The Silence MONSTERS & Ending Explained

The Silence MONSTERS & Ending Explained

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Following the huge success of Bird Box, the
apocalypse has returned to Netflix, though this time it’s a swarm of prehistoric-style
creatures that threaten to wipe out humanity. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing behind-the-scenes secrets about the monsters in The Silence,
explaining who the sinister cult really are, and I’ll talk about how the movie compares
to A Quiet Place. Plus I’ll talk about how the movie compares
to A Quiet Place. Obviously, spoilers ahead, so take care if
you haven’t seen the film yet. The Silence’s pterodactyl-like monsters, the
Vesps, are unleashed when an archaeological expedition opens up an uncharted cave system
deep in the mountains. The Vesps are an undiscovered species that
had been sealed underground and so although they’re blind, they’ve evolved an acute sense
of hearing so they hunt their prey by sound. The movie’s producer said the filmmakers created
a mythology and back story for the monsters where after they got stuck in the cave system,
the Vesps “adjusted to living life in darkness with limited resources. They evolved and developed the ability to
shut down their system into a sort of stasis, and they didn’t need a lot of fuel to stay
alive.” After the Vesps escape into the world above,
they have access to a lot more food and are therefore able to reproduce much more quickly. As Ally discovers when she and her father
are at the pharmacy, these creatures lay eggs inside their victims. The Vesps’ physiology and design is inspired
by reptiles, bats, and birds, and they are meant to be a naturalistic species that could
have evolved on Earth. Director John Leonetti explained that they
researched “species that have been found in caves over the years and used that to make
the Vesps’ biology very realistic […] Their skin is translucent, they have wings
and they fly, but they also crawl and lay eggs like reptiles. A lot of scientific research went into the
design, the creation, and the computer animation of the creatures, right down to the detail
of every joint, every vessel, and every move they make.” The filmmakers have also said the monsters
are definitely not aliens or creatures from outer space, and they’re named after the Spanish
word for wasps, avispas, as they tend to swarm in large numbers, attacking their prey. The Vesps’ ability to evolve and reproduce
so quickly is their strength, and as we see at the very end of the movie, even though
it’s reported they don’t like extreme cold, some of them are now making their way north
and surviving. Ally who made it to the Refuge, which is located
in a snowy, cold area, is now hunting down Vesps which have invaded the territory. And what’s most scary is that the Vesps have
been laying their eggs in the animals they’ve killed in the area, for example, this wolf. It seems like a pretty grim apocalyptic ending,
but Ally suggests there is a possibility that humanity could survive this disaster and beat
the monsters that are slowly overtaking the world. “So, will the rest of humanity evolve? Will we adapt to this new world of silence
and remember what it is that separates us from them? Maybe. I guess it’s just a question of which of the
two species does it first.” According to Ally, she herself is proof it’s
possible for humans to evolve. After an accident where she lost her hearing,
she explains that her father was surprised that she adapted so quickly. And as a result of that, Ally and her family
learned to communicate with sign language, which meant they seemed more equipped to live
in a world where silence means safety and noise leads to danger, even death. The final scene, which has a touch of The
Hunger Games about it, shows that Ally has figured out one way to kill the creatures
is using a bow and arrow, which is obviously much quieter than a gun. That’s also why earlier in the movie Hugh
fashioned a wooden spear as a weapon for Jude to use. At the end of the day, though, given how rapidly
the creatures seem to multiply laying so many eggs, surviving families would really need
a larger scale solution such as the wood chipper Ally’s father used earlier in the film. As well as the Vesps, The Silence also has
a group of human antagonists who the family have to deal with. Following Ally and her father’s trip to the
pharmacy, they have their first encounter with the creepy Reverend who tries to get
