Top 10 Most Dangerous Indian Weapons || ప్రపంచాన్నీ వణికిస్తున్న 10 భారతీయ ఆయుధాలు || With Subtitles

Top 10 Most Dangerous Indian Weapons || ప్రపంచాన్నీ వణికిస్తున్న 10 భారతీయ ఆయుధాలు || With Subtitles

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Hi, friends!
Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… Looking at our country which is been developing as a powerful economy among the countries in the world… We all know that either due to jealous or fear, our neighbouring countries are gearing up for the war. At the time when the great India was divided into two after getting freedom… Since the time when Pakistan became our neighbouring country… Until now, it has been hissing the poison on us. In addition to this… To China which is curious to become the leading country among the countries in the world… Development in India and border issue… It is been doing as many efforts as it can to curb our country which has become a hurdle for that country. In this process, strengthening the security system of the country has become the immediate duty of our governments. So our India is gathering the latest armaments. Our country which has joined the first row in the case of military forces and powerful weapons… It has collected few modern destructive weapons. Look at them, China which is strongest than us and Pakistan which always target us are getting scared. In this videos, I am going to show you top 10 among those weapons which we have. Before knowing those things… For more animated videos along with 3D Panchatantra stories which could give happiness, knowledge and intelligence to the children… Subscribe to our Slate Kids channel. Along with that channel, we posted our other channels links in the description below this video. Pinaka Pinaka multiple rocket launcher can be described as a great weapon in Indian quiver. In 1999, in the Kargil war happened between India and Pakistan… This multiple rocket launcher played a crucial role. After that, for the future needs… Using the knowledge of our own country… Defence Research & Development Organisation manufactured it as the most powerful. Using Pinaka, 12 rockets can be launched in 44 seconds up to 40 km range. Not only that… Various places can be targeted using all these rockets by operating them through the computer. T-90 Bhishma Tank This battle tank was imported from Russia. T-90 is in the first row of the most powerful and dangerous battle tanks in the world. This tank at night and in any type of situations. Due to the most advanced laser system, the process of getting the information will be very fast. 125 mm smoothbore gun will be ahead in reaching the target. This tank which can carry three soldiers looks like a death coming towards. Phalcon AWACS This is called as a flying spy. While flying in the air, this aircraft can transmit the information about all the vehicles present around the area of 400 km to army force. Any vehicle which travels on land, water and sky cannot escape from its radars. While this aircraft which has the most modern technology was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)… Our country bought 3 aircraft in 2004 and another 2 aircraft in 2016 from them. With their entry, the surveillance system of our country became more strong. NAG missile With the complete indigenous knowledge… This missile developed by DRDO has the power to destroy all the type of battle tanks in 4-10 km range. This can be launched from any vehicle travelling on land, water and sky. By launching Nag missile which was developed using the latest technology for once… It would show 100 percent accuracy in reaching its target. Now DRDL is busy in developing the man portable version NAG rockets. If our Indian soldiers get that… The defence analyst says that it is not possible to estimate the loss that would be faced by the enemy forces. INS Vikramaditya INS Vikramaditya is said to be the death god moving on the Indian waters. This is the only aircraft carrier ship in our country. In 2004, our country which has bought it for $2.35 billion from Russia made few repairs and decorated a little… In 2014, it was placed on Indian waters by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This water monster of weight 40,000 tonnes can carry 26 Mikoyan MiG-29k multi role fighters and 10 Kamov Ka-31 AEW&C helicopters. Prithvi Air Defence Prithvi missile can be said as another destroyer in Indian quiver. This can be launched from land, ship or submarined in water. This was developed by our Indian Ballistic Missile Defence System with the complete indigenous knowledge. Due to this, our country became the fourth country developed an anti-ballistic missile system. Among the countries achieved this rare feat… Our country stood at fourth position after America, Russia and Isreal. This Ballistic missile can be launched at high and low altitudes. It can identify any missile launched 5,000 km far from our country and destroy them. Among two nuclear power submarines in our country… One is INS Chakra… The second one is INS Arihant While INS Chakra has been taken on lease from Russia for 10 years… INS Arihant has been developed by our Indian Navy on its own. With this, our country became the sixth country which developed the nuclear power submarines… And became famous as the first country among the countries which are not in the list of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Ballistic missiles can also be launched from this submarine which was developed with the latest technology. INS Visakhapatnam Destroyer INS Visakhapatnam is the most powerful and advanced missile destroyer ship developed with an indigenous knowledge of our country. It is said to be the destroyer which is moving on Indian waters. The most advanced radar technology in this detects the dangers at long distance… And has power to destroy it within no time. This destroyer ship can launch the anti-air missiles, anti-ship and land missiles and anti-submarine warfare. Not only that… This ship can also launch the Brahmos supersonic cruise-missiles. Sukhoi Su-30MKI This Sukhoi Su-30MKI is a Sukhoi fighter aircraft developed by Russia but modified as more powerful by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited This fighter aircraft which travels in environmental conditions can reach the long range targets. This aircraft can carry the weapons of 8 tonnes weight. This aircraft which can move at high-speed in the blink of an eye… It can destroy the enemy camps completely in few minutes… And it can return. Brahmos Missile Brahmos will be in the first row among the fastest missiles in the world. This missile which is capable of travelling more than five times the speed of sound can destroy even very small targets. This missile which can be launched from the land and water is capable of travelling up to 3,000 km. Not only as a traditional destructive missile… It can also become a nuclear missile. Our country was able to develop this missile of so much power on its own after America and Russia. So, friends… These are the top 10 weapons which have been making our enemy countries spend sleepless. Moreover, the most dangerous weapons like Agni 6 are going to join the weapons list in the Indian quiver. I will be back with few more interesting videos. If you do not want to miss those videos… Then do not forget to subscribe to our channel.


  1. ఇక్కడ డిస్లైక్ కొట్టిన ప్రతి ఒక్కడూ పాకిస్తాన్ కు పుట్టిన లంజా కొడుకులు… దయచేసి సైబర్ క్రైమ్ పోలీసులు వీళ్ళను కనిపెట్టి మన ఆర్మీ కి అప్పగిస్తే… అప్పుడు ఉంటాది.. ఈ సంకర జాతి నాకొడుకుల కు….

  2. అరే బాబు సగం తెలిసి సగం తెలియని విషయాలు తప్పుగా చెప్పకండి! బ్రహ్మోస్ క్షిపణి రష్యా భారత్ లు సంయుక్తంగా తయారు చేశాయి! రెండు దేశాల లో రెండు నదుల పేర్లు భారత్ లో బ్రహ్మపుత్ర రష్యాలో మాస్కోవా నదుల పేర్లు కలిపి బ్రహ్మోస్ గా పేరు పెట్టారు!

  3. మన ఇండియా జనాభా ప్రకారం మనకు తక్కువ గానే ఉన్నాయి ….

  4. Narayanastra, paashupatastra, sudershanastra, garudastra are some of the missiles should come so that no one should think about aggression of land space or solar system if that Let the peace prevail in the cosmos.

  5. Bramos means bramha and Moscow is technically only available for Russia and India not US correction is required.but India wants to sell this technology to Israel and Vietnam in future

  6. నీ వీడియో కోసం దేశ రహస్యాలను బయట పెట్టొద్దు. ప్లీజ్

  7. china tho polchi chebithe bagundedhi.china chala ayudha sampathi kalgina desham kadha.china kanna e wepan manadhi goppa.

  8. It's true India improved a lot in militt power, but long way to to catch up China, in this video much exaggeration, unnecessary hipe

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