1. "it's said this ghost only appears as a warning of eminent disaster"
    I love interestingly timed ads.

  2. You forgot the story about Yongle the Emperor who built the Forbidden City, he heard rumors that one of his favorite concubines had an affair with a Eunuch and decided to round them up, all 2.800 of them, as young as 12 years old and killed them by slicing ( death by a 1000 cuts ) and then he spread a rumor that she had been poisoned. He was so humiliated that he also killed everyone who knew about the affair. another concubine Lady Cui as well as 15 other concubines was hung with white silk on the day of Yongles funeral. So there is way more than what you told that is haunting the Forbidden City.

  3. I’ve walked that stairway in Sighisoara Romania and even through that same graveyard at night! It was beautiful and the perfect Halloween scene!

  4. The flying dutchman is a very Nice dutch urban legend, if You understand dutch is the yt channel "raar maar waar" a good channel to listen creepypasta's and urban legends, the urban legends are from Holland it self

  5. As a Dutchie myself i have seen the most spirits in East Africa and South-East Asia! The haunted EU Hotspot is the UK! My town nearby Amsterdam is also very haunted! Not even 100 years ago this area was the sea… we have alot of strange windy weather, cold spots, ppl complain about ghost! Living on a seabed is kinda weird ?

  6. As a South African, visitors on Table Mountain would be lucky to encounter ghosts and not the criminals that frequently rob and kill people hiking up the mountain. Since the ANC took over in 1994, the country has been circling the drain with ridiculous amounts of crime, incompetence, black on white racism, corruption, etc.

  7. @0.42 seconds “some say” AKA Romania’s department of tourism because who the fuck goes to Romania…?

    Edit: I’ve been to both Salam and Gettysburg. I saw a re-enactment of the Salam witch trials when I was very young and didn’t realize it was pretend. When all those girls freaked out and pointed at the devil, I lost my little baby mind and screamed and cried bloody murder. At Gettysburg, (illegally) I removed a medium sized stone from within the earth that had powder burns on it, so burnt it wouldn’t wash off. Soon there after I lost my job, my wife left me, my health failed me, I was held in a psychiatric ward for 19 days because of a suicide attempt, and I’ve fallen into desperate poverty. THEN I learned of a curse laid in those that remove objects from Gettysburg and read accounts from others that were identical to my own problems. I mailed the rock back to Gettysburg and asked they place the stone back on the field of honor. Too little too late, I remain cursed and nothing will save me. DONT TOUCH A N Y T H I N G AT GETTYSBURG!

  8. You talk of music, pipes,and other sounds people have heard! But we never get to hear them. Another you might want to add to your list is St Augustine, Fl. Was there! Caught incredible photos, that I didn't see till after I reviewed my camera! Wow! It's totally incredible !Should be on every bucket list! ?

  9. I’m from New Orleans and growing up here if you didn’t know someone with a haunted house growing up you just didn’t have enough friends. I’ve seen too many things to question the after life.

  10. 7 – I know theres a thousand different versions to the story of the flying dutchman, but there was one that I read that I found really interesting. in this one the ship was caught in a storm as they tried to sail around the cape, and the crew begged the captain to go to port until the storm passed. he refused and vowed to defeat even god and make his way. after that they say that a holy figure appeared on the ship. whether it was the angel of god or god himself is unclear, but van der decken refused to kneel and even shot at the figure. after that he was cursed to sail the seas for eternity, never finding port. also its said that after his crew all died they were replaced by animate skeletons.

    its a pretty wild tale, but interesting none the less.

  11. What about London ? London must have thousands of ghosts, from those in the Tower to those haunting the Underground Railway, the famous "Tube" !

  12. BF lived in gettysburg for the better part of his life and never seen or heard a ghost at all, he even did undergrad at the college

  13. Philippines should be on this list because all school here are haunted. All Schools here were used to be graveyard/cemetery. Maybe one of the requirements when founding a school. Haha

  14. I can vouch that Gettysburg and Edinburgh are very haunted from first hand experience, but I am surprised St Augustine, FL and Savannah, GA didnt make the list above New Orleans. They are both more haunted than New Orleans. St Augustine is the oldest city in the US and is basically a mass burial ground all over the city.

  15. I can't get past the way you chose to pronounce the word "necklace"… That was the best part of the entire video IMO haha

  16. Whats this !?!? A ghostly female wearing a pale blue dress instead of the traditional white dress ? Why, thats unheard of.

  17. You can do a whole other video on this subject alone.You missed places like st. Augustine, FL, Myrtle's Plantation, the Suicide Pool in Britain- all kinds of spots, to many to name.

  18. Victoria British Columbia Canada is also know to be one of the most haunted, being the inspiration for the true movie made called "Michelle Remembers" I have lived in at least 3 haunted homes here with some pretty unnerving memories!

  19. I grew up in Edinburgh and have never personally experienced any of that. Lots of lore about Greyfriars, but there are other very creepy places off the tourist trail that only a local would know.

  20. “Headless Templar knight”
    Which crusade did this man participate in for he must be the mightiest of them all

  21. Getting ready to go to New Orleans my favorite city in the U.S. Have been on several ghost tours and have pictures of ghost from different locations. So yes I can attest to New Orleans is haunted. Hope to get to Gettysburg soon. Great video carry on.

  22. Haha I love the way Callan pronounced necklace. ..like two words neck…lace rather than how it should sound neckliss. ..

  23. Some of these buildings look so creepy!!! This video has some really cool facts in it as well. Very interesting stuff… Thanks for another great video slapped ham!! Keep it up!! ☺?

  24. You should look into doing Dudley town , Ct. I live in ct and it's the most haunted place it's completely closed off and if you enter you will get fined from the police and it's said it's eerily dead silent in the town no my even animals are there no birds cheering no nothing just completely empty and cars mysteriously die or have issues while there as well

  25. Happy belated Halloween ? Kallen! Unfortunately, I haven't been well, so I'm a little behind! Sorry man!!!
    Great show as always!
    I will be anxiously awaiting your next episode!!
    Have a great week Kallen! Enjoy Football Sunday!!

  26. How on Earth have u guys come to this conclusion???? Obviously, U haven't really looked around the whole world to check worse places than these… Here's a hint: Check out India!!!!!!

  27. Callan, Poveglia Island is off limits to all , unless one gets special permission to visit the island. That is much easier said than done. Very very few are ever granted permission to go there.

  28. I live in Malta, a small island near Sicily. We have many haunted cities here, especially our former capital city Mdina, a city called Birgu and our current capital city, Valletta. All extremely haunted. Pretty much most of our island is haunted 🙁

  29. Is that Jack Skellington at 6:15?!!? ??

    Also, there’s a small town in Maine called Carmel that seems to be extremely haunted…..just search for Ghosts of Carmel, Maine & you’ll see what I mean!!
    *Tip* It’s best to start at the beginning & then catch up to the most recent ones!!)

  30. They should send the refugees to that haunted island. And how is a place in Mexico not on the list , mexico is like one big giant haunted house . tijuana is a creepy place

  31. Cape Town
    Where the ghost of Ryden (Ryan Ross x Brendon Urie, both from Panic! At the disco) is

  32. Since when was Gettysburg the bloodiest battle in history. Come on dude, you need to do your research instead of ploughing all this nonsense.

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