The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Hunt or Be Hunted] Tribute

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Hunt or Be Hunted] Tribute

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you recognize this medallion you know what it means back off it might want to apologize for what might the monster wish to apologize to a Witcher for killing though at times it is no choice when loved ones with risk and require protection same as humans put them in that situation they’ll kill to thank you for coming the wild hunt will be here soon they’re coming for ciri own taker will stop them timely the hunted became the hunters I won’t let them take you you know that exposing me all the danger unnecessarily you worry too much I don’t like it any more than you do believe me but the thought that Siri is in danger yes and doubts play your mind although your instance should they steer you wrong and land you and muck you land at peace with yourself gotta ask you the big question one wonders about what happens after death it’s rather hard to explain I felt something very unsettling something I can’t even name for I did no reasoning you have to rebirth did I begin to understand them what I had felt was cold and unimaginable fear it’s time they’ll catch this anyway you’ll see they’ll catch us and kill us in which case we’ll die with dignity weapons in hand not tied to a stake begging for mercy what the hell your hope I find it doesn’t get drink get these bastards with pleasure count compared to time your child I can see who seamless sanam is quite a bit while I was absent true enough


  1. Wow, so amazing U deserve millions of viwers
    U know try sometime when U making a great video like this to not add any spioler so maybe CDPR share your video on Facebook and a lot of guys will know you like they did with medy, because you really deserve that
    I'm looking forward for your next videos <3

  2. This is so beautiful. And emotional. And sums up Geralt so much. And the game. It#s beautiful. Thank you for makeing these videos I frequently come to rewatch them. <3 🙂

  3. Stunning video 😉 this made me want replay the game and dlc's again! awesome as always i did not expect less from you 😉

  4. Very nice! Hope to see more like this! Felt very professional. Proper music fitting to the saga, well chosen scenes and dialogue.

  5. What can I say… It's just great. Love your videos!
    I've made my own tribute video, so, check this out if you're interested 🙂

  6. ok man lets be real now. you are good okay, maybe even the best witcher 3 tribute creator on youtube, i have commented many times on other videos of yours but i dont believe they mach this, i can see the amount of effort you put into this video and i have much respect for you, great music choice and the music seems to line up with the game visuals, great job as always, keep up the good work.

  7. I have seen all your Witcher 3 videos and those are insanely amazing. just wana ask if there is any chance for you to create a tribute for The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone ? it will be super amazing !!

  8. 1000 subs? Errr what the fuck?

    You literally deserve 1000000000, these editing skills are superb and all your other videos truly articulate the emotion of Witcher. Meanwhile people who make 5 seconds clips of them singing in the god damn mirror get 1000000 subscribers ._.

  9. Perfect job mate but why the hell is gamma set so damn high? Everything's shining like a dog's balls, makes it look very unrealistic :/

  10. I have often expressed how I want more and more DLC for Witcher 3, and have little interest in Cyberpunk 2077, but your video reminds of how much incredible content Witcher 3 already has!! Great job my friend! I really enjoyed this video a lot 😀

  11. For 2 years I avoided the witcher because I thought it wouldn't be my kind of game while in fact, it was the game I was waiting for my whole life.

  12. Two swords. One for monsters and one for men…. well technically, I mostly used both for monsters among both sides 😛

  13. I bought the game two weeks ago and it really got me hooked. Already have like 150h in two playthroughs and damn it… I want more…. Much more…. like – you know – endlessly more….

  14. If Dettlaf and Regis had joined the party at kaer morhen, the wild hunt would have been fucked right there 😀

    and btw; did netflix already ask you to do their trailer for the upcoming series? Great work here. 😀

  15. amazing.. nice cut in epic scene.. but i expected o dimm ll say "becareful what you are wishing for" and add more heart of stone cutscene of desperate man who lost his heart

  16. Detlaf (I think I spelt that wrong) was just an instrument toyed with the emotions so he is innocent in my opinion so I never killed him in my first play through my second I did to experience the legendary battle

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