Top 10 Haunted Places in Japan

Top 10 Haunted Places in Japan

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Land of the Rising Sun. Due to their cultivation of traditions and
connection to ancestors, this country is filled with stories of hauntings or paranormal occurences. Here I will be presenting the top 10 haunted
places in Japan. 10
Camp Hansen in Okinawa Camp Hansen is a United States Marine Corps. base located in Okinawa. Inside the compound, there exists a gate called
simply “Gate 3”, where numerous reports have been made to the point where no soldier wanted
to be stationed there. Reports say that every weekend a ghost of
a soldier dressed in a uniform from World War 2 would come to the gate, covered in blood,
with a cigarette hanging from his mouth, ask for a light and then disappear. Some soldiers claim to have conversed with
the apparition. As a result gate has been closed permanently. 9
SSS Curve in Okinawa Name is derived from the shape of the pathway. One Japanese forum claims that several soldiers
lost their lives there while other people believe it has to do with self-harming practices
of a certain sect. Has been said that place is filled with psychic
energy. Visitors to the site have reported feelings
of intense nausea, dizziness, vomiting and even hallucinations. One man even said he felt a ghostly hand rest
on his shoulder when walking through the woods. 8
Akasaka Mansion in Tokyo This luxury hotel is considered as one of
the scariest to spend your time in. Though most say that it’s just building no
1 that is haunted, there have been complains of seeing apparitions standing in the suite,
mists all over in the air, sensations of being stroked, appliances turning on and off by
themselves and the guests getting frozen while in their sleep, and once there has been a
complain from a lady about being dragged and having unexplained scratch marks on her back
the next day. 7
Hanging Ruins in Osaka Here lies burned remains of a four story building. It’s said that back in 2005 an employee
of a Spa once saw a life-size doll that was hanging from the rafter but later it appeared
as a real dead body. Another variant of the story says that it
looked like a big, strange object and employee called the authorities to investigate, who
have found out that it was in fact a corpse. On the scene was also a mysterious pair of
shoes hanging next to the body. Eventually, people started hanging shoes on
the building themselves in response to all of the various stories. 6
Battleship Island near Nagasaki Hashima or Gunkanjima is an abandoned island
off the coast of Nagasaki. It was built to access undersea coal mines
in the late 1800’s. But over the years, it made less and less
economic sense and in 1974 operator Mitsubishi Mining abandoned the site. The last inhabitants left the island in 1974
and in 2015 the island became part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. 5
Oiran Buchi in Yamanashi Despite surrounding it beauty, legend has
it that a long time ago 55 prostitutes were murdered in the area. People claim that they can sometimes see ghosts
of women near the river. Area while beautiful gives out eerie and uneasy
feeling to anyone passing by. 4
The Crying Doryodo Ruins in Hachioji Doryodo Ruins are ruins of an old temple,
story says that there was an elderly woman who was brutally murdered in the area in 1963. Ten years after there was another murder,
this time of a young woman. Supposedly dumped there by a sadistic college
professor who killed her. Another ten years later, the temple was razed
to the ground but the legend didn’t die. It’s said today that if you walk past the
area at night, you can hear the sound of distant crying. Others have reported feelings of intense sadness,
or a creeping feeling like they’re being watched. 3
Round Schoolhouse in Hokkaido Formally the Numahigashi elementary school
in Bihai City, this round schoolhouse is said to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. Used since 40s to 60s, become abandoned in
the early 70s due to closing of a local coal mine. Reports talk about children going missing
in the later years of the school. Stories suggest that anyone who goes inside
will either forever disappear or become insane. 2
Hakone Yama in Tokyo Former site of the Army Medical College and
Hospital, now housing several medical research facilities, one of which is rumored to have
been the training center for the infamous Unit 731. Bodies left over from medical experiments
are said to have been secretly buried here, and human bones continue to be unearthed within
the park grounds. Tales talk of wailing, sobbing and other mysterious
voices in that area. If you haven’t heard of Unit 731, it was a
covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese
Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937
to 1945) of World War 2. It was responsible for some of the most notorious
war crimes carried out by Japan. It included infecting POWs (prisoners of war)
with various diseases, frequent rapes and testing reactions to different forms of environment
like for an example freezing to death. Human targets were used to test grenades positioned
at various distances and in different positions. Flamethrowers were tested on humans. Humans were also tied to stakes and used as
targets to test germ-releasing bombs, chemical weapons, and explosive bombs. At least 3000 men, women and children (sometimes
being a result of rape) have been their subjects. And just like with Nazi scientists United
States have given them immunity in exchange for collected data. Link to the full article is in the description
and is enough for a full episode itself. 1
Aokigahara near Tokyo One of most popular locations for suicide
except for Golden Gate Bridge in United States. Aokigahara is located just outside Tokyo and
was dubbed the “Suicide Forest”. Sources suggest that over 500 japanese businessmen
have commited suicide in there since 1950s at an increasing rate of between 10 and 30
per year. These numbers have increased even more, with
a 78 suicides in 2002 and 105 in 2003. Some years ago the police decided to place
a number of signs in the forest in the hopes of curbing the number of suicide attempts. What also adds to the eeriness of this place
is the little straw dolls that people use here. It is believed that when you nail a wara ningyou
on the tree, you can possess the power to curse the most loathed person in your life,
resulting in turning it into a tragedy. Hope you enjoyed this list, if you know of
other stories – go ahead and post them in the comments. Subscribe if you want more of these and if
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  1. God with is us. Many people died here everyday in the place of Japan. I pray for this country that Japanese people know Jesus.

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