Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail

Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail

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>>Tomi Lahren has received quite a bit of
backlash over her Halloween costume because she used Halloween as an opportunity to try
to dunk on Representative Ocasio-Cortez. But it backfired and there was a lot of backlash. So here’s what she tweeted out. I decided to dress up as the person who scares
me the most, the democratic dimwit darling, socialist-loving, freedom-hating, former bartender
herself AOC. So then she posts a picture of her costume. And then, of course, the backlash begins. But before I get to the backlash, I do wanna
share a small snippet of a recent debate that I had with her at Politicon. Because she said something that goes against
what she actually practices in real life. Take a look.>>When we’re talking about rhetoric, let’s
be fair, you coined me white power Barbie a couple of years ago.>>So, for believing and had never met me,
had never met me. So that’s what a lot of conservatives go through
is that you never met us, you never talk to us, you look at our viewpoints. And all the sudden you can say I don’t agree
with her politics. You can say I don’t agree with what she says,
I don’t like the facts that she uses. I don’t like her support for this president. But when you blanketly just call somebody
a white power Barbie or a white nationalist because you disagree with their politics. That’s going to far.>>So I did call her white power Barbie back
in 2016. I do wanna share that tweet with you, I told
her, make no mistake white power Barbie, I’d be just as vicious toward you in person. And then that label did stick and people started
using it, and she doesn’t like it. And so her argument is, you didn’t even know
me and you said all these terrible things about me. But she doesn’t know AOC and she’s saying
that she’s a dimwit, when in reality, she is a woman in congress who is proposing detailed
legislation. Who is fighting for the disenfranchised, for
the powerless. And in the debate, she had a hard time understanding
what anecdotal evidence is. So for you to call someone else a dimwit,
it just seems a little strange, ironic.>>Yeah, so AOC, here’s a incrediably strong
woman who pulled off one of the greatest political upsets in American history, literally, okay? Who then has agreesively questioned Trump
officials the point where even the right-wing would well were a little impressed, okay. And then single-handedly moved the green new
deal into a national conversation. So did other people fight on the climate crisis
before? Of course. Ed Markey, Bernie Sanders, Governor Inslee,
etc. But she is the one that introduced the idea
of the green New Deal. She did a sit in in Pelosi’s office and popularized
it, right? And so I know AOC a little bit from, obviously,
the campaign and she was just democrat and we had plenty of conversations. And we prepared for some of the debates together,
okay? The crowdly debates, and she is absolutely
on point on all of these policy issues. She knew her stuff inside and out and arguably
brilliant, but she’s a young woman. So they call her a dimwit anyway. They call her that no matter what she does,
no matter how detailed her proposals are, no matter how good her questions are, no matter
what she does. They call her a dimwit. I mean should you hear Don Young earlier in
the show. The guy is one of the dumbest people you’ve
ever met. I can say that about how many Republicans,
Donald Trump are you kidding me? The other day, when they got al-Baghdadi does
a press conference and he’s like, normally go through a front door but the blast to this
side of the compound? Nobody would think that, normally you go knock,
knock.>>Brilliant, what a brilliant man.>>You know what? I think that, I’m not even gonna dignify Tomi
Lahren’s follishness by trying to justify or qualify AOC’s greatness. When it is been documented and it will go
down in the history books, right? So there’s no need to even say all of the
great things that AOC has done because that’s why she’s tweeting it. Cuz she’s jealous. Because AOC has way many more followers than
her. She’s got a cult following of people who really
respect her and understand her. She’s got a group of haters that hate her
because they’re scared of her, not because she’s a dimwit. But what I wanna say also is those of you
who follow these conservatives and think that these people are the people you wanna follow
and respect and you listen to. Read the tweet and when she called her a former
bartender, she’s talking about people that go to work, right? People that go to work and are not getting
their just due. And that’s a lot of people in this country,
right? There is not a few people who are in the service
industry. The service industry’s a big industry
>>Yes.>>That supports your daily-
>>Your enjoyment.>>And your existence every day, every where
you go. So first of all, she told you how could you
say something about me without knowing me? What about you don’t know those immigrants
that you talk about all the time? You don’t know Colin Kaepernick and you dissed
him. You don’t know the people in the island of
Puerto Rico and you’ve talked about them. How dare you use your mouth to tell somebody,
how could you talk about me without knowing me? You’re not a real journalist, listen to the
stuff that comes out of your mouth. It is not based on facts, it’s all emotion
rhetoric to move the people who you indirectly insult every day. Because you don’t believe they’re intelligent
enough to go do research and find out facts about the things that you talk about. And if you ask me, she didn’t look like AOC,
she looked like a young Sarah Palin. And that was right on home girl.>>So first of all, preach it, Aida. Okay. But saying well look guys, I don’t have a
problem with the costume. So you wanna dress up as AOC, who cares? I don’t care either Karl Marx thing I don’t
care at all, right? And I’m not nitpicking any of that. The dimwit saying is part of a talking point
that they do to purposely belittle her.>>Yes.>>And it will say don’t do to men. Keep it real, okay? They’ve called Bernie every name in the book,
but they haven’t called him dimwit, right? So why do they say that about AOC and you
know it and their policies are nearly identical? Okay, and the bartender thing. And so a lot of people went off on her on
Twitter because of the bartender thing. And so she had to back-pedal out of that and
say well look, that’s the least objectionable thing about her. Okay.>>Yeah, this is what she said. I mean this truly and sincerely, being a former
bartender is the best and most admirable thing about AOC.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah. In other words, back-pedal, back-pedal, back-pedal. I got caught basically looking down on people.>>But when you look at AOCs tweets, the people
who question her intelligence are always the dumbest people on the planet. Insulting her, calling her unintelligent,
and then you go through their timelines and you’re like->>I know, Aida, but you know what? That idealogy, that way of belittling AOC
unfortunately does catch on with people who aren’t necessarily bad people but they’re
not as politically savvy. Maybe they are not paying close attention. I’ve heard that criticism about AOC regurgitated
by people who just don’t know better. And it’s sick because this is a way of tearing
women down. This is a way of allowing for sexism to persist.>>Exactly. And to your point Aida, the people who are
saying it almost always back Donald Trump, the guy who thinks that windmills cause cancer
because of their noise. And where I thought the Kurds betrayed cuz
they didn’t show up at Normandy.>>Is evil. Hillary’s evil. Elizabeth’s not assertive. AOC’s a dimwit. Ilhan is, and it goes on


