traumatized me. Everytime I finished I had to call my mom to make sure no one was there in front of the curtains

  11. She dies a slow and horrible death and as she grabs the curtain she falls over gasping for air. Her eyes wide open her throuht moving the slightest bit and the eary sound of the shower mixed with silence.

  12. this scene scared the hell out of me because on this scene some people didn't want to go in the shower again

  13. I still remember the first time i saw this masterpiece … I was only nine years old…mother with the knife and her coiffure…almost Like a Monster…leigh's panic eyes brought to death ; hermann's string glissandis perneating the knife's material and cut…cut…cut…the body falling, falling Down and the eye of a now corpse…like a galaxy of Death…that moment till now i knew what the world of shadows,.but fascinating , was !!!!

  14. if this happend nowadays she would fight him well okay yeah she was getting murdered but still like she grabbed his arm but how did she let go did she slip did she just accept her fate idk but she is so like wow u can tell she is wearing makeup in the shower lol gotta stay pretty

  15. E pensare che nessuno avrebbe finanziato un movie ?GRAN CAPOLAVORO DI ALFRED HITCHCOCK,,,,oltre a molti altri capolavori da lui prodotti ,,,,,,era avanti anni luce ….GENIAL

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