These Must-Watch Horror Films Have Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores

These Must-Watch Horror Films Have Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores

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Horror is one of the genres most often maligned
by critics. On one hand, that’s because a lot of horror
movies are pretty awful, and they earn their bad reviews. But there are also plenty of great horror
films that happen to be critical failures. The average viewer might avoid some of these
movies for their low Rotten Tomatoes scores, but that number can be deceiving. Here are just a few of horror cinema’s critical
failures that are actually worth your time. Lords of Salem While 2013’s Lords of Salem might not reach
the levels of exploitation nirvana that director Rob Zombie achieved in The Devil’s Rejects,
it’s perhaps his most interesting project, the surreal tale of a woman who finds herself
in the snares of a centuries-in-the-making plot initiated by a coven of witches. Critics slapped it with a low rating on Rotten
Tomatoes, complaining that it failed to deliver the scares it seemed to promise. To be fair, that’s not an incorrect observation. Relatively free of gore, the film is instead
something of an experimental tone piece, resulting in a hypnotic, atmospheric film that’s sure
to unsettle and intrigue viewers willing to embrace abstract thrills. Dead Silence Considering the fact that James Wan’s filmography
contains classics like Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring, if Dead Silence is known as
his worst film, that’s still not too much of a knock. While far from perfect, it utilizes the classic
horror technique of taking things that are already frightening in real life, in this
case, ventriloquists and their terrifying puppets, and then making them the sources
of actual supernatural phenomena. Even a middling horror movie is going to be
pretty scary when the protagonist is facing a ghost ventriloquist who cuts the tongues
out of her victims. “Your voice is mine now.” All things considered, it’s admittedly not
anything special in terms of plot or writing, which is likely why it didn’t stick with the
critics who gave it such a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But boasting some great production design,
a perfectly solid cast, and a killer twist ending, Dead Silence is still a fun little
entry in the filmography of a director who has helped shape mainstream horror over the
last decade. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Occasionally a movie’s poor Rotten Tomatoes
score is less indicative of a lack of quality and more an indicator of a film’s divisiveness. Among these films is All the Boys Love Mandy
Lane, which, according to The Washington Post, was shot in 2006 and then delayed for seven
years. It’s a polarizing effort that boasts a critical
reception split almost down the middle. Detractors felt it was nothing more than a
run-of-the-mill slasher movie, while fans of the film praise its innovative visuals
and storytelling restraint. The story centers around a group of teens
who invite the super-popular Mandy Lane to a secluded ranch for a weekend getaway, and
quickly find themselves being picked off one by one by a deranged stalker. The movie seems to take no delight in its
kills, instead making the audience recognize the gravity of each. Even if you find the movie to be a failure,
it’s an interesting one for sure. Jennifer’s Body There’s something to be said for a movie that
knows what it is, and the 2009 horror romp Jennifer’s Body knows exactly what it is:
the kind of film you’d watch with your friends late at night. It tells the story of a rock band’s satanic
ritual gone wrong, leaving high school “It Girl” Jennifer possessed by a demon that feeds
on the flesh of men. “Jennifer’s evil. “I know.” “No, I’m mean she’s actually evil. Not high school evil.” Featuring a stellar cast, the most quotable
horror movie script in decades, and a killer soundtrack, it’s some of the most fun you
can have watching a modern horror movie. “I am not insecure, needy, God, that’s a joke. How could I ever be insecure? I was the snowflake queen.” Unfortunately, critics weren’t quite sure
what to make of it in 2009, and it’s got a bummer of a Rotten Tomatoes score. Jennifer’s Body isn’t quite old enough to
have built up a cult following or to have received a critical reevaluation, but we get
the feeling it’s coming. This flick, like a fine wine, will only get
better with age. Nightbreed Advertised as a traditional slasher film,
Nightbreed confused critics by giving the audience a dark horror fantasy that feels
more like a great young adult novel. That’s not to say it skimps on the scares,
it just happens to also contain the worldbuilding and character arcs you’d find in blockbuster
franchises these days. The story focuses on the human world clashing
with an underground city, the home of the undead creatures known as the Nightbreed. “And that means you’re meat for the beast.” The film came out about 20 years too early,
and it found itself in the hands of critics who weren’t quite sure what to make of it. While it sits with a terrible rating on Rotten
Tomatoes, Nightbreed is still very much worth your time. It’s fun, innovative, and totally singular.


