This Netflix Horror Film Has An Unexpected Ending

This Netflix Horror Film Has An Unexpected Ending

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– Hey guys, it’s Sam
again, and I just invited a bunch of my friends over to
watch the Netflix horror film The Ritual. It’s super terrifying
with a crazy twist ending. So let’s get this thing started. (screams) (screams) – Oh that is some gory (beeps). (upbeat music) – I have seen The Ritual. You’ve seen The Ritual too. – I’ve seen The Ritual. – It’s about a group of four
guys who get lost in the woods while hiking, so it’s sort
of like Blair Witch Project but with a modern twist. – I have not seen The Ritual before but I love horror movies. – I also love horror movies and I have not seen this movie either. I’m excited. – Newer horror films I feel aren’t as good as the old ones. Slowly they’re coming back. – I don’t know a lot about horror movies. But the ones I have seen
I have a lot of reactions. – What’s like a non scary
movie that terrifies you? – You know that movie The Happening, that everyone like laughed at it? I found it very scary. – Paranormal Activity I couldn’t be close to my closet for a month. – Why do you want to see
something that makes you afraid of your closet? – ’cause I love it. – I feel like I don’t want
something more close to real life because then I’m like
this could happen to me. Like I babysit, I could be the babysitter that picks up the phone and then dies. – I mean, every person who’s
ever babysat has had that fear. – [Actor] We’re hiking. – To me wanting to go
hiking is a horror movie in and of itself. (laughs) Those are not my friends anymore. – Yeah. – There’s more where that
(beeps), there’s more. – Who’s (beeps) in crying. (clatters) – His friend’s just hiding. – Just take it. – Give him the ring. – I don’t understand people’s
attachment to their stuff. (screams) – For a wedding ring it’s like. – That’s so dumb. I don’t think his wife would be too happy, like oh you died because
you wouldn’t give up this piece of metal. – He was trying to
de-escal, because he started like being like, it’s okay. – It didn’t work out for Batman’s parents so why would it work out for you? – What would you want the friend to do? That’s a genuine question. – Just throw something, anything. – He did have a bunch of bottles near by. – There’s so much alcohol near by. – [All] Yeah. – [Curly Hair] Oh fair enough. Fair enough. – I would totally text
my friends and be like, yo, there’s a dude
inside who has a machete just like call the cops. – I would have at least stood next to him while it was all happening. – I feel like maybe I would just grab a bunch of bottles and go for it. I go, I hide, I’d be like
grab a bunch of bottles and just start, and then keep a couple in me and just ram, like go for the nuts. Go for the eyes, and
then just (beeps) kick. – Regardless of what happens
in the rest of the movie, I would still be pissed
at my friend if they died and made me feel guilty
to go on a hiking trip. I think that’s awful. – They’re doing it. – Pouring one out? – That’s the ritual. – It’s their ritual, I don’t
know if it’s The Ritual. (laughs) – How much alcohol is
in that little flask? – That was one of Mary
Poppin’s flasks, right there. (gasps) – Oh.
– Oh. – Oh no. – How did that even happen? – What did he just impale himself? – Did he break something? – He just like tripped. – Everybody has like that friend, though. You know what I mean? – He’s clearly the least athletic one. – We go southwest through here. We cut the journey in half. – What, through the forest? – Yeah why not? A little off trail
hiking, could be exciting. Might even do us some good. I think we need this. – I love how he’s like,
it’s character building to go through the uncharted forest with the guy with the meniscus tear. (laughs) – Meniscus tear guy. – That’s gonna save our friendship. – Yeah, remembering their friend. (screams) What the (beeps) is that? – Izzy did two screams. What the (beeps). – Jesus Christ. – It’s a massive deer too. – Yeah, that’s not a dear,
that’s like a centaur. – It’s a horse. – Centaur, (laughs). – Oh look, it’s just
started dripping blood. – Yeah, it’s a fresh kill. – I’m gonna get that tattooed on my ass. (laughs) Fresh kill. – Okay so like we all would
have turned back there, right? – [All] Yeah. – We’re doing the 14 hours. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – As soon as a friend
gets injured, be like, okay guys, we should probably leave. – Probably a bad sign. – Well that’s why they’re
going through the woods to get to the lodge faster. – It’s already dark
and raining, of course. (thunders) – You’re going to go into the
random house in the woods? – They like just saw the haunted emojis and they’re like going. (laughs) let’s hunker down in the abandoned shack. – Oh (beeps). – I’m confused as to what it is. – I’d rather absolutely
get soaked from head to toe than go in that cabin. – I would pitch my tent like
a normal person once again because a lone cabin in
the woods, it’s never good. – There’s either an animal, a bad person, or as we saw a weird
cult situation happening and I want no part of that at all. – Check it out, because it
could be a harmless cabin that is giving you nice shelter? This cabin didn’t look
harmless from the beginning. – On the route that we’re going, do they deserve to die at this point? – Yes. – Yeah. – [Poppy] Oh my god. – I don’t think anyone deserves to die. – [Chloe] Yeah. – Unless you’re like Hitler. – You’re just like. – They need to go, they’re so stupid. (laughs) – Expel them from the pop-li-ation. – Just let it go. – Scale of one to 10, how
scary is this movie so far? – I would give it a rising four. – Rising four, (laughs). – It’s a four right now,
it has potential for more. (laughs) – I agree with Emily, it’s at
a four but it has potential. ’cause it has like little jump scares. – I think that whole deer thing
was the scariest thing in it so I would give it a five because of that. – I’m at a six, I’m like legit sweating. – I feel like if I was watching this alone it would be a soft eight, a hard seven. (laughs) – We’re soft, we’re rising, I feel like I’m on a porn set or something. – I’m at like a two, I don’t know, I don’t scare very easily. – Yeah you’re making all
