Top 10 Horror Movies of 1984

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Finally it is time for another best of list
and today I am exploring the best horror films of 1984. This list wasn’t the easiest I’ve made as
it was actually hard to fill out this list with ten movies that deserve such a mentioning. I’m not gonna say that all of these ten films
are worth seeking out, but it does include some good stuff that more people should check
out and the number one on the list is one of the best horror films of all time. So, here we go. Here is my top 10 horror movies of 1984. First off we have the sci-fi horror film Mutant, starring Wings Hauser. Mutant is an okay 80’s b-movie and Hauser
in this time period fits quite well into a movie like this. It deals with toxic waste a year before it
became the norm of zombie movies with The Return of the Living Dead. Mutant has some cool makeup and special effects,
but is a tad bit too low on the gore factor. Mutant isn’t a great horror film, but it is
an easy and enjoyable film to put on while you sit back and relax. It’s nothing groundbreaking or anything, but
due to lack of other great movies this year it does get a place on the list. This might be the only time Monster Dog ever has been put on a “best of” list! Monster Dog is a film by the legendary Italian
director Claudio Fragasso, starring Alice Cooper who had just quit alcohol and been
dropped by his record label. Cooper saw this as a way to get back on his
feet and signed on to do the film with understanding that it would only be released in Spain. Thankfully for the rest of us, the movie did
see releases outside of that country as this is a very fun b-movie. It’s a bizarre movie and it’s not put together
very well, but as a “so-bad-its-good” piece of cinema, it does work. It also has two songs by Cooper, one extremely
cheesy one called Identity Crisis and a ballad of sorts that gives a very haunting feel called
See Me in the Mirror. Monster Dog… is insane and I can’t help
liking it a bit more than I probably should. At number eight we have the British christmas slasher Don’t Open Till Christmas, which is
actually one out of two christmas related horror films on this list. Even though it is filmed in England, it is
very much the same type of slasher as the American ones. It is a sleazy film made to show off violence
and nudity, but hey, nothing is wrong with that right? I saw someone online call it a British christmas
version of The New York Ripper, and while that’s the best line to ever sell this film,
I would like to add that it has some boring parts to it that doesn’t make it quite the
classic it could have been. It is however a fun film for fans of slasher
and christmas horror films, so if you haven’t seen this one yet, then give it a go. At number seven we have another sci-fi horror film, this one being based on a Stephen King
novel. Firestarter is perhaps now best known for
having Drew Barrymore in it and basically being a mediocre adaptation. What sucks about this production is that John
Carpenter was originally attached to do this film and I can only dream of how much better
this film could have been with him on board. I am not a great fan of this film, but looking
at it objectively, it is not that bad and does deserve a mention on this list, especially
due to the casting of George C. Scott as John Rainbird. Coming in at number six we have another British production with the beautiful movie The Company
of Wolves by Neil Jordan. This is a very unique take on the Werewolf
genre, so if you are a fan of the furry monsters and want something different then this might
be something for you. It is however not a straight horror film though
as it goes a bit more into the fantasy genre. Most of the story takes place in the 19th
century, so if you hate movies set in that time period then this will not be a film for
you. If you like the idea of a more artsy werewolf
film, then check this one out. Night of the Comet is a movie I finally first saw this year, and I have to wonder why I
haven’t gotten around to this film on an earlier stage as this was quite unique and cool. The world this take place in is a world that
has seen a passing comet turning 95% of all humans into dust or been turned into cannibalistic
mutants. This was done by director Thom Eberhardt,
who also had a spot on last years list with his 1983 effort Sole Survivor. I enjoyed the world they created on this film
and the characters are likable. I did not care that much for the military
aspect of the plot though, but Night of the Comet is definitely an underrated 80’s horror
film that should get more praise than what it has received so far. At number four we have the second christmas movie on this list with Silent Night, Deadly
Night. This is one of the many 80’s serial killer
movies where we follow a demented killer and get some glimpses of why he has became the
way he has. It is a very mean and twisted movie with enough
violence and nudity to make horror fans happy, while at the same time be controversial enough
to get banned or cut to pieces in several countries in the world upon release. Silent Night, Deadly Night would surprisingly
enough get four sequels to it, most of them being simple re-titling and having very little
to do with this original film. If you like the 80’s serial killer movies
that don’t just go 100% for hack and slash then Silent Night, Deadly Night should be
a movie for you. Ok, I’ll admit that I for some strange reason have a soft spot for the Children of the Corn
series, but I’ll stand by my choice that the first one is a good movie that deserves the
number three spot on this list. This first of out nine movies, with more likely
to come out in the future, is the best out of the bunch. The film sees a small town get overtaken by
all the children as they slaughter down everyone who is over 18 in the name of their God, “He
Who Walks Behind the Rows”. The premise is great and the leading actors
Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton does a great job, while some of the kids are very memorable,
including the red fury himself Courtney Gains as Malachai. In the mood for killer kids, then Children
of the Corn is the movie for you. At number two we have my favorite movie in the Jason Vorhees series, Friday the 13th
Part 4: The Final Chapter. Yeah, we have another group of teens that
go out to the cabin in Crystal Lake to have fun by drinking alcohol, smoking weed and
having sex. All that good stuff. This fourth movie doesn’t stray much from
what we have already gotten from the three first films, but somehow this movie manages
to be just a tad bit better. One aspect to it is that it has a new hero,
a young Tommy Jarvis, played by Corey Feldman and the ending with him versus Jason is the
best in the entire franchise and would be an acceptable way of ending the entire franchise…
but of course the idea of making more money made the studio laugh at the idea of not bringing
Jason back to the horror hungry cinema goers of the 80’s. The movie also has the forever gorgeous Judie
Aronson in it, so what more could you ask for? Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter
is everything you could wish for in a Jason Vorhees movie and I love this film. There is one movie from this year that I consider
to be a bit better though…. And at number 1 we of course have A Nightmare on Elm Street. This masterpiece of horror cinema by the great
mind of Wes Craven would change everything for horror and could be the exact moment when
80’s horror went away from the regular slasher fare into the more fantastique that would
dominate the second half of the decade. The Freddy Krueger character was such an unique
anti-hero that he would actually translate into pop culture of the 80’s, a bizarre accomplishment
for a childmurdering horror character. I can’t imagine any horror fan not having
seen this movie by now and have understanding for why this movie is so great, unless you
are a teenager of today, but if you actually happen to never have seen the Freddy Krueger
movies, then what are you waiting for. This is not only the best horror film of 1984,
but also one of the best horror movies of all time. There we have it, the top 10 horror movies
of 1984. As mentioned, this was not an easy list to
put together for me, so I am curious to hear of which films you think deserve a spot on
this list and which ones I should have removed. The comment section is there for a reason
and I’d love to hear your opinion on this year in horror. This also marks the half-way point of the
80’s and by looking at what’s been released in 1985, the list for that year shouldn’t
take me long to put together. So if you like these type of lists, then make
sure you subscribe as I will be bringing out more of these in the near future. Thank you very for much watching.

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