  1. I’m a right leaning libertarian, and I still have so much respect for AOC. I disagree with a lot of what she says, but she’s bold, tough, and smart. Imagine what the right could do with a young Ayn Rand or anti-slavery John Locke it something in Congress? I mean that as a compliment to AOC by comparing her to these figures. It’s important for us to breach the division and reach across the aisle when we can.

  2. Okay?. I stepped out of my echo chamber to listen to this video. I still think you guys are lame. I'm going back now. Check back in week or so?.

  3. Cenk, you’re an old man and I happily refer to you as a dimwit. Gender is irrelevant when it comes to being a dimwit. You’re living proof of that.

  4. You guys do nothing but try to distract people from the truth. All of the things you talk about are false or just your opinions. On this green new deal, I've tried to find out what it is exactly and I have yet to find anything on it. I even watched a 45min video of aoc talking about it and she said 0 about it. She just took the 45 mins to talk about Trump. Trump 2020 bitches

  5. That Hispanic correspondant just gave me one of the most memorable news breakdown this year. Please keep her on the young turks

  6. "…who pulled off one of the greatest political upsets in American history, literally…"

    Didn't know they were talking about Trump here. For real though, they defend AOC's stupidity exactly like the Right defends Trump's stupidity.

  7. Why is this bitch still relevant in 2019, we know she’s a troll. trumps lil kitty I don’t get it should she be off work leave the show let Colin k host it

  8. WTF are you talking about. AOC is a dimwit. She has proved it over and over. She is not putting any legislation out, that is the people behind her that put her up to the position in the first place. Why are you guys lying? She is not on point on anything and is not brilliant. WTF!!!!!

  9. Lmaoo a lot of men in the comments are so scared of AOC being successful, smart, and confident that the only thing they have to say to tear her done is her looks- y’all pathetic ?

  10. Dimwit is definitely a female slur, so what? There’s plenty of slurs used against men as a well. So it’s okay for you to call her “white power barbie” is okay? But calling AOC a dimwit (which she is) she is clearly dumb. Hasn’t ever said anything smart and anything close to sounding logical was written for her by most likely A WHITE MALE. AOC is stupid. And her representing the dem party is a shame. The way the dem party is headed you will only have a small percentage backing her up. Thats why you have to come up with the world is ending in 11 yrs. IDIOTS!! This is coming from a family of immigrants and plenty of friends from the Middle East and Venezuela escaping socialism. You guys only want globalism. It’s okay for your side but not the other. You guys are a shame. Don’t bring up facts TYT because the facts are not in your favor. Btw Anna you walk your daily life as a white woman because you look white. I have no clue what you are but you do not represent anyone of color in this world. Please don’t act like your oppressed with your white privileged lookin ass ?‍♀️ TYT IS A SHAME!!! you have no legs to stand on BYE ?

