Top 10 Most Dangerous Zones in World of Warcraft

Top 10 Most Dangerous Zones in World of Warcraft

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Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be giving you top 10 most dangerous zones in world of warcraft. Covering zones all across the different planets,
not just Azeroth. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore. Number 10 Dread Wastes
One of the least barren zones on this list but at the same time one of the most dangerous. The Dread Wastes are the home to the mantid
race, the Old God servants. A massive wall separates this zone from the
rest of Pandaria and for thousands of years, the mantid would constantly hurl themselves
against it. The entire area is filled with Kypari trees
that produce amber which is the main material that the mantid use. These Old god servants built an entire empire
here with complex architecture and an entire culture. The release of the Sha of Fear began corrupting
the land itself which is evident by the death of the trees and general appearance of Dread
Wastes. A massive forest filled with gigantic intelligent
bugs definitely reserves a spot on this list. Number 9 Nazmir
One of the three regions in Zandalar, Nazmir is a swamp riddled with ruined and lost monuments,
horrific beasts and the blood trolls. Long ago it was a lush forest and the shining
heart of the troll civilization. However, when the Cataclysm shattered Azeroth
it started sinking into the sea and turned into a swamp. It is most notable for harbouring a secret
facility of the Titans where they had studied the Old Gods and unintentionally created G’Huun. Initially, the trolls settled with their capital
here but upon learning about the old god creature they ventured south. Nazmir is home to many dangerous beings within
the water, air and the ground. It is also the home to the blood trolls – the
servants of the Blood God G’Huun. While G’Huun was defeated Nazmir still remains
as a scary swamp filled with numerous dangerous beings. Number 8 Plaguelands
Technically two zones the Eastern and the Western Plaguelands. Originally it was just known as the northern
regions of Lordaeron but today it is still a desolate place. When the scourge invasion began Lordaeron
was among the first to fall and quite a lot of atrocities and horrors were committed upon
these lands. After the defeat of the Lich King, the Plaguelands
became safer but still many lingering undead remain, much of the ground was destroyed and
isn’t the most hospitable place on Azeroth. The Argent Crusade has been working on restoring
the Plaguelands and while there has been limited success it still isn’t really a zone you’d
want to venture to. Number 7 Hellfire Peninsula
Once known as Tanaan Jungle, Hellfire Peninsula is one of the most desolated places across
the universe. Long ago it was a lush jungle but after the
destruction of Draenor it is a dry, barren wasteland. A competely shattered area that even has small
island floating around in the nether. A side from the Horde and Alliance bases there
is barely any life there as it is extremely inhospitable. Most notable for the Dark Portal, the place
where the orcish Horde first got into Azeroth. As Ner’Zhul’s magic shattered the planet it
was essentially ground zero for the explosion. Demons are scattered all across the zone as
well as corrupted fel orcs. A side from dry air and danger Hellfire Peninsula
doesn’t hold much for any potential travelers. Number 6 Vashjir
Quite a lot different than all other zones, but if you are scared of deep seas Vash’jir
would be the most dangerous one. Literally an underwater region with a massive
naga base. In game it isn’t as scary but imagine going
so deep beneath the ocean that there is barely any light there. To top all of this there are massive Kraken,
sharks and all sorts of horrific creatures. The worst of all being the actual old god
creation the naga which have a kingdom down there and want to conquer all of Azeroth. Scary, scary place. Number 5 Zangarmarsh
Once known as the Zangar sea, today it is one of the most dangerous swamps in the universe. It was formed from the Zangar enroachment
as the fungal swamps released thousands of spores and slowly grew inland over time. The zone we have today was also formed through
the destruction of Draenor. This was the place where the draenei fled
after the orcish invasion of their cities and it sheltered the broken draenei. The entire area is unlike most of Outland
and it contains quite a few life forms, although very dangerous ones. Zangarmarsh is also home to many deadly spores
which could lead to death just through sheer inhalation. Ogres, demons, naga, sporebats are all creatures
you can find within Zangarmarsh. Overall quite an eeiry place. Number 4 Icecrown
Not much is known of this zone prior the Scourge formation although it is said that the capital
of the nerubian spider kingdom was located here. Icecrown was the zone where the Frozen Throne
was built as Kil’Jaeden slammed Ner’Zhul into the glacier. The zone itself is one of the scariest places
across all of Azeroth. Massive cold, barren wasteland with gigantic
spikes and mountains. Just the icy wind alone itself could kill
you here, but what makes this scary are the undead. There are so many undead creations here, anything
from ghouls to massive skeletons, frost wyrms and abominations. Even though Arthas was defeated the zone remains
much the same and there are still undead roaming around with barely any signs of life. Number 3 Netherstorm
One of the most unique zones across the universe. Originally it was known as Farahlon or the
fields or plains of Farahlon, a lush island east of Gorgrond. Formed from the body of an ancient spormound
Botaan. However, when Draenor was sundered it was
completely destroyed. Today it is literally a floating island in
the Twisting Nether and is locked in a constant magical storm that is deteriorating the land. The soil assumed a sickly purple colour that
supports no plant life and the land mass is ripped a part and warped. Various races use it to syphon energy and
as it is floating in the Twisting Nether many horrific beings appear from all across the
universe including void creatures. Aside from the eco-dome that was created Netherstorm
is one of the most inhospitable places in the universe. Number 2 The broken shore
Hardly a true zone but on Azeroth it is one of the most desolate places. Originally it was a portion of Suramar and
was known as Thal’dranath. However when the great sundering happened
much like other parts of the land mass it was sent to the bottom of the ocean as it
wasn’t covered by the Suramar shield. Many years later when Aewgynn fought against
the Avatar of Sargeras she arrived there to hide the fallen titan. However, during the second war, Gul’Dan would
raise the entire island from the bottom of the sea but was torn to shreds when he entered
the Tomb. Recently it was the staging ground for the
last Burning Legion invasion and the main focus of the war. The region itself is completely barren and
the only thing there are demons, demonic bases and the Horde and Alliance encampments. And lastly, number 1 Argus
Not really a single zone but there is no point in separating it really since this entire
destroyed planet is extremely dangerous. I don’t know if it gets any more dangerous
than the actual stronghold of the Burning Legion. Argus was once a utopian world inhabited mainly
by the eredar. As they were corrupted by Sargeras the entire
planet was warped, destroyed and the titan soul within was tortured and used as an engine
for the massive Legion army. Today as the Burning Legion was defeated it
isn’t as dangerous, but it was literally the main base of the Burning Legion. A completely barren planet filled with demons,
toxic gases, spikes – essentially the opposite of life. Thank you for watching, check out how powerful
are trolls by clicking on the screen and check out the second channel Doron’s Academy for
videos on real-world history and science. See you next time!


