Top 10 Scariest Haunted Houses In California

Top 10 Scariest Haunted Houses In California

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Some may know California as the sunshine state
that is famous for its beaches, hollywood and surfing. But I want to introduce you to the darker
side of California that is full of ghosts, horror and unexplainable paranormal encounters. Did you guys know that California is also
known for having some of the most haunted houses in the world? Let’s grab some salt and sage and travel
down a dark path to some of the scariest houses in the world. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. Before we get started, I want to know, what
scares you the most? Let me know your answers in the comment section
below. Alright let’s get right into it, here are the top 10 scariest haunted houses in California,
all of which possess a dark history. Getting us scared in at number 10 is the John
Sowden house in Los Angeles. Brace yourselves guys, because this story
is pretty dark. Back on January 15, 1947, a woman’s body
was found on this lot. Her murder became one of the most reported
murders of that time because of the gruesome way in which her body had been found. She was surgically cut in half from the waist
down, washed, cleaned and posed by her killer. Residents who have since lived there have
reported hearing strange noises such as the dragging of heavy chains, heavy footsteps
and voices calling their name. It’s actually a really nice looking house
but it is full of negative energy and it is also believed that anyone who steps foot in
this house will be cursed. So you know what? I’m good just admiring the architecture
from google images. The Queen Mary Ship creeps onto this list
in at number 9. I had to include this one on the list because
people technically did live on this ship and it is referred to as the most haunted ship
in America. It was in operation since the 1930’s but
now it is permanently docked in Long Beach, California and it is used as a hotel. As nice as this might sound, guests on board
will often experience sleepless nights. There has been a bunch of scary paranormal
activity reported on this ship. Guests will say that they will hear creepy
kid laughter in the middle of the night or things will be flown across the room. And Room B340 has been taken out of rotation
after there has been numerous violent poltergeist activity. It’s actually impossible to keep someone
in that room for the entire night because they will be scared away. Up next in at number 8 we have the Stanley-Ware
House. This is a notorious haunted house that has
a long reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Orange County. One of the most talked about frightening ghosts
that lives here is the previous owner. During her golden years, she was unable to
climb up the stairs so after her death she is known to appear in spirit on the staircase
blocking others from going up. Visitors have reported that they found it
difficult or even impossible to get past her and go up the stairs. Oh and let’s not forget about the spirit
of an old man who you can hear whispering nasty and offensive things while you sleep. And if you visit the house, you will be able
to hear a baby crying upstairs, but when you go into the nursery, no one is there. I think I would want to visit this house just
to see if I could make it up the stairs but you would never get me to sleep here. I value my life way too much. Moving into number 7 with the Battery point
lighthouse. This is an iconic lighthouse located in Crescent
City, California and it was built back in 1856. There have been numerous reports of strange
and creepy occurrences happening there. Lighthouse workers and guests say that they
have heard what sounded like someone wearing large boots stomping around. There have also been reports of items moving,
cold spots and the feeling that someone was touching them when no one was there. Apparently there are three ghosts that haunt
this lighthouse, because one just isn’t enough. No one seems to know who they are or why they
are haunting this place. All I know for sure is that we should just
board the place up and leave it alone. Every now and again, a visitor will feel someone
tapping on their shoulder or furniture will move by itself. And you definitely don’t want to be there
on stormy nights. Bad things are said to happen here when it
rains… The Whaley house haunts us in at number 6. This haunted house was built on an old site
where public executions occurred, so yeah, this place is pretty haunted. Over the years, many descendants of the Whaley
family lived and died in that house and when the house was being restored, workers and
visitors began to notice strange and mysterious sounds, sightings, smells and encounters. A lot of people reported hearing scary noises
and loud footsteps that left footprints. You can actually visit this house and take
a tour but I think I’d rather not. I’d rather spend my time at Disneyland or
the safety of my own bed. This place is littered with scary ghosts and
a lot of unsettling things happen here. I’m getting chills just thinking about it
so let’s move on. The red house jumps into number 5. This is an old abandoned house that is occupied
by a vengeful spirit. Back in the beginning of the 20th century,
an engaged couple used to live here. Well on the night before their wedding, they
had a huge fight and the man pushed his fiancée down the stairs. She died and he buried her in the backyard. Well today, she has been seen haunting the
house and nearby businesses. People have reported that she is wearing her
wedding dress that is covered in blood. And local legend says that if you step in
front of her, she’ll rush forward and drag you to her gravesite and you will never be
seen again. Okay, I don’t think I will be visiting this
old creepy, haunted abandoned house anytime soon. The Glen Tavern Inn creeps us out in at number
4. This house was built in 1911 but don’t be
fooled by its beautiful exterior, this house has a very ugly past. Back during the prohibition, they converted
the third floor into a speakeasy, brothel and gambling den. And one of its most infamous rooms is Room
307 which is said to be haunted by two ghosts. The amount of paranormal activity here is
very high. Visitors said they saw children running through
the halls and some say they have seen an angry man and a one-eyed female. There are also reports of the spirits playing
the piano in the middle of the night and others have said that their stuff was stolen. There have also been a lot of deaths that
have occured in this room. A cowboy was shot to death and a woman was
beheaded and left in the closet. So needless to say, this place has a lot of
angry and vengeful spirits. Los Coches Adobe makes it onto this list in
at number 3. This might be one of the most terrifying places
in California. This building is located on an old mine site
however it was covered up because on one horrific day, an accident occurred in the mine and
30 workers were trapped inside. All of them lost their lives so it’s no wonder
that this place is haunted. Locals and visitors said that they have heard
the screams of the trapped miners echoing from the property and there are also numerous
reports of a lady in black and a male phantom walking around the grounds. Some people have even said that they have
seen the ghost of a hanging man from a tree. And then we have the dark force. Locals say that this force is strong enough
to throw you to the ground and then you can feel heavy footsteps walking on your back,
preventing you from getting up. There are a bunch of people who have said
that they will never step foot in this place ever again, I don’t blame them. Next up in at number 2 we have the Winchester
mystery house in San Jose. Since it was built in 1884, the mansion is
said to be haunted by ghosts who were killed with Winchester rifles. Construction began in 1884 and never stopped
until the owner died in 1992. The owner believed that her house was haunted
by victims and the only way to keep them quiet was to keep on building. The building was opened up to the public in
1923 and the staff and visitors have reported seeing mischievous spirits who liked to torment
them. So yeah, don’t be fooled by this beautiful
house because it is full of ugly surprises and scary ghosts lurking in every corner. But for those of you who are either really
brave or really naive…you can take a tour and see all of the ghosts and scary paranormal
activity for yourself. Alcatraz tops this list in at number 1. Prions are often the site of restless spirits
and hauntings and Alcatraz is no exception. This prison was the site of violent activities
and it housed some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Alcatraz is actually a breeding ground for
the paranormal. One of the most feared presence on the island
is known as “The Thing”. This creepy spirit has red glowing eyes and
it has been recently seen by visitors and also by the prison staff when Alcatraz was
in operation. Other common reporting are of creepy voices,
sobbing, screaming and the banging of cell doors. Some have even said that they felt as if they
were being touched, felt cold and they even had an emotional outburst of either sadness
or anger. Well there you guys have it…