  11. I love Tomi. AOC is a dimwit and she's not a strong independent women like progressives claim her to be if she was she wouldn't be blocking conservatives on Twitter for challenging her views.

  12. There is a difference between calling someone a dimwit and a white nationalist. I would say neither statements were especially responsible, and Tomi Lahren is not exactly a political genius, but Ana does not get to stand on the high ground on this.

  13. Funny how AOC revealed the truth that the only reason the democrats want to impeach our President is because they don't like him. The Democrat party is a joke and know they can't get American voters so they decide to only be nice to illegals for votes. ?????

  14. AOC is proposing detailed legislation???? Are you kidding me??? You mean like that stupid $94 trillion green new deal of hers? Yeah real awesome. NOT!!!!!

  15. I don't understand why we can't just call out idiots if they're idiots. Tomi Lahren is an idiot and Ocasio-Cortez is an idiot. AOC doesn't know how unemployment is calculated. I mean its insane to say AOC is qualified for what she's doing. Stop trying to defend your 'side', just call out idiocy

  16. Lol, Tomi and Aoc, they are both idiots.
    Turned Politics into some Drama.
    Why does the TYT highlight both of them?
    Don't pick sides, focus on intellectual politicians for f's sake

  17. I really just wish the right would admit that they want AOC to do bad things to them and they can't comprehend it, and it scares them. They would feel so much better.

  18. Dude. Ur so dumb. She was not voted in.not elected. .. ur a dumb man. She has people write all her stuff. Are u for real. AOC hasn't done nothing. She can't walk to work.2blocks. have her debate real people. Like Ben. .. ww2. World ending in 12years. …. Homegirl . You guys are Russian spies. Ur a dumb woman. AOC does the same thing.

  19. She looks more like one of the semi-retarded Kardashians than AOC. Lahren is living in the same alternate reality that Trump is.

  20. Once again you guys are brilliantly stupid, I've seen AOC's arguments and questioning tactics and it is completely fair to call AOC a dimwit she couldn't even understand what illegal immigration is in accordance with American Law as well as the laws surrounding seeking legal asylum.

  21. Ms.Gasparian, with all due respect, you should have confirmed and doubled down the 'White Power Barbie' label in Tomi Lahren's face at that convention, and never walked it back or softened your stance like you did.

  22. That's okay for Halloween I dressed up as Joseph goebbles and told everyone I was Fox 40 News,, AOC could of dressed up like her ,she wolf Elsa from the SS???? but she has every right to be afraid of Alexandra as an educated Latina what they are most afraid of

  23. Tomi only got the job to represent fox news, Alexandria got a seat in Congress to represent us!! Repubs wish they had class like ours

  24. White power barbie forgot what she said! I watched your debate, to me you clearly won! She’s a hypocrite (Tomi) Thanks TYT!!!!??

  25. AOC would shove her whole foot in Lahren's mouth though and have her talking Spanish…I like Trump, but this Floridian is keeping it real.

  26. Of course horse face kasparian would criticise tomi Lauren because she’d give anything to look like her you know a real woman.

  27. It still got her elected to congress. Tomi will never be able to accomplish (yes I used a big word) anything but reading a promptor. And not very talented with that either.

  28. If i see the young turk is the street without bodyguard ( probly never ) i will smash is face properly. Big mouth , no balls.

  29. Tomi is so full of hate you can see it seething. Jealous aoc is smarter, more naturally beautiful and more successful politically. Projection is cute.

  30. that's hella racist. no different than wearing black face for Halloween, i didnt even see this, she needs her ass whooped now. this woman is full of hate. White power Barbie is 100% accurate! Ana lol you're a G for that one.

  31. More sycophants to the rescue on this thread eh YT? Do they grant you power and status you so crave over others?

    You better hope that each individual out there doesn't get the "real-talk" about you shitheads looking out for yourselves, and pandering to the Marxists with all of your bullshit identarianism in lieu of "Class-War: This Time Socialism will Work because Reasons." Your agenda is murderous and full of faux-altruism. Your greed will be exposed sooner or later – it always is now isnt it? I am grateful only 20% of the population identify as Marxist-fools.

    Hopefully, when your bullshit race-baiting Collectivism is exposed, it will not be like every other time. With a pile of bodies in mass graves. You all will just be ignored and relegated to your proper place.

    Being granted the same attention as the "prophets" on the corners. You will have pity, for your foolishness, perhaps even you circumstances, but your opinion shown all the value in attention it deserves.


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