  1. I previously made a video like this covering top 10 most dangerous zones on Azeroth but since two expansions worth of zones were released since then I thought I would do a more general list covering not just Azeroth zones but also including other worlds.
    If you haven't checked out the second channel already, I've recently opened Doron's Academy a channel about real world history and science!

  2. Thunder Bluff is the most dangerous place of Azeroth. There is an elevator)))

  3. Define "dangerous". Since you can say Tanaris is a dangerous zone since it is a desert, you can also say Netherstorm is dangerous because of the massive amounts of mana fueld on its soil by Kael'thas' forces making it very VERY fatal for your health.

  4. As someone who never played Vanilla (started late LK-early Cata), I'm really hyped to play Classic since some friends keep teeling me how dangerous Stranglethorn Vale was.

    But, I have absolutely no idea what class to play =(

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  6. You also forgot The Auction House and that one elevator in Antorus, the Burning Throne raid. Otherwise, you nailed it, sir.

  7. In game Zangarmarsh is one of the nice zones to afk in for me and I like the view you have when you camp on the top of one of the giant mushrooms. It looks really good, maybe better than Nagrand.

  8. Love the videos and so glad to have you back with the consistent content! I don't agree with about half of these but I loved seeing your take on it!

  9. Good themeatic video. Thank you! More like this please. 🙂 By the way, I appreciate your voice and pacing (especially the pacing).

  10. Ideas for videos
    Biggest crimes ( by all factions/races)
    Powerful enemies (chosen by lore)
    Powerful spells/weapons (chosen by lore)

  11. as a new-ish player (I started around legion) I just need clarification: so outland is fully in the twisting nether? or just parts of it?

  12. Are you sure that netherstorm was once the farallon island? Looking at the comparison on the map netherstorm looks a lot bigger then what it originally was

  13. Don't think you mentioned the Valarjar in Icecrown. Even though it doesn't make it any less unpleasant.

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