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and we’re here to talk about films that did horribly at the box office but have some appeal there are many movies that are not as bad as their financial disaster would indicate pick a movie and tell us what you like about
it even though it didn’t fare very well at the box office okay my first choice is man
on the moon by Milos Forman a movie of comic provocateur andy kaufman kaufman’s comedy was always engaging the
audience trying to push the envelope as far as he could
with the audience sometimes he pushed too far jim carrey gives an uncanny impersonation
it’s almost freaky at times his performances of kaufman is so spot on the
movie shows a lot of the highlights of his career his days on taxi which were tumultuous andy hated
doing the show he wanted out he basically got himself pulled off the show his alter ego tony clifton who is this obnoxious lounge lizard the whole movie is about pulling the rug out from
under the audience and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t as far as the routines go but i think the
movie always works by a great time you know i think it’s a terrific movie and it works i agree i love the way they had the cast from the tv show taxi playing themselves to work
with and uh… you know Milos Forman who did a really good job with the movie the people verses larry
flint another bio pic i thought really delivered so i agree there
a movie of mine that i want to choose is hudson
hawk nineteen ninety one a fantastic disaster bruce willis was sort of at the height after die hard
he could do anything he wanted and actually i found this very enjoyable uh… i remember seeing this and thinking I don’t know if the public’s gonna go for it but I liked it
throughout it has sort of that uh… comic sensibility of the ocean’s eleven
movies willis sort of took control of the film from uh… the director and uh… they’re a lot of screenwriters involved
but i think the movie’s a lot of fun and i’d highly recommend so that’s my choice do you
have another one mark I do my next movie is called all the pretty horses it was billy bob thornton’s adaptation of a
novel by cormac mccarthy who specializes in modern-day westerns he
also wrote no country for old men matt damon is the star of the film he and henry thomas play two young cowboys who are
pretty naive about their ways of life and after the property that matt damon lives on
is sold to the oil barons he and thomas venture into mexico to try to find work what they do is break wild horses and uh… as they’re getting successful uh… matt damon falls in love with the daughter
of the rancher who’s none other than penelope cruz and i think what this movie tells you is you can go to mexico all you want meet penelope cruz it’s not all going to work out for the
best the movie is a long journey that takes its time getting to where it goes but
when it gets there you feel really rewarded uh… now my choice for for another overlooked
movie is looney tunes back in action two thousand four and uh… this is a mix of live action and animation
you see now on the hit Hop and this movie was a total of box office disaster it took a long time to finish it was directed
by joe dante I’ve read stories about the making a film and how unhappy dante was and how he had a meeting with warner brothers and
there they were talking about having bugs bunny saying what’s up doc and the person at warner brothers said why does
bugs bunny have to say that i never heard that before so it tells you the level of frustration when you don’t get
that and you’re running a movie studio you’re involved in producing movies it’s not a good sign it but i highly recommend
it if you’re a kid or you’re older i really enjoyed the film and now mark on to you your next pick my next pick is the border made in nineteen eighty two directed by the great tony richardson and starring jack nicholson in one of his
most understated unusual performances nicholson plays a border patrolman whose life
is kind of a shambles he lives in a trailer park his wife played by valerie perrine is a floozy who spends all his money there’s really nothing
in life to hang his hat on he gets involved in some illegal trading two of his cronies played by harvey keitel
and harry dean stanton are regularly participating in this corruption but nicholson as a conscience and he starts
feeling bad about what he’s doing it’s really an interesting character study about a man who does a small thing but it means so much
to him and it sort of reminds me in a way of nicholson’s
role in about schmidt where you had somebody looking for real meaning
and purpose in his life and i read in an interview once that jack nicholson put this very very high
on his list of his own personal favorite performances and with good reason he really gives a terrific
performance none of the usual mannerisms that he’s famous
