THEY. ARE. HERE!  Things That Go Bump part 3!

THEY. ARE. HERE! Things That Go Bump part 3!

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that’s a ghost Jillian I didn’t want to
say it but I think you’re right Addie what’s he doing I don’t know I think it
might have something to do with those books we found on the floor but it’s
hard to tell on this little screen do you know what this means join we have
proof we can go show daddy now I think we need to look at this on a bigger
screen first Addie we need to be sure good idea what are you doing Jillian I just needed
to hook up this camera to the TV there let’s see how this looks on the big
screen he looks like a man almost well if it’s a ghost it could be anybody it’s
hard to believe that happened right here in this room yeah I wonder if it’s still
around I wonder if that’s the bad ghost or the good ghost we don’t know for certain if there is
more than one ghost it could be trying to trick us well it’s definitely messing
with our minds I think this is enough evidence
we better go show daddy yeah let’s show him before something else weird happens
like the footage gets erased come on daddy oh hi girls
daddy we caught the ghosts on camera it’s true daddy come on you have to see
this ghost I have to see this I still don’t think he believes us Addie he
will what do you think that is daddy yeah
don’t tell us you can’t see it yeah I see something it looks like a person Oh
finally you believe us we think it’s a ghost daddy what do you think we want to be sure that we haven’t eliminated the other possibilities there could be old
footage on the camera there could be something wrong with it well what are we supposed to do in the
meantime yeah even if there’s a chance this is a
ghost shouldn’t we be worried right now I’m a little more worried that that
might be an intruder I’m gonna have to check this security cameras and in the
meantime I don’t want you guys in this room come with me okay you guys just stay in here for now
I’m gonna check all the security cameras in the system just sit here you’ll be
safe all right if he’s so worried about us then why does he keep leaving us
alone well we’re probably not gonna get daddy to believe there’s a ghost but at
least he thinks there’s an intruder of some type Jillian why do you think the
books were in that pattern on the floor I don’t know if it has any special
significance but it may have been just to get our attention like the last time
I guess we could have shown daddy the books but he would have probably thought that we did it yeah it’d be pretty hard to explain that as being a natural
phenomenon maybe that was the point maybe by putting it into a pattern the
poltergeists knew that we couldn’t just explain it away I think you’re on the
right track Addie but what does it want from us it’s so frustrating they can
only answer yes or no questions by knocking I guess we could try calling
you out to it again hey poltergeist are you out there maybe it only exists back in our room
maybe we are safe here I don’t know if I’m ever gonna feel safe Jillian I know
what you mean did you hear that I heard something we better check it out no
Jillian daddy said we should stay here we’ll stay in this room I just want to
see if we can see anything all right Jillian what Paco was that you I don’t think that was
Paco daddy I don’t feel safe in here anymore Jillian come on let’s go
downstairs we’ll hang out down here until daddy
gets back inside why do you think it’s doing this Jillian wonder if it wants to
play with us really that’s kind of a creepy way of doing it well it’s a
poltergeist it could be a kid that doesn’t make me feel any better about
the situation Jillian maybe it wanted us to go back to the room that’s a funny
way of doing it it drove us away from the room
well maybe it’s letting us know it doesn’t really matter which room we go
to I guess so hey Jillian that thing in the video did not look like a kid maybe
there really are two ghosts in this house Jillian look this feels like a
trap Jillian yeah let’s go back upstairs daddy come on
I don’t remember closing that daddy are you in there double knock that means no Jillian I
wonder if we should go back there single knock that means yes this feels like a
trap too I guess if it wanted to do something bad
it would have done it by now we’re coming in but you better not do anything Jillian the books are gone maybe that’s
its way of telling us we were right about the books giant look that’s mine
but that wasn’t there before we better go check it out that’s not
good are we on the right track do you think it’s gonna start writing
something Jillian sounds like we’re gonna have to do the writing maybe we
can ask it questions that aren’t yes/no questions hmm what question should we
ask why are you here that’s a good question
Jillian are you all right this is so weird it’s like I’m being controlled
what’s it say to protect you well that’s kind of
reassuring what do you want from us I can’t read that it looks like it says
get roof it get rid of it get rid of it get rid of what the what I can’t read what that says the bad one the bad one I don’t like the
sound of this Jillian who’s the bad one what is that thing is this a drawing is this the bad one
this one’s starting to take shape keep going Jillian this isn’t me it’s
whatever’s controlling my hand Oh Jillian what is that it’s done the bad
one he’s the one we need to get rid of I don’t know it they we don’t know for certain if there is
one more than other day yeah let’s show him before so on the desk chair I just can’t I have to I guess we could have shown daddy the books but I think you
would have just them keep going just keep jo go huh so that was this week’s video what do you think will happen next let us know in the comments if you’re not
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