  1. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is such an amazing film with great cinematography and an awesome soundtrack. Plus, it is a really thought provoking horror film on body issues and hypermasculnity.

  2. Honestly, rotton tomatoes is on a really bad streaks right now. Eapecially their boycotting of Venom. I used to rely on critical scoring but now ive lost repect for it.

  3. How the hell was all the boys loves Mandy lane hold back untill 2014. I saw that movie in what i'm guessing was 2008

  4. You get a thumbs up for including Lords of Salem, Rob Zombies most underrated film…and NightBreed is just an underrated gem of a movie

  5. do you know what a good horror movie ?

    there only one good in the whole bunch and Jennifer movie was very stupid and boring

  6. Can we please stop going on what rotten tomatoes says. It doesn't mean anything. One person's opinion will always differ to another's. Watch a fill because you want to or you like it, don't just go on some website.

  7. Dead Silence is a great movie, even though it made me mad when he screamed at the end. He held it in the whole movie then screamed when it wasn't even scary….shocking yes but nothing to scream about

  8. Jennifer Body is actually the best solo movie of Megan Fox and is acting is not really that bad I mean for her and the script is not bad probably watch again

  9. I dont know what preschool Rotten Tomatoes dug up to "rate" movies, but they are completely brain dead. Too many horror movies that are great, in most eyes, are rated poorly. Rotten Tomatoes sucks!!!

  10. NIGHTBREED is on the same list as sh*t like jennifer's body!!????????
    It's a total classic!
    They should have made a nightbreed tv show at least!

  11. Why does everyone like Dead Silence suddenly. It's bad. Saw Nightbreed a few years ago on Netflix, I was too young when it came but my sister remembered it quite well and it was good.

  12. Night breed still a favorite if ever there is a remake please more in depth to the story and longer. The night breed are heroes in my book.

  13. Haha Loved Dead Silence, that ending was spot on for the story. Forgot the name but the horror film with the tooth fairy was also good even though it was pg-13, nothing spectacular bit still good.
    Also I think most people didn't get into Jennifer's body because of the lead actress and everything else was just an excuse.

  14. Rotten tomatoes? Not a good deal if you want to see good movies. Cabin in the woods more than 90%? And it's a true garbage.

  15. They forgot to mention this about Nightbreed, the film was taken off Clive Barker and edited to be more of the slasher film it was shown as, but now the film’s current owner has rereleased it restored to it’s original cut.

  16. dead silence was god awful. the only redemption is the ending. that one i can understand people liking though… but Jennifers Body? …really?

  17. Dead Silence is one of James Wan's best movies,freaking creepy! Night Breed is freaking awesome! Clive Barker is a legend!

  18. 3 of the 5 had worse viewer % than the critics. Only one, Nightbreed was fresh according to viewers. This was a poor list.

  19. Even though I respect James Wan as a director (and yeah, Dead Silence was awesome), The Conjuring simply isn't scary. Its inexplicable popularity is the only reason why anyone would call it a "classic".

  20. Jennifer's Body is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. I lost count on how many times I've rewatched it

  21. I saw The Pyramid (2014) the other week, it's got a shocking rotten tomatoes score, but thought that was pretty good

  22. Dee Snider's Strangeland
    The Amityville Horror (the original, not the remake)
    The Craft
    In Dreams

    Those are good horror movies that received bad Rotten Tomatoes scores.

  23. Every movie on here is dope ..but I dont care what anyone says ,but Jennifer's body was one of the worst movies I ever seen and I love bad movies but not that one

  24. Think the only one I didn't really like on this list was Lords of Salem. Wasn't any one thing, just wasn't appealing to me

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