them to join his flock. The Reverend leads a group or cult called
The Hushed who’ve cut out their own tongues and later they turn up at the place where
Ally and her family are staying to pressure them again to join their cult. This time it’s even more creepy though because
the Reverend reveals he’s after Ally in particular because she’s fertile. It’s never stated explicitly, but it seems
the cult may be collecting young women to use them to breed and swell their own numbers
and repopulate the earth after the Apocalypse. By the way, this is a change from the original
book by Tim Lebbon where the cult wanted Ally so they could learn to sign and communicate
silently. The Hushed also seem to be part of a broader
religious reaction to the unleashing of this apocalyptic world. At one point in the movie when Ally is on
her tablet, we see headlines that say religious extremists have been breeding the creatures
to hasten the end of the world or what they see as Judgement Day. They’ve also been burning atheists alive and
one preacher is reported as saying humanity is the plague and Vesps are the cure. In fact, when Ally calls her boyfriend Rob,
he’s coughing and looks like he’s holed up somewhere trying to keep safe. Rob tells Ally his parents are dead and I
wonder if that’s because they’ve been attacked by religious fanatics? The Silence also plays on the idea of this
religious cult as terrorists when they send a young girl into the house wearing a suicide
vest made up of cell phones ready to go off. OK, so, you’ve no doubt heard a lot of people
saying this movie’s a rip-off of A Quiet Place. Before I explain why A Quiet Place is definitely
a much better film, it’s worth noting that The Silence was actually adapted from a book
written by Tim Lebbon which was published before A Quiet Place came out, so it’s not
a rip-off even if the premise is similar. The way A Quiet Place executed the idea though
is much better. It has a much tighter story focussing on just
one family with barely any other characters or speaking in the movie and so the tension
in that film is really dialled up to the max as the family avoids making even a tiny noise
for fear of attracting the monsters stalking the land. The Silence, by contrast, is all over the
place. The family mostly talks even when they’re
signing and the story moves way too quickly taking the family from the suburbs, to the
countryside and then on to the Refuge in less than 90 minutes, with a side plot of religious
extremism along the way. On top of that, each death in A Quiet Place
has much more impact than those in The Silence. That’s because The Silence’s characters are
underdeveloped so you don’t care as much about what happens to them, and although the religious
cult side story is potentially interesting, it comes late in the film and feels rushed
through. Also, many points which come up in the film
are left hanging, for example, the fact that the electric grid and internet seems to be
randomly working and then sometimes not. Is it because the creatures have been taking
down power lines? I mean we see them massing on power lines,
or is it something else? Like both A Quiet Place and Bird Box showed,
the idea of a creature preying on one of your senses can set up a very interesting horror
movie and The Silence, like those two other films, also has a good cast including Kiernan
Shipka, Stanley Tucci and Miranda Otto. Unfortunately, they can only really do their
best with the material they’re given which doesn’t live up to either A Quiet Place or
Bird Box. A Quiet Place also did a great job casting
a talented deaf actress as one of the main characters, whereas some in the deaf community
have criticised The Silence for using a hearing actress in the role of Ally as well as for
an inconsistent and sometimes unrealistic approach to both signing and lip reading and
the fact that there’s much more to being deaf than simply sign language. On the positive side, The Silence does a decent
job with the design and look of the Vesps and they do work quite effectively. On that note, if you’re interested in monster
design, tap here to check out my Quiet Place Monsters Explained video. So, what did you think of The Silence and
how it compares to A Quiet Place or Bird Box? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed this and want more deep dives,
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to like. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!


