‘The Tyler Oakley Show’: A Haunted House with Hannah Hart

‘The Tyler Oakley Show’: A Haunted House with Hannah Hart

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[MUSIC] Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and
I’m here with Hannah Hart.>>Yay it’s me.>>Hannah.>>Tyler.>>This is going to be
the end of our lives.>>This is the end of our friendship for
sure.>>Today, to celebrate Halloween we are here at Universal
Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Are you afraid of anything?>>Everything, I don’t do this stuff.>>[LAUGH] But
like specifically, like clowns?>>Yes.>>A chain saw?>>Yeah.>>A Trump supporter?>>Yes.>>All of the above are inside right now. Hannah’s here to promote her book. It’s the best thing ever. What’s it called?>>Buffering,
Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded.>>Hannah, I think the only thing scarier
than not having the book is what’s inside. Are you ready?>>I’m not at all ready.>>Let’s do this.>>Aah.>>I don’t like it already.>>I don’t like this at all.>>Aah. It’s okay.
What if he’s real?>>This is fine.>>Okay.
>>Aah>>[LAUGH]>>[NOISE] already.>>Tyler!>>I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-
>>I can’t see anything! Okay. We’re fine.>>Okay. We’re good.>>Aah!>>[LAUGH]
>>[SOUND] No.>>Tyler stop saying we’re good,
you’re jinxing us.>>I don’t like them.>>I don’t like any of this,
my gosh, my gosh, woah!>>I’m over that.>>I don’t want to see it,
thank you for your time.>>It’s loud.>>Okay.>>It’s so loud.>>[NOISE]
>>It’s fine, that’s fine, you’re fine.>>My gosh get some Winterfresh. This is fine.>>This is fine.>>This is fine.>>There’s nothing in
here it’s just a stroll. [SOUND] I hate it.>>I hate it so much, taking a stroll. Are you a person?>>Hello?>>Aah! [CROSSTALK] The other way,
the other way, the other way. Hello, goodbye.>>Aah!>>I hate this. I will actually-
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Did you just hear that?>>Yeah, it’s okay.>>This is fine. Aah!>>Aah! [LAUGH]
>>Thank you. Good bye. Thank you. Okay, we’re good, we’re good, we’re good. We’re good, we’re good.>>We’re good.>>Aah!>>[LAUGH]
>>Was that children singing? There’s nothing more- aah!>>Aah.>>No, this should be changed.>>Aah.
>>Okay, you are done.>>No thank you.>>I don’t look at her. That’s gonna be something. That’s a mirror, that’s a mirror. They’re gonna be-
>>Aah!>>Aah. [LAUGH]
>>This is your worst nightmare.>>Okay so far, so good.>>You again! [SOUND]
>>Aah! [LAUGH] Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.>>Aah!>>So he’s so he’s behind a thing,
he’s behind a thing!>>All right.>>Okay, we’re good,
we’re good, we’re good. Was I-
>>Aah!>>Your hand, okay.>>Aah!>>Well, I’ll just be.>>Aah!>>Dude, we’ve had enough of you!>>[LAUGH]
>>Aah!>>No.>>I knew he was there. Smoking kills.>>Aah! This is not good.>>You’re done. No, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your fun. [MUSIC] Aah!>>I’m done I’m done, my god,
okay, we’re good, we’re good.>>No, no.>>That’s fine. Aah! [LAUGH] Okay, thank you.>>Thank you.>>We did it. Is it the end? My God.>>Thank God.>>I hated everything about it.>>My God, I’ve never been so
happy to be outside.>>My throat->>Hey.>>Okay. [LAUGH]
>>No.>>Yeah.>>I’d say thank you so much for
having me, but I just don’t feel that way.>>That’s okay. If you guys liked this video- [SCREAM]>>I- don’t. If you like this video, give it
a thumbs up, and go get Hannah’s book. Okay, I love you guys, bye.>>Bye. [MUSIC]



  2. Is the camera guy like immune to scares? He's not screaming, the camera isn't shaking in fear, major props to camera dude. He's mad brave 😂

  3. Sorry we can't help you see ya
    Hella funny
    Everytime they say it's fine or were good something pops up and scares the f*** out of them

  4. all the Ellen show for haunted house this one are the best one i just love it and i laught till almost fall on my bed👍👍👍👍

  5. Why when you watch something YouTube or just other vids everything got to be political about Trump and the ones that support him I’m just about to give up on watching anything and everything . Can we start talking about other thing that is better then political shit 🤨 just go in the damn hunted house dammit show some scares 😱

  6. Hey theyre ahving a good time! Thats not funny! Andy was waaaay better…who decided to send the conan o'brian-milhouse hybrid??

  7. Tyler laugh is so fucking funny he’s not scared😂 he’s just keep on laughing all the time😂😆 I would love to go there this is Fucking Jokes Wellcome to my world Bitch😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  8. Just saying Ellen um you should send Andy to the walking dead it's ok but if not the scariest haunted house like usual

  9. “What’s that? Is that children singing?? There’s nothing worse than children singing.” I PEED MY PANTS😂😂

  10. Ellen I know you won’t see this but but please send someone to the basement of the dead it’s a really good haunted house I loved it there

  11. How many Freddy Kruger actors can their be in 1 hounted house? Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Jason (finaly), Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, no eye girl, Freddy, Freddy… thanks for watching and buy this book and BOOM! Freddy

  12. I think tiffany haddish should go here…I love her…she's gonna turn this hunted house into a hood🤣🤣

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