for it’s very heartfelt and very emotional at the end
well well you’re sticking on the serious stuff it seems like my mind’s in fourth grade here so uh… the next choice i have is speed
racer and uh… this movie was a big financial disappointment
it cost a lot of money to make and it’s from the wachowski brothers or
maybe they’re the wachowski brother and wachowski sister at this point i’m not
quite sure but anyway of course it’s based on the japanese animated series that we all watched in the
nineteen sixties and it is really perfectly cast emile hirsch plays speed racer and uh… christina ricci is trixie his girl friend and partner in these
adventures and john goodman and susan sarandon play his
parents this movie really hit the target right on again if you remember watching speed
ratio when you’re a kid you’ll enjoy you’ll appreciate what
they did and if not it’s a good introduction to the
whole thing and you have another one i do
i’m gonna get off the serious stuff now and really take a tough tack and try to defend
ishtar this is not easy it’s a movie about two
fledgling if you will songwriters that try to make it in new york city they’re
played by warren beatty and dustin hoffman it shows how the genesis of songwriting exists
and some of these jingles which are written by paul williams are very very funny the problem with the movie is after a suicide attempt by hoffman because
they’re just not making it the movie goes over to morocco and it really kind of channels the road movies
of crosby and hope and uh… i didn’t have a problem with that the problem is it’s just not quite as funny
the level isn’t consistently as funny as it should be but there’s still a lot of amusing things
in the movie we have a blind camel that’s hilarious we have uh… vultures that are picking picking at the carcasses of dustin hoffman
and warren beatty on the desert and uh… there’s a lot to like in this movie I think the big
problem with this movie is it cost uh… a ton of money and you don’t see it on the screen you know
it’s one of his movies i think they review because of the budget and not necessarily
what was in it in and uh… and speaking of which we go from ishtar to what has been
cold fishtar and that is waterworld and that is the uh… kevin costner’s nineteen
ninety five much written about you know a hundred and twenty million dollars
or whatever was at the time budgeted science fiction epic and it’s got a great villain performance
by dennis hopper but basically the story is costner is this gill man and he’s fighting this faction called the
smokers and that’s led by hopper and then they go
around in these um… vehicles on the water and there’s lots of
action in fact there’s now uh… at universal studios there’s a whole action uh… stunt show based on it which is a lot shorter than the movies so
for some people they might rather see the stunt show but i thought this movie uh… worked and it wasn’t nearly as bad as the
reviews so uh… i say waterworld check it out if you
haven’t do you have another one i do my final film
i wanna talk about is one of the last huge musicals ever made
it’s hello dolly from nineteen sixty nine yes we all know barbra streisand was totally
miscast in this film she was way too young walter matthau can’t sing a lick but if you put those things aside it looks great it was directed by gene kelly and who knows
more about choreography than gene kelly michael kidd did the choreography all the songs are intact
from the original and the story is interesting it’s fun it’s about a matchmaker who makes all these different matches for members
of her family and extended family and then finally in the end
finds love herself my last recommendation is nineteen forty one that is steven spielberg’s comic war epic uh… that cost a ton to make two studios
got together columbia and universal to make the film and of course
at that point spielberg was coming off a bunch of blockbusters so he pretty much had carte blanche essentially
it’s about how people in los angeles react to when they think that there’s going to be an invasion during
the uh… world war two and there’s all sorts of kooky
characters in this the cast is absolutely incredible dan aykroyd john belushi and treat williams a fantastic supporting
part by the great eddie deezen who I remember on the ferris wheel and
there’s a dummy in the scene if you like strange characters he’s definitely there there’s some wonderful talk about choreography there’s a
dancehall u_s_o_ show sequence that’s really wonderfully choreographed john williams did the fantastic score and
ninety forty one i think sort of his become kind of a cult film after years of sort of sort of
being bad mouthed by people saying what a bomb what a disaster that’s our
bombs away segment for collecting movie classics i want to thank mark wildfeuer for contributing
and this is movie irv

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