  1. "A smelly place": humanity has survived for a thousand years of the vesp infestation by evolving a new language entirely consisting of quiet, but smelly farts

  2. I feel it is kind of stupid that people rip on the sign language because in real life they could develop some signs that only their family knows.

  3. I don't like monster movie which end up with plot that human is more scary / evil than monster. Is like watch a ghost movie but end up human is more evil than ghost.

  4. I actually loved and enjoyed this movie. But I do wished that it was a series instead of a movie so that everything wasn't so rush and so we could've got more back story on the main characters.

  5. Well…Why not just unleash a disease that humanity can take vaccines for or are immune to on the Vesps? Or maybe steal a Vesp egg inject diseases into it and releases it with other Vesps so that when it mates its offspring will carry the disease and so on they will die out?

  6. Me and my friends know bits and pieces of sign language because we think it’s fun to terrorize people when we do it, and we know sorry very well and I’m not sure if it was correct or not, they’re saying “I’m sorry” with the thumb down but when we say “ sorry” are thumbs are up. I’m not sure that cause these are different that the hand ways mean different things or that they made up some parts

  7. a quiet place where suddenly the world army is gone for some reason and scientist the can easily figure out a way to kill all this alien are all missing and no one thought of the Navy's capability to fight the aliens and what are the nukes for decorations?

  8. The happening:you can"t smell
    A quiet place:you can"t make noise
    Bird box:you can"t see
    The silence:you can"t make noise
    Me:what next,a movie where you can"t poo?

  9. A quiet place:alien origin
    Birdbox:supernatural being
    The happening:a high evolution plant
    The silence:ancient creature
    What next?

  10. The movie was okay but the concept was stupid. Sorry shes deaf that doesnt mean she doesnt make noise. She would actually be more vulnerable because she cant hear if shes making noise.

  11. Didnt anyone else see a connection to “Pitch Black?” Particularly the scene where they erupt from the ground.

  12. Yeah, if a cult leader came and threatened me over my daughter, he better be prepared since I have trained a few vasps and they are very protective of our family. Idiot.

  13. nah i like both films.its cool how it takes a look if the monsters from quiet place were actually killable and were flying.ofcours its just my opinion yours might be difrent.

  14. What can I say…yes a quiet place better…but..A quiet place and the silent absolutely 2 different movie under my own understanding…1st quiet place was alien…and silent earth creatures…2nd the sensitivity of the hearing of the creature also different…the alien was much2 more sensitive hearing more than a bat and can even hear a very lowest sound but sensitive to high pitch…the vasp the hearing is more like their sensitivity of the loud sound also like bat which mean the hate a very loud sound and this can be explained went the thunder they are all scattered..

  15. They should make the silence part two becouse the ending was kinda a cliff hanger so they should make a part two here's how many peopke want a part two


  16. The US government would quickly figure how to kill them. Corporations world-wide would be in full gear to build the biggest mass of wood-chippers while all available ones by local & state ground & park keepers would be told to turn all of them on to attract & kill em in mass. Backup plans by the military would be in place such as garrison fortified buildings & sound-traps on the East Coast.

  17. My theory is that the vesps evolved into the monsters in a quiet place. But in the evolving process, they lost their wings.

  18. Easy way to kill the vesps?! Or how to kill the vesps?! I will say, a big speaker in the middle of a footbol field and fire from many sides, or snow machine gents !!

  19. U must be thinking why the ending of the silence where the wolf is dead and why they put a closeup on it because the silence creatures made eggs with the animal then when the eggs hatched it don't look like the creatures they turned into the creatures from a quite place and they said they are overtaking there world when they finished that a new monster appeared in the world the a quiet place creature

  20. Ty for providing a quick and clean explanation of the movie!! I was not gonna watch this dudes 20 min video tf LOL

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  22. If they can fly but they're blind, why don't they accidentally fly into trees and shit all the time? Maybe they use echolocation like bats …but then surely they would just use that to hunt the humans rather than waiting for a sound.

  23. So we have sight and hearing down as senses that kill you in movies:
    Here are some ideas

    Silent but deadly (killer smell)

    Hands off (deadly touch)

    Refined palate (lethal taste)

    Which one???