the decisions when we go on our haunted hiking trip. Is someone gonna die? – Yes.
– yes, a hundred percent. – Everyone, maybe. – [Emily] I think meniscus
guy is the first to go next. – Ah, he keeps talking
about Gale, his wife. – He’s lame. He’s lame and he’s lame. – I was gonna say he’s
lame in so many ways. (laughs) let’s see what happens next. (ominous music) – I’m nervous something’s gonna pop. – Hand on the tree. – There was? – I didn’t even see it this time. I saw it last time. – [All] Oh. – That’s (beeps) huge, what is it? – They had four different tents, (laughs) – I’d be huddling together at this point. – That’s a lot. – Toxic masculinity. – They can’t be near each other. They were all ready to
like bone in the cabin. – Yeah. – And now they’re like,
we’re in the woods. – Is it gonna come from behind? Oh, (laughs) – [Emily] Oh it’s a hand, it’s a hand. – I think it’s him. – Something’s gotta happen right now. – Oh,
– oh. (gasps) – Oh no, oh he’s just having
his like nightmare things. – I like this weird nightmare scenario. – Yeah it’s kind of fun. – It’s him, there he is. – Oh god. – Oh you were right. – Yeah, his insides are
gonna be on the floor. – Oh yup, throw up. – What do we think is
haunting the forest right now? – Well I just keep
picturing that tree thing. Something that’s powered by a witch maybe, like a golem, of sorts. – Are we still rising? – I think so, I think
there’s still potential. – The creepiness of the dreams
have heightened it for me. – It is called The Ritual so I feel there’s still a bigger
part that we’re missing. – Yeah. – Yeah The Ritual. (laughs) we’re gonna play a little
round of The Ritual, would you rather, would
you rather be the lone, guilty survivor, or the first
person who gets impaled? – I’d rather be alive no matter what. – Lone guilty. – I can’t even live with like,
if I said something weird to someone one time, it haunts me for days where I’m like, oh my
god did I offend them? I said that they gave me
a weird look, oh my god, they hate me now. Then I have to like journal about it. – There’ll be a lot of
journals if you survive this. – [Lizzy] I can’t survive. – Everyone else wants to survive. – Definitely. – I want to die too. – Really? – Yeah. I don’t want to live with that. – I’d rather not be the one. – Not the first one to die
too, you definitely want to die ’cause you saw your friends die. – Would you rather be stuck
with these guys in the woods, or stuck in the woods with Nic Cage? – I just watched a really
great Nic Cage movie, The Family Man, for the first time. – Yeah. – So cute, I would be stuck
with him, he was fine. – As long as Dom’s not there, sure. – Yeah, yeah. – If you make it out and
you survived with Nic Cage that’s like a great story. And you’re friends for life with Nic Cage and he’s a Coppola so then
you’re with the Coppola’s. – Right. (gasps)
(laughs) – Oh my (beeps). – He looks like a hobbit. (laughs) – There’s golem. – This is really ineffective running. – They’re running right down the middle of the whole (beeps) thing too. – This could be his
lair, the creatures liar. – I just feel like I’d be
like, oh, another person perhaps they’re on my side. But clearly that’s not the direction you’re supposed to go in. (dramatic music) – Good to know there are
like real people living here. – Very friendly real people. – Yeah. Really nice looking. – Oh,
– oh. There’s a little lady. They’re kind of like modern day hipsters, like she looks like she
has purple hair now, cool bowl cut. – she drank too much kombucha. – Oh (beeps) they’re taking him. Oh god. – Oh no he’s the weakest link. – His time has come. – Guys I feel like this
might be the ritual? – This seems like it is. – You know what’s crazy
if like without context this just looks like one of
those Pinterest weddings, you know what I mean? – If you just make it a little warmer. – [Sam] Right it’s like
Earth, yeah exactly. The lighting’s a little bit off. – Oh god. (moans) – They’re gonna bite his face. – Oh god. (screams) – He’s like, I don’t want
to go out there anymore. (screams) – [Girl] She’s pissed. (laughs and claps) – She falls heavily to the floor. – Awesome. – Oh my god. – He’s gonna have to stare at it. Look at those eyes. Ha, he’s like, for god’s sake. – [Emily] Just stay down. – [Poppy] Stay down. – [Emily] Don’t make me hurt you. – I would totally kneel down,
which I’ll do right now. – I would just yield to it in hopes that I would be okay. I’d probably do like a
combo of like fake kneeling. – I think we’ve established
I’m a very agreeable person and would probably do
well in a cult, so yes, kneel down to the monster. – We’ve seen the entire movie now guys, I want to quick go
through and see like what you would rate it overall
in terms of scariness, one through 10, now that
you’ve seen the whole thing? – Two. – Two as well. – I’d also give it a two. – If I’m watching it alone, an eight, if I’m watching it with you guys, a four. – I still think that was
a six or a seven for me. I was like scared, we jumped a lot. – We did yeah. – The first time I saw it I was so scared, I’d give it an eight honestly. – [Sam] We’ll go around in a
circle and pitch the bad sequel to this movie. – I want to see four of whoever is the closest female friends of theirs, go and like try to kill the demon and see how it does play
out as a female movie. – If it was four women,
this movie would have ended like 15 minutes in and
they would have been like. – They would have been in Tuscany. – They’d be at the lodge
like enjoying making s’mores. – Having a laugh. – Remember we saw that, that was crazy. – That deer thing was nuts,
good thing we turned around. – I’m thinking like rom com all the wives go on a wine trip to Tuscany. – I love it. – But then they end up being
pursued by a Italian monster in the shape of a wine bottle. (laughs) – Thanks for joining us
for Spoiler Party today, be sure to like the video and also comment what movie you want us to watch next. (upbeat music) (whooshes and squeaks)


