Top 10 Most Dangerous Star Wars Creatures (Canon) – Part 1

Top 10 Most Dangerous Star Wars Creatures (Canon) – Part 1

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What is the most dangerous creature in the
Star Wars Universe? We’re counting down our picks of the most
brutally dangerous Star Wars creatures. If you know anything about the galaxy far,
far away, you know it can be a pretty dangerous place. Even if you don’t have a bounty on your
head, you could end up being crushed, maimed or eaten by any of our next most dangerous
Star Wars creatures. Our countdown begins underground, and usually
in a place where you’d least expect it. This subterranean animal gets number ten on
our list for having an extremely fast attack time, almost no hope of escape once it has
you, and for the excruciatingly long time it takes to actually die in one of its stomachs. Sarlaccs live tens of thousands of years and
reach a length of around 330 feet, all straight down below the ground. These creatures lie in wait, with only their
mouths exposed, feeling for vibrations given off from the movement of their next supply
of nutrients. When the vibrations get close enough, the
Sarlacc’s tentacles lash out and drag the victim down into the mouth, past rows of downward
pointing teeth that keep the prey from climbing back out. Once the victim is pulled to the bottom of
the mouth they are swallowed whole or torn into smaller pieces by the sarlacc’s beaked
tongue. But that’s not the end for many victims. Those that aren’t dead after being swallowed
are immobilized by a neurotoxin and held against a stomach wall by internal tentacles. This neurotoxin also nourishes and keeps the
victims alive much longer than their normal lifespan. The sarlacc then digests bits of them over
thousands of years. Number nine got its place in our countdown
for using its coat as camouflage to hide as it hunts in the snow and ice wastes of Hoth. The Wampa ambushes its victims, usually swatting
it with its large clawed paws. Once its prey is dead or unconscious, the
wampa drags it back to its cavern and hangs it upside-down frozen to the ceiling for safe
keeping. The wampa’s size almost guarantees whatever
stumbles across it will be a future meal. Standing almost 10 feet tall and weighing
in around 330 pounds, these creatures would be difficult, almost impossible to deal with
by humans at close range. Their teeth and claws are razor sharp and
the muscle behind them is sure to pack a punch. The only way to not end up a wampa’s meal
is to stay far away from them, and that’s not easy if they’re hiding. Our next creature comes from the dark forests
of planet Cholganna. For silent stalking, killing, and aggressive
behavior, this cat-like predator is number eight in our list of most dangerous creatures. It’s the nexu. The first thing you’d notice about this
beast after its large grinning mouth filled with dagger sharp teeth would be its four
blood red eyes. Not only do they give the nexu better depth
perception, they also give it infrared vision so it can see in almost absolute darkness. Its vision isn’t the only thing going for
it. The nexu has razor sharp claws that it uses
for climbing or fighting; its back is lined with sharp quills for protection, and a hairless
prehensile bifurcated tail that’s used to swing between tree branches or as a whip against
attackers or prey. Weighing almost 500 pounds and standing just
over 3 feet tall, with a 6 feet long body, and 9 feet long tail, it’s one big cat. Its speed and aggressive nature make it a
favorite among arena spectators. A nexu was set loose in the Petranaki arena
on Geonosis to kill Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padmé. One weakness that can be used against the
nexu is its fragile skeletal structure. Number seven is native to the grasslands of
the planet Ylesia. Normally it’s a herbivore that’s extremely
protective of its herd, attacking without mercy if an intruder gets too close. But the reek has such powerful running charges,
large horns and tough hide, that some have been captured and fed meat to make them more
aggressive and bloodthirsty. The average reek stands over 7 feet tall and
has a body length of 13 feet. Add two and a half thousand pounds to that,
and the reek has the ability to hit its target like a gigantic battering ram. Although it normally uses its large head horn
and two large cheek horns for head-locking with other reeks in combat, they’re also
just as effective for punching holes in lightly armored vehicles and goring any animal, alien,
or human that made it angry. Next in our line-up is the top predator of
the swampy forest planet of Dathomir. Although the appearance of the rancor alone
is enough, it’s also their ability to shrug off damage that gets it to number six on our
list. The fearsome, hard face with dark, small eyes
and exposed dagger-like teeth are enough to scare anyone. It has short stubby legs, but also has long
reaching arms (almost as long as its body) to catch its hunted prey and claws sharp enough
to slice through durasteel. A fully grown rancor can range from 16 to
32 feet in height, and even a small rancor can average just over 3600 pounds in weight. For defense, the rancor has skin tough enough
to deflect blaster bolts. If you’re ever in a tight spot and need
to get away from a rancor, explosives are effective, or maybe something larger and heavier. Don’t miss part 2 of this video, the conclusion
to our Top 10 most dangerous Star Wars creatures. As always, thanks for watching. Please like share and subscribe for more Star
Wars Jabber!


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