1. Im guessing this movie is kind of like babadook, where it uses horrific situations as a representation of a disorder. in this case Drug addiction in a Rehab clinic. Seems pretty cool ^^

  2. Every horror movie trailer ever…

    Starts of nice and calm > somethings not right > screaming > blood > music gets all quiet > BOOM someone's screaming > end of trailer.

  3. hmmm…i wanna say this film was made like 3 years ago as i could swear i recognize the trailer with 3 people (mff) trapped in some secluded skyscraper near an ocean.

  4. This movie tries too hard to be enigmatic. Way too hard. Hated the ending mainly I absolutely hate movies in which someone gets away with murder.

  5. Looks like they filmed the whole thing in one apartment. Talk about low budget. Haven't seen the movie yet but it seems that 3 people went into a flat and got really stoned

  6. I just tried to watch this movie… i had to actually turn it off towards the end… Its so bad. I've seen some fucked up movies but this one is just gross.. its not even scary, its just gross..

  7. just watch this movie, and I must say it's a decent pile of shit in your face in the worst way. I get what they were trying to do, but they ended up doing themselves, HARD really HARDDDD.

  8. Yep… Pissed! I Demand The Time I Spent On This Piece Of You Know What, BACK!!!!! Then, Again. .. My Fault, I Got Snared 😠

  9. Can anyone recommend a good recent movie that does not involve any unnatural activities, evil superpowers, beautiful women that are possessed, stupid laughing kids in the background? Just a real ass white man that kills people with his bare hands??

  10. Nao assistam ,puta que pariu ruim é pouco ,imagina voce ficar preso num predio que noa tem escadas kkkkk ai inves dos cara escapar eles querem comer fezes kkkkk um filme que os personagens no maximo falan dez frases e olha la .por favor se voce tiver alguma parte que se chama cerebro no seu corpo nao assistam ou assistam e vejam por voce mesmo ,mas nao faça isso no domingo para trabalhar na segunda feira ou estudar ..

  11. i've watch it, and its a waste of time, low budget movie. they trapped themselves in a room and they cant get out. until hunger strikes them and the protagonist girl ate a portion of the guy in the movie. the lady protagonist is psychotic and molested by her dad when she was young. there is no paranormal here, only a crazy girl. dont watch it.

  12. This movie was horrible. We didn't know what was going on the entire time the movie was playing. It was so sloppy and there was barely a setting or a conflict. I looked the movie up and it told me one sentence about the movie. Don't spend your money to buy this. It was really cheesy and dumb.

  13. Can't say I liked it, but I wont say I hated it either. I was honestly as confused as some other people were with it. I didn't have another movie to watch, so I did watch until the end. The ending didn't hold my attention either. Pass on this movie unless you don't have anything better to do. XD

  14. The brown hair girl looked like she needed to take a shit since the first minute of the movie. After 20 minutes of looking at her face like that I had to turn it off

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