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Halloween is upon us once more, and to gear
ourselves up for the best holiday of the year (sorry, Christmas) we’ve been watching all
sorts of spooky films. And of course, we couldn’t help but make a list of our favourite horror
movie cars… 10. A Car Tyre – Rubber Okay so perhaps a murderous tyre isn’t OFFICIALLY
a car, but we don’t play by the rules here at miDrive, and the idea of a killer wheel
is too bonkers for us to pass up. Rubber is about a tyre that possesses the ability to
make people’s heads explode. You know, like the movie ‘Scanners’. If Darryl Revok happened
to be a car tyre. MAN IN WHEELCHAIR: Hey wait! It’s not the end! He’s
been reincarnated as a tricycle! 9. Mercury Marquis – Stake Land Road movies would be nothing without cars,
and Mister’s car of choice to traverse through the vampire apocalypse in search of safe haven
is a ’69 Mercury Marquis, which spits and sputters its way nobly through two thirds
of the movie before coming to its untimely demise. Whilst it doesn’t quite have the panache
of later entries, its grungy simplicity is perfect for such a bleak film. 8. Jaguar XJ12 – Shaun of the Dead ED: [whistles] You didn’t tell me Barbara had a Jag! Oh, I’ve always wanted to drive one of those… Okay, so perhaps Philip’s Jaguar XJ12 isn’t
particularly integral to the movie. But it’s a bloody nice car…and boy, does he know
it. Despite trying his utmost to keep his car in the most pristine condition possible
(who wouldn’t, with a car like that) it ends up being Ed’s car of choice to tackle the
horde of zombies standing between our heroes and the Winchester. Unfortunately, I get the
feeling all the blood and guts spattering the car might affect its resale value. 7. Monster Truck – Monster Man ADAM: I need you to shut up!
HARLEY: If a vehicle could take viagra, a monster truck is what it would look like. It’s hard to mistake a monster truck for anything
but a monster truck, so when said truck is fitted with a body that seems to resemble
the skull of a giant mecha-wolf and an engine that runs on rocket fuel, it becomes pretty
eye-catching. Such a unique look comes with a price, however; despite the fact that the
body was made of painted wood, the truck could only run for a maximum of half an hour before
overheating. 6. Cadillac Escalade – Zombieland When you’re trying to get through the inevitable
zombie apocalypse, a decent zombie-proof ride is essential; and Tallahassee’s Escalade is
a perfect example of this. If the Escalade alone wasn’t robust enough to survive the
apocalypse, the snow plough mounted on the front will make sure any zombies that get knocked down, stay down. TALLAHASSEE: Do what you want with a man, but do NOT fuck with his Cadillac. The only way a car would be more suited for a zombie apocalypse is if it were a fifty foot, heavily armoured, weaponised lorry…and that’s just silly. …or maybe it isn’t. 5. Dead Reckoning – Land of the Dead Dead Reckoning, a fifty foot, heavily armoured,
weaponised lorry is what would happen if you took a train, made it roadworthy, and fed
it steroids. Equipped with two machine guns, a pair of remote-controlled miniguns and a
pair of roof-mounted rocket launchers, it’d probably be horrendously tricky to drive,
but at least you wouldn’t need to worry about road rage when you’re driving that thing. DARRY: Get a load of that nasty old thing. What is that, the vehicle of choice for assholes and fuckin’ serial killers? 4. Chevy COE – Jeepers Creepers Fewer vehicles have had a better introduction
than the 1941 Chevy COE that appears in Jeepers Creepers. Despite being a grubby, rusted tank
of a truck it manages to take siblings Trish and Darry by complete surprise, with the help of the world’s most terrifying horn. DARRY: Jesus! What the hell’s his problem?
TRISH: Just get out of his way, Darry! More resembling an industrial furnace on wheels
than a vehicle, it’s hard to mistake this van; especially with its rather unique license plate. STUNT MAN MIKE: Remember when I said this car was death proof? Well that wasn’t a lie. STUNT MAN MIKE: This car is 100% death proof. Only to get the benefit of it, honey, you really need to be sitting in my seat. 3. Chevrolet Nova / Dodge Charger – Death
Proof Stuntman Mike actually goes through two cars
in Tarantino’s Death Proof; a 71 Chevy Nova and a 69 Dodge Charger. Whilst the Nova is
probably the more identifiable of the two, thanks to the skull-and-lightning motif emblazoned
on the hood, it’s the Charger that really takes centre stage in the second half of the
movie, after Mike chases down (and proceeds to get chased down himself) four friends driving
a Dodge Challenger. 2. Plymouth Fury – Christine There aren’t many horror movie vehicles as
iconic as Christine, everyone’s favourite killer car. The film was originally adapted
from a Stephen King story, and while the original car was a Plymouth Fury, more often than not
the film used modified Belvederes and Savoys instead. Owning a car capable of communicating
with you exclusively via songs from the 1950’s must be quite a novelty, but the inevitable
police investigation probably isn’t worth it. 1. Oldsmobile Delta – Evil Dead Franchise Just pipping Christine to the post is Ash’s
yellow Oldsmobile Delta ’88. Nicknamed the ‘Classic’, this Oldsmobile has cameoed in
every single film Sam Raimi has made since The Evil Dead in 1982, in various states of
repair. The most unique incarnation of Ash’s car however has got to be its appearance in
the second sequel, Army of Darkness, in which Ash pimps it out with all the anti-zombie
weaponry you can think of. Your move, Xzibit. And that brings us to the end of our Halloween-themed
Top 10 Horror Movie Cars list! If you have any car-related top 10 lists you want us to
cover, leave us a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe. Happy Halloween! SHAUN: How’s that for a slice of fried gold?
ED: Yeah, boyyyy!!

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