  1. My biggest fear is the dark, I hate it just walking outside in the dark with friends or walking down my Hallway to get to my bedroom I have these thoughts like someone is in my room or something in gonna be there to get me

  2. I am afraid of people stuck in walls, their faces in shock and horror like a face against paper. Also, their toes and hands poking through the cement, with dried blood hardening in the wall. Sorry if I just gave you a fear, you asked for it!

  3. The John Sowden house is associated with the Black Dahlia. Her body was not found on the lot of this house. This house is located in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, which is basically between Hollywood and Glendale. Her body was found in Leimert Park, which is also in Los Angles but is around 11 miles away from the Sowden house. It's said that she was killed in the Sowden house by the doctor who owned it at the time, then taken to the other location. Also, California is the Golden State.

  4. The Sowden House wasn't where the Black Dahlia was found. It was the home a major suspect Dr. George Hodel & the potential site of the murder.

  5. I was born in Los Angeles, I only lived there for about 5 months until we moved to Tennessee, which is where we still live. But our old house in Los Angeles had to be haunted because my dad told me doors would open on their own, we would hear knocking, footsteps would come from the attic even though it was a one story house. There was even a time my dad told me where a large shampoo bottle folated off the shelf in the shower and the moved to the other shelf then just fell, all by itself. And that is why I am glad i live in Tennessee. Also i love your channel and would love to be in one of your videos.(sorry about typos)

  6. I've been to the Crescent City lighthouse. It's one of the most peaceful spiritual places I've ever been to, so, it must be a really nice ghost. πŸ‘»πŸ€—

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    And people say that you can see him hanging

  15. My biggest fear is ghost actually, but I like to watch real ghost sighting videos and I would love to go to all these places, except I would never in my whole life stay over night in one.

  16. I also almost drowned when rapids capsized my kayak and my head was in the seat. I had everything under control I got out and then the waterproof case I was wearing as a lanyard got caught on an uprooted tree. Someone got me unstuck but I was embarrassed for sure.

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  25. Landon – "And the most scary thing. I probably pronounced that wrong". <—- bwahahahahaha. Love how he said it so seriously. hahaha. Diggin' this video too. The topic is one of my favorites! Most of these places (except #1 and #2) and their stories, I hadn't of before so that was pretty cool. Keep more like this comin' please! πŸ™‚

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