  24. I think the vesp evolved to the quiet place creatures and the refuge was destroyed and only that family made it out alive now I don’t remember the story of a quiet place that well and this is a threory

  25. TBH what a lot of people don't understand is that something like this would happen so fast we wouldn't know how they detect. so like this and a quiet place where sounds = death. we as a civilization would die in the millions before we know what hit us. Cars/planes/powerlines/music/talking/screaming much much more would kill us faster then ever. if u pay any attention to what the new was saying as they are trying to figure out whats going on. no one knows whats happening what they are or anything. Just think about it if this would happen now like Right now. take your headset off and lesion to all the sounds from outside in indoors. from birds, bugs, dogs, kids, tv and or radios. they will hear all these sounds and go for them as it shows it looks like millions or hounded of thousands came from the cave they would take to the skies and swarm towns and cities so fast and with people screaming and crying seeing loved ones dying right in front of them = more sounds and death. it would take us a day or so to figure out how they hunt or even longer if communication is still up and running. so to clear this all up give it about a week before we figure it out and by then millions would be dead and we will be fucked.

  26. i would say silence is more peacfull cuz you can kill them while quiet place you cant even hurt them with their shield on

  27. In a quiet place it was atleast plausible that humanity would be almost extinct by those monster but in this movie you can kill them with a fucking bow. I find it hard to believe these things almost killed humanity.

  28. My question was how did they get out of the americas. They kill WAY to fast to travel in a plane or a boat. I guess if some crazies randomly brought them in that could do it but the outbreak would be so much smaller and seeing what happened in the US should be pretty easy to contain.

  29. The monsters are just the engineerer xenomorph from .. Prometheus I think, but with wings,
    also rips off quiet place but does everything that was hated about that movie instead of everything quiet place did well

  30. bruh you can't say "a quiet place is much better" when I don't think so. other people have opinions too, not just you.

  31. I agree this would work much better as a show, as soon as the movie gets going it ends with a super unsatisfying and it seems super rushed

  32. Get a hundred which heifers activate the noise and then old creatures will go inside and die or just put a poisonous chemical in there no wait that will kill the humans or that thing with flies you know that electric fly lamp thing to zap the creatures and put a noise on there I just put an electric fence around a church bell something that's really loud

  33. I feel like the silence was too short and I feel like they should have explored the hushed people more but whatevEr

  34. For me the quiet place looks like silence but the second movie because they said how the people or the vesps will evolve faster. Thats just what i think pkz dont hate XD

  35. I would like to know what the fuck the military and the UN was doing for most this movie. They showed up at the beginning (just the military) and they were never mentioned again.

  36. Silence in A Quiet Place while in a Birdbox until it's Pitch Black while listening for Tremors so Hush. Do it Hollywood 👍

  37. Realistically, those creatures have flaws and can't outlive humanity:
    They can't take the cold, so winters mean mass death; also, they can't take the northern route to Europe and Asia.
    They are mostly limited to North and South America because I doubt they can fly very long distances and can swim.
    Grinders can be built to kill them in masses like it is shown in the movie. Given how much the world is connected, the unaffected part of the world can do the manufacturing with all the noise they need, then send them off to America by ships playing Heavy metal to attract them.
    Alternatively, it's 2019 people, bio weapons are real. Just catch a few, experiment, develop ebola for them and sit back.

  38. To put out TWO similar movies should make the world wonder “what do they know”… “are they trying to tell us something”… even the book of revelation speaks about a swarm of flying scorpion like species that were ordered from heaven to sting those who don’t believe in Christ for 5 months (Rev. 9:10), it’s time for everyone to come together and live in peace… these are the last days we’re living… lots of dark things are happening around the world.. repent my brothers & sisters.. Jesus is coming back very soon.. he’s giving us time to get our lives cleaned up.. repent & accept the Lord Jesus as your personal savior before it’s too late❤️

  39. The idea that these things could even come close to posing any significant risk to humanity as a whole is just utterly stupid.

    I can buy it as a family escape / horror / drama, but the movie wants me to believe that these things actually stand a ghost of a chance of becoming a threat to our survival? Borderline insane.

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