  1. I’ve seen it and it’s not that bad… watch the woman in black if you wanna see a scary British horror movie

  2. What a legend having 5 chicks watching a horror movie in his house
    How pick up girls: let's watch a horror movie for fkin buzzfeed

  3. I like this show idea. I now have a new movie to watch on Netflix, please do more movie episodes like this.

  4. that film wasnt scary it was weird😂SPOILERS the bit where there in the house thimg with the wiker lady thing and hes praying was the scariest bit and that wasnt even that scary im 15 and it was fine

  5. I would love to see your reaction to "Friend Request." That movie had me screaming, and most horrors don't.

  6. Whuat?!? I don't think that ritual is the scariest on Netflix (no offense, it's good, just my opinion ) like when that creature appeared … my friend and me couldn't take the movie serious anymore!!! I mean … it's cute (except the hands) I thought it looks like that alien from bucks bunny(??)

  7. I just find all the thrill goes when you see the monster/ghost/demon. It brings me totally out of the moment. The film had a great premise, I was just so disappointed in the reveals.

  8. Wasn't that scary. But it was a good movie and had the many twist like every getting killed and the relation to Norse mythology. I also watched it alone

  9. I tried watching this a few weeks ago but I fell asleep on it. So I'm watching this so yall can tell me wtf it was about bc it was too slow for me.

  10. Why is every horror movie 'the scariest movie ever'.. ps: this movie isn't scary ,it wasn't that bad but not super scary..

  11. Would you rather be stuck with a good IT that is your best friend and would protect you from anything and anyone, or those guys.

  12. The movie wasn't really scary, but I still really liked it. The monster looked really interesting and I wished it appeared more..

  13. The "if this movie was women they'd be fine" idea didn't work for the characters in The Descent :)) which is also a great movie about people who should really just stay in the city. I think it's older than this one?

  14. I watched The Ritual yesterday, I don’t know what was so surprising about the end of it lol

  15. I love making myself suffer by watching horror movies even though I would have nightmares for, probably 6 years

  16. This movie unsettled me on a deeply psychological level and a lot of it has to do with the scenery. All that ancient Swedish forest, trees hiding i don't know what.
    Guess where I live.

    Fucken Sweden.

  17. They need to make more of these! These were great and then they just stopped. I hate when Buzzfeed starts a potentially great series and then just pull the plug on it.

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